Moniepoint Customer Care Number (WhatsApp Group Link)

In using the Moniepoint app to solve our financial needs, we might encounter issues, and that’s where the customer care phone number comes in handy.

Customer care is when companies treat their customers with respect and kindness and build an emotional connection with them.

Moniepoint has a dedicated customer care unit that’s ready to answer all your questions in relation to their financial services.

Moniepoint Customer Care Number

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01 888 9990

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Here is what you can do with Moniepoint customer care WhatsApp and phone number:

  • Ask about or register for POS.
  • Ask questions about online banking and related features.
  • Get updated and reliable information on any of the loan services.
  • Request for your account balance.
  • Resolve transaction problems.

How Does Moniepoint Help Keep Your Money Safe from Scams and Fraud?

Moniepoint Microfinance Bank is the definitive bank for small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria and is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Moniepoint MFB was also awarded by the CBN in 2022 as the most inclusive payment platform in the country.

It received its license in February 2022 and helps over 600,000 businesses with banking, payments processing, access to loans and business management tools.

With these solutions, businesses on the platform process about 7 trillion Naira monthly.

Moniepoint MFB operates the largest distribution network for financial services in Nigeria, and over 21 million people use their cards on the POS terminals monthly across every local government in Nigeria.

Headquartered in Oyo, with support offices in 33 states and thousands of business relationship managers directly assigned to each business owner.

This shows the commitment to ensuring that businesses on the platform get access to all the help they need to grow their business.

By contacting the customer support, you can resolve your problem on the app.

Moniepoint WhatsApp Group

Moniepoint has a WhatsApp group for its customers to connect with other customers, get help with using the platform, and stay up to date on the latest news and events.

To join the Moniepoint WhatsApp group, send an email to

You will be asked to provide your name and phone number.

Once you have been approved to join the group, participate in the discussions and receive all the latest updates.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the Moniepoint WhatsApp group:

  • If you have any questions about how to use Moniepoint, ask them in the WhatsApp group and get help from other customers or staff.
  • The WhatsApp group is a great way to be notified of new features, product updates, and upcoming events.
  • Share tips and advice, ask for recommendations, and find business partners.

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  1. l want to pay back my loan nd acc number sent to me is giving me another name different from my name. pls confirm nd correct it. thanks

  2. My terminal password is blocked, I need to unblock it, I enter the website in password recovery but I couldn’t get OTP to confirm my phone number.

  3. My terminal is showing unable to complete your request check network connection and try again. I have try over and over with different sim full with data over two days now.

  4. I mistakenly did transfer to moniepoint phone number and it brings the Pos name and I was debited while the Pos has not been credited ( says that is the number she used to register for Moniepoint)

  5. A transfer was made from a Uba account to 6116517666 moniepoint instead of opay and it went we need a refund to the opay account it was to go 4,500 the transfer was at 11:35 am.

  6. my terminal is block with triggered i have been trying to unblocked it but its not working,plz unblocked my terminal

  7. I made transfer to a wrong union bank account with account No 0020606746 with name Suzana Cletus instead of the correct union bank account with account No.0020067462 with name Bagiwa Godwin Asagba from one moniepoint P OS with account No.8161050152 with name ONOMOR CASH POINT on the 10th July 2023 please help me reach out to the bank for retriever to the correct union bank account.

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