How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria ▷ Earn $5k (Apply Now)

If you want to get a job in Canada from Nigeria, then it’s important to understand the requirements of a Canadian employer.

The most common reason that employers post job openings is that they need workers with specific skills and qualifications.

Therefore, their eligibility criteria are important before they hire someone.

Canada Job Requirements for Nigerians

1. Eligibility

You must be eligible to work in Canada.

This means that you need a valid Canadian work permit, study permit, or any other type of visa that allows you to take up employment or study on campus in Canada.

You should have a job offer from an employer with whom you can legally work as soon as possible after your arrival in Canada.

This is important because it shows them you will pay for your salary and cover all expenses associated with hiring someone new to their company (such as travel costs).

Your employer should also provide proof that they have hired another employee from Nigeria before — this means providing documents such as transcripts from secondary school graduation ceremonies, copies of diplomas, photographs or videos showing parents posing with their children.

2. Work Experience

Employment opportunities in Canada can be found through many sources, including job boards, colleges, and recruiters.

Whatever your experience level may be, it is essential that you prepare yourself for an interview by taking courses in English language proficiency, as well as interpersonal skills.

If you have work experience in Nigeria or another country but want to work in Canada (or anywhere else), this will help make sure that you’re ready for the expectations of employers when interviewing them about their hiring needs.

If there was no formal education involved during your employment or if all aspects of your employment were non-related fields such as manual labor or farming, then this might put off potential employers who may not understand what kind of background one needs before wanting him/her to come into their company.

3. Degree Attestation

A degree attestation is a document that proves that you have completed your studies at a university or college in Nigeria.

It’s not the same as a degree of equivalency, which can only apply to programs that are accredited by an external agency.

The purpose of getting a degree attestation is to show employers that you have earned your qualification from an accredited institution and meet all requirements for employment in Canada.

The process varies depending on what type of program it was.

If it was an undergraduate diploma program (like nursing), then you must submit documents showing proof that you have successfully completed 80% or more of your courses before being able to apply.

If it was an honours bachelor’s degree program (like engineering), then again, only 60% needs to be completed before submitting applications; while if it was postgraduate studies like law, medicine, social sciences, 100% needs to be completed successfully before applying.

Job Search in Canada

The process of searching for a job in Canada can be divided into three basic steps:

  • Research the various companies in your area.
  • Sending out applications to companies and making sure you cover all the bases by providing as much information about yourself as possible (your resume should be customized for each company).
  • Following up with any leads that come in from your application process, whether it’s an interview.

Steps to Getting a Job in Canada from Nigeria

Here are the right steps to get a job in Canada from Nigeria.

  • If you want to work in Canada from Nigeria, you’ll need to prepare yourself and understand the requirements of a Canadian employer.
  • You must be eligible for a work permit. You can apply for one at the Embassy or Consulate-General of your country if you have family members who already live in Canada.
  • You should have the right qualifications and experience.
  • The requirements will vary depending on which area of work interests you most; however, it’s important that they’re comparable to what’s available locally (or even better).
  • If there’s no gap between your last job and now, then it may not be worth applying, because many employers prefer candidates who haven’t been unemployed for long periods of time before starting their new roles.
  • You should also show why someone else wouldn’t want this position either because of safety concerns or personal reasons—for example, someone might not want another person around him/her all day long because he/she feels uncomfortable around strangers or doesn’t trust them after experiencing bad experiences with others before him/herself.

Platforms for Finding Work in Canada

1. Job Bank

This is an online Canadian platform where you can search for employment vacancies in Canada.

This can give you an edge in your quest for a Canadian job from Nigeria.

Though it is quite similar to the other online platforms, but the proximity is higher with this Canadian job-hunting tool.

2. Social Media Platforms

As we all know, almost everything is possible with social media.

You can also be fortunate if you make use of social media in your job hunt. Platforms like Jobster, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and even Facebook can help you secure a job in Canada.

On these platforms, you can apply for a job, submit your CV and other information.

Many employers in Canada now try these platforms to recruit people since it is faster than other means.

3. Websites for Immigration and Employment in Canada

It’s almost impossible for you to get a job directly or through a person in Canada from Nigeria.

The sites which you need to apply to include,,,, and express entry.

To tell you the bitter truth, landing yourself a Canadian job on any of those platforms is no small task as it takes time and you have to keep on applying for as many as possible vacancies; who knows, you might get lucky.

Also, before most employers can actually give you a job, you need to possess two things: a skill and work experience.

Your degree or college certificate is rarely too important a criterion for getting a job in Canada as a Nigerian.

On a more honest note, the main platform that most Nigerians use in getting both a Canadian visa and a job is express entry.

Why? It’s because it’s easier with them and you have more tendencies to get your preferred job.


Working in Canada from Nigeria is not an easy one.

The first step is to apply for a visa, and then you will work on getting your visa approved by the Canadian government.

Once this is done, you can start applying for jobs in Canada through the channels, such as human resources offices or other recruitment agencies.

You need to have all these documents ready before your arrival because they will be needed during the interview stage of your application.

It is pertinent to know that there are many Nigerian agencies working with employers in Canada.

When applying through any of these agencies, you need to be careful and seek information about them from as many sources as possible before paying what you are asked to pay.

This is because there are a lot of swindlers out there.

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