How to Get a Job in Nigeria This Month (Get Employed Fast)

Are you seeking the right way to find and get a job in Nigeria fast without connection or a degree?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

As a Nigerian, you are likely to have experienced unemployment.

It’s hard to get your dream job if you don’t know where to start.

Job hunting has been more challenging in recent years, and to be honest, it has never been easy.

Many jobs are being lost as corporations try to cut costs, resulting in a very high unemployment rate and an increase in the number of persons actively looking for work.

These searches usually take a long time even if you are not seeking for a job.

You most likely just want to get by and pay your expenses.

Trying to acquire that dream job may be much more difficult now that you are pickier and unwilling to take just any employment.

However, if you are a determined person, you may not want to settle for less, regardless of the problems you may face.

This is good, because taking just about any job you can find will almost certainly result in you looking for a new one soon enough.

In my conversations with students at Nigerian universities, I discovered that most of them do not have an end goal in mind before beginning their degree program.

They simply want to be identified as an undergraduate, to leave their parent’s house, and to enjoy the freedom that comes with it.

It’s never too early to plan your future as an undergraduate because doing so will not only help you get ready for what the field offers, but it will also put you in touch with others who share your interests.

The fundamental components of your preparation as an undergraduate hoping to land his or her dream job after graduation are listed below.

In this article will help you find out how to get your dream job in Nigeria and make sure that nothing stands between your success as an employer or employee!

Steps to Getting a Job in Nigeria Fast

Here are the right steps to get a legit job in Nigeria.

1. Get High Grades

It is imperative to graduate with strong academic standing.

It’s crucial to graduate in Nigeria with at least a second-class lower division.

But the key to landing your dream job is to stand out, which means you should perform better than average and refuse to take the simple route.

Try your hardest to earn at least a second-class upper division during your time in school.

Contrary to the common belief that “Your destiny does not revolve around your grade,” your undergraduate degree is a co-determinant of your future employment.

Don’t fall for ridiculous examples like Bill Gates quitting school or Mark Zuckerberg quitting his Harvard degree in the middle.

This area of the world has a completely different playing field!

You will at least receive interview invitations thanks to your good grade.

2. Dream Big

You can’t have a dream job unless you have a dream, right?

You must first understand what you are looking for.

If your desired career requires you to work in a legal firm, you should not take the bank position simply because it is available.

Would you rather work for a large corporation? Then that startup job might not be for you.

Aside from understanding where you want to work, you need also to know what is expected of you.

You should also be familiar with the company’s structures, culture, and workplace atmosphere to determine if you are a shoo-in.

After you’ve determined all of this, you can start browsing for job listings that match what you’re looking for.

3. Improve Your Backstory

Work on your resume.

This is what your potential employer will learn about the abilities you bring with you, whether they are hard or soft skills, the experiences you have gained over the years through an internship or past positions, and your educational history.

This is the hook that will pique the interest of whoever sees it; therefore, it must be as near too perfect as you can make it.

It would also be beneficial to establish an excellent LinkedIn profile.

4. Establish a Network

This is where your “connections” could be useful.

Many firms nowadays look to former employees to assist in the recruitment process.

This helps companies save money on job advertisements, and they believe it boosts the possibilities of bringing in highly qualified candidates for interviews, saving them time as well.

If you know someone who works for a company you want to work for, you can contact them not only for a recommendation or to assist you get an interview but also to get an inside look at the work environment and company culture.

If you don’t know anyone, an excellent strategy to network is to use LinkedIn to look for people who work at the company and try to contact them directly or through people you may know.

Establish a relationship with them before seeking favor and always maintain a professional demeanor.

5. Use Your Opportunity to the Fullest

You’ll want to make sure you finish the application process if you go through all the steps and are eventually invited for an interview.

Practice your responses to the interviewer’s potential questions rather than memorizing them.

Knowing the purpose behind a question’s genesis is an excellent method to respond to it perfectly.

Be prepared to respond to one of the most typical interview questions: “Tell me about yourself.”

If you give a decent response to that question, the interview will probably go more smoothly for you.

6. Searching

Making choices is necessary when looking for work in Nigeria.

Searching and applying for every job post you find online is only a small part of the job search process.

As a student or a recent high school graduate, you should not wait until you are unemployed and desperate to look for work.

It is best for you to look for a job while you are working or doing something else because it allows you to be more relaxed, and when you eventually get another offer, it allows you to negotiate a better salary and other benefits to determine if you can accept the offer.

For recent graduates, the best time to look for work is during your last semester of school.

7. Look for Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Many job seekers in Nigeria are frustrated because they do not know how to search for job openings.

It is nearly impossible to find work when you cannot even access the most recent job openings in Nigeria.

You must learn how to search for job openings in Nigeria in order to land your dream job.

These are recommended methods for job openings search in Nigeria:

  • Connect with friends who are already working and share your career goals with them.
  • Network with professionals on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others.
  • Visit online job boards in Nigeria.

You must choose the jobs you want to do before applying for positions in Nigeria.

As a recent graduate with a marketing degree or an interest in sales, you should only look for and apply for jobs in these fields.

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to keep an eye out for internship opportunities and entry-level positions rather than applying for positions that don’t fit your qualifications and skill set.

8. Get your CV and Cover Letter

Possessing efficient job search tools is one of the most important factors in getting the job of your dreams.

Your CV and cover letter are your primary job-search tools.

Your resume and cover letter are your personal branding and marketing tools, as we have always said.

Therefore, a strong CV can help you get closer to landing the position of your dreams.

Your resume is your most important document.

Without a good CV, your chances of landing a good job are slim.

When looking for a job in Nigeria, another important search tool that every jobseeker should consider is the cover letter.

A strong cover letter can improve your chances of getting your dream job in Nigeria.

You can use a cover letter writing service to ensure that you have the perfect cover letter to land the job.

9. Find Hidden Jobs in Nigeria

Accessing hidden jobs in Nigeria is one of the clever ways to find employment.

If you are diligent in reading job postings, it might take you a while to find employment in Nigeria.

You should know not all jobs in Nigeria are advertised; in fact, over 60% of well-paying positions there go unnoticed.

You would therefore need to learn how to access hidden jobs as a job seeker.

You must take the following actions in Nigeria in order to access hidden jobs:

  • Talk about your career and pitch yourself to potential employers.
  • Sign up with employment agencies.
  • Network.
  • Utilize social media channels.

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10. Get Ready for Interviews

Because performing well in an interview can help you get that long-awaited job, it is critical that you prepare thoroughly for your interview.

You can use our job interview checklist to double-check your work and ensure you’ll do well.

When looking for a job in Nigeria, the best mindset to have is to always be ready and willing to give.

You should always think about what you will give to the company rather than what the company will give you.

Employers expect having employees who are always looking for ways to add value to the company.

11. Look Forward to Gaining New Experiences

We all know that having the relevant experience required for the specific job role is one of the most important factors in getting a good job in Nigeria.

As a recent graduate, you should always attempt to gain relevant experience.

Taking advantage of internship and volunteer opportunities in Nigeria is a great way to gain experience.

Volunteering and internships both enable you to gain experience while working and to learn about the job.

Therefore, it is not advisable for you to do nothing as a recent graduate. Instead, be open to career advice and take advantage of internship and volunteer opportunities.

Even for recent graduates, looking for a job in Nigeria can be extremely exhausting.

However, with the right knowledge and skills, you can find a good job in Nigeria quickly and efficiently.

Final Words

The steps explained above will help you get your dream job in Nigeria.

If you follow them correctly, you should be able to find an opportunity that is right for you.

Ensure your skills are up-to-date, get someone who can vouch for your work ethic or track record (such as a professor), show seriousness about the position through research into the company’s history and culture before application.

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