6 Legit High-Paying Online Jobs for Nigerians [Earn $375 Daily]

With the increasing number of internet users in Nigeria, you can earn money online working from home doing jobs that pay students and graduates daily.

Because of the high rate of unemployment in the country, the need for Nigerians to make money by themselves without relying on white-collar jobs is important.

Whether you’re a student, graduate, employee, stay-at-home mom or dad, most of these online jobs will pay you pay hourly, daily, and weekly.

Before getting started, you need to take your time doing some research, learning, and planning before starting out on your own.

Online Jobs for Nigerians

An online job, also called work from home, work from anywhere, telework, remote job, mobile work, and distance work is an employment arrangement in which employees do not report to a central place of work, such as an office building, warehouse, or retail store.

Online jobs are becoming more and more readily available as technology and internet connections continue to improve.

Many people are reaping the benefits of working online.

This has led to increased job creation across the globe, with the rise of sites for freelance work being on the rise at the break of every dawn.

Some organizations that are purely online based allow their employees to work from home as well.

Some employees, unless of course they have meetings, will never show up at their office.

Online Jobs Requirements in Nigeria

  • Have passion and dedication.
  • Have a smartphone and data connection.
  • Have a laptop (much better for support).
  • Learn time management.
  • Have self-discipline.
  • Have a stable power supply.
  • Have capital of at least ₦30k in your account.

Advantages of Online Jobs [Working from Home]

1. Stress Reliever

Research has shown that too much time is wasted when employees have to transport themselves to work.

On average, an employee working and commuting within Lagos will be forced to wake up as early as 3 am to prepare for work.

Being able to work online means that you can avoid the traffic rush to and from work.

Not having to worry about catching the train or bus gives you peace of mind and you can essentially start working earlier than your colleagues who need to commute to work.

2. Quality Family Time

Most married men and women find it hard balancing their work and family.

Working online can allow you to work from home, giving you the much-needed flexibility to spend time with your family.

You can plan your schedule so that you have more time for your family than when you have to leave early or work late in the office.

3. Money Saver

Without the need to transport yourself and buy breakfast or lunch during office hours, you will save money.

In most cases, you save money that will be used in buying office wears.

Also, as a nursing mother, being able to work from home will also save you money on daycare and getting a nanny.

4. Flexibility

Having a work-at-home job makes it easy to choose the amount of work a person or job seeker will like to do or the time frame in which they’ll like to delegate it.

Genuine work from home jobs also provides the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home without permission from your boss or the need to travel around.

6 Legit Online Jobs in Nigeria That Pay Daily

Here are the best online jobs to earn money in Nigeria:

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online jobs that pay in dollars in Nigeria instantly.

It is all about referring people to products or services and earning a commission when they make any purchase through your affiliate links.

You find an excellent product or services online that solves a problem and people are interested in buying or join; you recommend the product or services to your friends or followers on your blog or on social media with the help of a special link.

Once your followers click on the link and buy a product or pay for any service, you get a commission.

So, assuming you have up to 5,000 readers or followers on your blog or social media account (WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), and you find a digital product on “How To Relocate To Canada Without Wasting Money On Fake Agents” that costs ₦10,000 which they really need and will solve their problem and recommend to them.

Let’s say about 2000 of them click on your link and 1000 end up buying this product.

Assuming your commission is 50% per sale (i.e., ₦5,000), that means you have made ₦5 million (i.e., ₦5,000 x 1000).

Affiliate Marketing = Join Affiliate Programs + Promote Products + Earn.

Affiliate programs are online platforms that allow eligible members to join and earn money daily by promoting various physical and digital products and services to their customers, blog visitors or social media fans.

Most affiliate programs in Nigeria are free to join, while few require payment before sign-up.

To make money an affiliate, you simply have to sign up for a good affiliate program, check their offers and merchant listings, get your affiliate link, and share them with your fans, customers, friends and family.

Whenever someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission and get paid.

5. Video Editing

Video editing is editing raw footage shots during the making of a movie, documentary, advert, etc.

It has become so important to learn video editing in this digital age.

I know you may ask how lucrative video editing in Nigeria is.

Kindly know that the benefits of learning video editing in Nigeria are so much, especially in this era of social media and the internet where we love watching videos instead of reading.

Companies now need videos to promote their goods and services more than ever.

Learning video editing in this digital age can open up wonderful career opportunities for you.

The digital economy has brought the growth of digital videos in Nigeria and the world at large over the last few years.

Professional video editing has now become a must-have technology for any growing company or individual.

The film and broadcasting industries can be extremely competitive, which is why it’s vital for you to effectively showcase your strengths and skills throughout the hiring process.

By developing your video editing skills, you can position yourself as a valuable asset and a qualified candidate.

4. Web Design and Web Development

Web design is creating websites.

It encompasses several aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.

While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.

Companies and businesses usually outsource web development in Nigeria and it’s therefore an area where finding work should be easy.

This is a profitable market in Nigeria and beyond.

A lot of companies and individuals out here on the internet are looking for people to build and design websites for them and their business.

Learn how to build websites or blogs and make money offering the service.

You can reach out to businesses, schools, churches, hotels, restaurants, associations, etc. and offer your services to them.

It’s important to find your niche, build an excellent reputation and keep your pricing reasonable.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to an individual or company remotely.

It is like being an office assistant, but this time; it is online, not in a regular office.

This business opportunity entails you helping big companies to run some assignments remotely and you’ll be paid at the end of the day, week, or month.

Businesses and individuals use virtual assistants to help them out with a wide range of tasks:

  • Admin work
  • Bookkeeping
  • Graphic design
  • Social media management
  • Writing emails
  • Replying emails
  • Online typing
  • Receiving calls
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Getting in touch with clients and investors
  • Following up on orders
  • Creating business documents like PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets
  • Managing blogs and websites

These are all done from the comfort of your home.

You get paid per hour, weekly or monthly, depending on the agreement.

How much you will be paid depends on your profile and who you work for.

Depending on your skills and experience, you can earn charge and earn between ₦50,000 to ₦250,000 monthly, working from home as a virtual assistant for business brands.

Becoming a virtual assistant can entail some training or briefing, depending on your qualifications.

However, if you have excellent communication skills and can use applications like MS Office, you can easily get started.

2. Data Entry

Data entry is the latest online job, smart Nigerians are cashing out with.

This job involves entering data (information) into a system.

It is all about helping a company stay organized.

All you have to do is follow instructions given to you.

Enter data that is required and you earn money.

Data could be researching and entering names of companies, dates for events, address of companies, list of competitors and so on.

To succeed in data entry job, you should be very comfortable with the computer and you should be able to type fast.

Most payments are per hour.

You can make anywhere from less than $10 to over $100 per hour from data entry jobs.

Typically, the payment rate in data entry is based on who you are working for and your typing speed—people with fast typing speed are likely to earn more money in this industry.

If you work in this industry, you could also be paid by project, keystrokes per minute, keystrokes per word, keystrokes per hour, or you may receive an hourly wage or receive a fixed monthly wage.

When preparing for a career in data entry, it’s beneficial to gain practical experience to help you in the role.

To gain experience in the data entry field, learn from an expert.

Follow these steps to excel in data entry job:

  • Improve your language skills.
  • Become a better typist. Simply practice typing in any kind of typing software like Microsoft Word while you time your typing speed.
  • Gain computer skills. You will need to know how to enter data, edit data and save your work in various computer programs to secure your employment in data entry industry.
  • As a data entry operator, you will need to communicate with employers and colleagues during your data entry projects. Bolster your interpersonal skills.

Advantages of working in data entry are:

  • Easy access to jobs.
  • High payouts.
  • Opportunities for freelancers and independent contractors.
  • Cost and efforts required to gain skills needed in a data entry role are far lesser when compared to other jobs.

1. Blogging

Blogging about anything, from news to sports to animals, can help you earn money online.

You don’t have to be a millionaire or have a blog that gets millions of views each month to make money through blogging.

You just need an audience that’s willing to listen and engage with your content regularly.

In Nigeria, there are many people who want information on various topics.

So, starting a blog in Nigeria is a great way to capitalize on this trend and potentially make some extra cash on the side.

You can run your own blog or blog for others.

There are people and company looking for bloggers to manage their blog for them.

However, it is more profitable to start your own blog, grow it and make money.

You can blog about different topics: food, politics, news, sports, fashion, business, personal finance and more.

Depending on the niche, number of viewers and other factors, bloggers in Nigeria earn at least ₦100k every month.

6 Best Work from Home Jobs in Nigeria

Here are the best jobs that pay daily cash in Nigeria:

  • Blogging
  • Data Entry
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Web Design and Web Development
  • Video Editing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Final Words

Working from home has become very popular in Nigeria and around the world.

Many people are leaving their work to focus on online jobs or doing online jobs alongside their regular jobs to increase income.

Some people decide to become entrepreneurs by starting a small-scale business, while others go the work from the home route.

Other online jobs have other specific requirements attached to them, so you have to know what is required for the work at home job you want to go into.

Hope you learnt from this article?

If you have questions, comment below.

I wish you success.

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