Advertising/Sponsoring a post with us is a really nice and cherishing idea, because your post, jobs, business, goods or services will reach the right targeted online visitors.

How To Advertise

Currently, there are just two ways to advertise your offerings.

They are:

  • A rectangular (or square) banner unit, and
  • Sponsored content

A little elaboration on these…

⇒ For the rectangular (or square) banner unit, your advert will be displayed on the blog’s header and sidebar where they’ll be proper visibility and actions from visitors and will also  be linked back (if you wish) to your own website, sales page, products, jobs, goods, services etc.

⇒ For the sponsored content, you can write it yourself or we write it for you at no extra cost.

But since you really know much about your business and products, it’ll be recommended you write it yourself while we do the editing work.

If interested,


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