Let’s face it – You subscribed to this blog because you need guidelines that will aid you in getting good grade and performances in your SIWES/Industrial Training.

And so far you’ve gotten a lot of useful tips from this blog that will or have enabled you in finding your desired course-related firms for training, filling in your logbook and report writing etc.

If you are one of those who have read my helpful guidelines and are implementing them, I congratulate you for having done so well for yourself as the sky is already your starting point in your academic and future pursuits, goals and aspirations.

But it isn’t over, you know?

During your Industrial Training, you may make mistakes. No doubt! Probably one or more. While some mistakes are so insignificant that they won’t have much impact on your grade and performances, others are just very deadly. Deadly in the sense that if you make them, you may likely have to start your training all over again (i.e. CARRY OVER).

There are some key helpful tips you will need and have to know before filling in your logbook, report writing and oral presentation, which will enable you get the A or B you dream of and desire in this programme.

You have really come a long way, so you have to reject anything that will try to fail you at this eleventh hour.

You really deserve to know better!

If on the other hand, you are still confused as to what to do or where to start despite the helpful tips I have been giving on this blog, then I can lead you on a path to that academic success you’ve always dreamt of – if you permit me.

The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a Skills Training Programme designed to expose and prepare Students of Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics/Monotechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Technology and Colleges of Agriculture, for the Industrial work situation they’re likely to meet after graduation thereby bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Interestingly, it is one of the proven ways that will equip and prepare you as a Nigerian Student for your future careers, goals and aspirations. It will also help you understand the Nigerian Labour Market in general. It duration varies with schools and courses in the country (3-6 months or 1 year).

But the question is, if the SIWES programme is really that friendly, educative and simple, why are many Nigerian Students getting poor grades, failing and repeating it (CARRY OVER)?

Well, the truth is, most Nigerian I.T Students really don’t know how to go about it the right way. Those that think they know sometimes end up making costly mistakes when filling in their logbooks, report writing or during their oral presentation etc. So, they do it wrongly and this has increase the failure rate in this programme.

Some Nigerian I.T Students sees and take the SIWES period as the time to practically learn and implement all the courses theories they are taught in school.

Due to the high credit unit (6-15 units in some Nigerian institutions) allocated to this very course/programme, some also see this period as the time to buckle up to get a better grade (A or B) to make up for their poor results and performance in the previous or future semesters in order to boost their GP and CGPA.

Now, you can learn some little known proven tips you’ll need to note, obey and implement in order to get a better grade and performances in your training.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s true! And it is totally ethical, legal and realistic.

If you’ll like to gain access to all the valuable information that will aid you in getting a good grade and performances in your I.T, then this new life-changing eBook is all you need.

This premium eBook is for Nigerian I.T Students who want to avoid the costly mistakes that are usually made and encountered during this programme.

So whether you are just beginning or have already gone far in your industrial training, you’re sure to find this eBook highly relevant and eye-opening.


  • Rules to abide by before, during and after filling in your SIWES Logbook
  • Rules to abide by before, during and after writing your SIWES Report
  • How to prepare for your SIWES Oral Defence/Presentation
  • How a SIWES Presentation is like
  • How to impress your lecturers/supervisors
  • Costly mistakes to avoid as a SIWES Student in Nigeria

NOTE: All the tips written in this eBook were both from my experience as a Biochemistry Industrial Training Student and some revelations by my Industry-Based-Supervisor.

If you’ll love to get access to these valuable pieces of information right now, get your copy of The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria” and you’ll get the 28 page, easy-to-read, eye-opening and interesting eBook in PDF format (So you can read on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone).


The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria”  is free

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