Nominated BBNaija Housemates Up for Eviction (Week 2) – 2023

Do you want to know about the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season 8 nominated housemates up for eviction this week on Sunday?

If YES, then this is the only post to read today.

It’s another week of the Big Brother Naija Season 8 show and the Sunday live evictions are becoming something we barely expect anymore.

For many, they just want the show to end already; for some, the building tension is the real deal.

Interestingly, during a particular stage of the Show, based on the percentage of votes scored by a particular housemate, such will determine whether he or she will be evicted from the house or make it to the grand finale.

As the show progresses, evictions will continue until the ultimate winner emerges.

The organizers of the reality TV show have ensured that all the necessary preparations have been put in place to bring exciting episodes from this entertainment show.

If again the show becomes lively and catchy, it is the role being played by the intriguing invisible Biggie with the commanding baritone voice giving intermittent instructions to the housemates to carry out certain assignments or to ask them to articulate themselves well by responding to questions posed.

BBNaija 2023 Week 2 Heads of House

This week saw the introduction of yet another plot twist.

The Ultimate Veto Power game was introduced.

The winner of the Ultimate Veto Power game is immune from Evictions and is also guaranteed a place in the finale.

Also, the winner can choose the Head of House and the Deputy Head of House with his/her new power.

Together with this, the Head of House will enjoy regular benefits associated with the Head of House, that is the Luxury Lounge and also Immunity for the week whereas, the Deputy Head of House is also guaranteed a slot in the finale.

Again, luck shined on Emmanuel as he had the highest points in the game and won the Ultimate Veto Power title.

Hence, he was requested to nominate a housemate as the Head of House and another as the Deputy Head of House.

As you might have guessed, Emmanuel chose Liquorose as the Head of House for Week 2 and Cross as the Deputy Head of House.

Consequently, Emmanuel, Liquorose and Cross enjoy immunity from evictions this week.

Following this, Big Brother announced that the remaining Housemates are automatically up for possible eviction come Sunday.

BBNaija 2023 Week 2 Nominations

This week’s Head of House game was won by Phyna earning her immunity from nomination for the week.

Following the head of house game, the housemates were called into the diary room to make their week 2 nomination for possible eviction.

The housemates were required to nominate any 3 housemates except the Head of House Phyna for possible eviction.

Here is how the level up housemates nominated 3 housemates for possible eviction this week.

Housemate Nominated Housemates

Housemates with Highest Nominations (Result)

Here are the housemates with the highest nominations.

Housemate Nomination Result

Nominated Housemates This Week

Here are the BBNaija housemates up for eviction this week:

However, it is important to note that to keep them in the house, viewers must vote for them.

Their survival to be in the house largely depends on the voting public.

Make use of this opportunity now by voting via the mobile site, website and app.

BBNaija Season 8 Evicted Housemates

Here are the latest Big Brother Naija evicted housemates:

BBNaija 2023 Week 2 Voting Poll

With 6 housemates up for eviction this week, 2 or more housemates with the least vote would leave the Big Brother Naija house on Sunday.

The question is: who would it be? Who would it not be?

Which BBNaija housemate would you save?

Vote your favourite housemates 100 times daily by simply clicking on the button above.

Don’t forget to SHARE and encourage others to vote for your favourite housemate in the BBN voting poll for 2023.

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