India’s Got Talent Season 10 (2023) ▷ Register and Audition!

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One of the best rewarding talent shows in Asia is India’s Got Talent.

To become a contestant on the show, you first need to get past the auditions which take place in front of the judges and a live audience.

So, to know the correct steps to take, ensure to take your time and read this article to the end.

Getting started…

About India’s Got Talent

The India’s Got Talent is a talent TV show which is watched by millions of Indians within and outside the shores of the country.

India’s Got Talent is a televised Indian Hindi language talent show series and is part of the Got Talent franchise.

The program is produced and distributed by Fremantle.

The show aired on Colors TV till season 8; since season 9, the show has been airing on Sony Entertainment Television.

India Got Talent features singers, dancers, magicians, and comedians competing for the advertised top prize.


1. Auditions

The format of the show had changed, unlike the previous seasons.

This year because of pandemic, ‘Producer’s Auditions’ were cancelled and instead of that, ‘Online Auditions’ took place via Sony LIV app.

A participant selected from online auditions performs in front of the judges.

Each participant that reaches this stage of auditions is held offstage from the main performing area in a waiting room and given a number that denotes when they will perform.

Upon being called before the judges, the participant is given 2-3 minutes to show their act, with a live audience present for all performances.

Each judge is given a buzzer and may use it during a performance if they are unimpressed, hate what is being performed, or feel the act is a waste of their time; if a participant is buzzed by all judges, their performance is automatically over.

At the end of a performance, the judges give constructive criticism and feedback about what they saw, whereupon they each give a vote – a participant requires a majority vote approving their performance to proceed to the next stage, otherwise they are eliminated from the program at that stage.

Many acts that move on may be cut by producers and may be forced to give up their place because of the limited slots available.

Filming for each season always begins when the Judges’ Auditions are taking place, with the show’s presenter standing in the wings of each venue’s stage to interview and give a personal commentary on a participant’s performance.

The Golden Buzzer returned for the fifth time.

A judge can use a golden buzzer in auditions twice, sending the acts directly to Top 14, escaping Judge Cuts.

2. Quarter Finals

After auditions and judge cuts, six acts along with 8 golden buzzer acts compete in a weekly competition with act(s) eliminating each week till finale.

There were wild cards also, public gets to choose 1 wildcard out of judges’ cuts, eliminated acts; whereas judges choose 1 act from eliminated top 14 acts to compete in quarterfinals.

In Finals, for the first time in Got talent history, “Golden Buzzer” was used as an appreciation key.

India’s Got Talent Judges and Host

To make the program stand out from the rest, the organizer of the program will engage some panel of judges to make the program lively and transparent.

As a contestant or viewer, expect to see the likes of Kirron Kher, along with Manoj Muntashir, Shilpa Shetty and Badshah as judges of India’s Got Talent.

This season will be hosted by Arjun Bijlani.

India’s Got Talent Registration Requirements

Here are the eligibility requirements to audition for India’s Got Talent.

  • You must be a resident in India with a valid form of identification.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you must get the permission of your parents or legal guardians before applying and you must be accompanied by your parents or legal guardians at the audition.
  • You must notify the Producer, in advance if you intend to perform physical and/or dangerous stunts, explaining the full nature of the stunt; or use any form of equipment required as part of your act.
  • The participant’s mental and physical level should be well and good.

Steps to Apply for India’s Got Talent

You can apply online and audition from your very own living room.

Here is how you can apply for India’s Got Talent:

  • Register on the show website.
  • Answer some questions.
  • Upload your video performances onto the show’s website, which will be viewed by producers.
  • Outstanding contestants will be called to perform in front of the judges at the main auditions.

When will India’s Got Talent 2023 Start?

India’s Got Talent Season 10 will premiere in November 2023.

Do well to visit this website often, so you can get updated and never miss important information.

Audition Tips and Advice

  • Be fearless.
  • Be original.
  • Before submission, check your video and make sure the audio can be heard clearly.
  • Contestant must shoot your video in a bright/well-lit setting.
  • Contestants should not submit Google Drive links, Dropbox links, iCloud links or links to Instagram videos.
  • Contestants should not use auto-tune apps.
  • Don’t be boring.
  • If you are under the age of 18, a parent should submit on your behalf.
  • Keep it short – a 2-minute video should do the trick!
  • Stand out from the crowd.

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India’s Got Talent aim is to build creative spirit in young people.

If you are talented, that much that you can impress the audience and the judges with those talents in you, then I advise you to consider joining this show.

Hope you enjoyed and learnt from this article?

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I wish you success.

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