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NYSC Acceptance Letter

An NYSC acceptance letter is a document that confirms the acceptance of a corps member into a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

The letter is issued by the PPA after the corps member has completed the mandatory three weeks of orientation course.

As a corps member, you can reject or accept your place of primary assignment before receiving your official acceptance letter.

Other forms of documentation can be accompanied by acceptance letters.

The company’s administrator or manager who makes the offer or request, or the agency whose corps member is accepted at his or her PPA, is the addressee.

The person composing the acceptance letter should inform the company that he or she is pleased to accept the request.

The acceptance letter is an important document for corps members.

It is proof of the corps member’s acceptance into the PPA and it outlines the terms and conditions of the corps member’s service.

Corpers who already have a PPA will also need the acceptance letter after redeployment to submit for documentation at the secretariat.

If you have questions about your acceptance letter, contact your PPA directly.

Sample of NYSC Acceptance Letter

The State Coordinator

NYSC Secretariat


Abia State.


The Zonal Co-Ordinator

Aba South

Abia State



Here is formally accepting the corps member posted to our school with the following details.

Name: Ebuka Vincent, Discipline: Biochemistry, State Code: AB/24A/0091, Call-up No: NYSC/ISU/2024/098726.

We appreciate your kind gesture.

Yours Faithfully,

Signature, Stamp, and Date

Name of Organization Administrator or Director

NYSC Acceptance Letter Format

Here is a sample format for an NYSC acceptance letter:

  • It is an official letter. Keep it short and concise.
  • The date must be included in the letter.
  • Use the letter-headed paper of the organization or company.
  • Use formal language, correct English grammar and spellings.
  • Use A4 paper letter size.
  • Be sure to include all the relevant information, such as the corps member’s name, call-up number, state code, PPA, start and end dates, and terms and conditions of service.
  • Use a formal tone and address the corps member by their full name.
  • Proofread the letter carefully before sending it.
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