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CDS stands for Community Development Service.

It is one of the three cardinal programmes of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The other two programmes are the Orientation Camp and Primary Assignment.

CDS is a compulsory programme for all NYSC corps members.

It enables corps members to contribute to the development of their communities.

Corps members are usually posted to rural areas where they can work on projects that will benefit the community.

The importance of the NYSC CDS includes:

  • Build corp members capacities for leadership, endurance, selflessness, creativity and patriotism,
  • Complement activities of government at all levels towards national development.
  • Harness the talents and skills of corpers to change rural communities for good.
  • Help corpers develop business skills.
  • Help underprivileged populations learn basic techniques for self-help.
  • Instill in youth corpers the tradition of dignity in labour and productivity.
  • Provide on-the-job training and experience for corpers.
  • To enable corps members to improve their host community.
  • To encourage the use of local raw materials in the execution of projects.
  • To make corps members understand the various traditions and customs of the host community.
  • Corps members are expected to take part in community events and activities, such as festivals, sporting events, and health campaigns.

Types of CDS in NYSC

The NYSC CDS is classified into two, namely: Group Community Development Service and Personal Community Development Service.

1. Group Community Development Service (Group CDS)

Corps members are expected to spend one day a week in group CDs activities.

They are not expected to fulfill their obligations at their place of primary assignment.

Such days are devoted to implementing projects and programs that improve the living conditions of the host community.

Corps members come together in various groups to discuss issues affecting the community and look for a way out.

They divide themselves, go into markets, churches, schools, etc. understand the people’s trouble, and try to meet persons in positions to handle issues discovered.

These corps members are divided into different groups and each group has its mission toward the host community.

2. Personal Community Development Service (Personal CDS)

These are projects/programs carried out by individual corps members to the host community based on the needs recognized in the community.

Corps members are encouraged to look for areas that may have a personal impact on the community, besides the group CDS.

These could be construction projects such as toilets, boreholes, bridges, classrooms, school playgrounds, or social/educational projects such as ICT labs, school libraries, extracurricular lessons, campaigns, philanthropic projects, vocational training, etc.

Personal projects attract awards from local, state, or federal governments.


Corps members are usually assigned to a CDS group based on their interests and skills.

They can also request to be assigned to a specific group.

The CDS groups play an important role in the development of communities across Nigeria.

They help to improve the lives of people in rural areas and to promote sustainable development.

Here is the list of the best CDS group to join in NYSC:

  • Corps Legal Aid Group (CLAG)
  • Sports Group
  • Culture and Tourism Group
  • Education Development Group
  • Environmental Protection and Sanitation Group
  • Editorial/Publicity Group
  • Road Safety Group
  • Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Group
  • Anti-Corruption Group
  • Service Delivery Group
  • MDGs
  • Medical and Health Services Group
  • Drug Free and Quality Control Group
  • Agro-Allied Group
  • Charity Services and Gender Group
  • Disaster Management Group 

How to Know Your NYSC CDS Group

After registration at the NYSC camp, corps members are usually grouped into their respective CDS groups.

Here are the ways to know your NYSC CDS group:

  • During the orientation camp, you are usually introduced to your CDS group leaders, who provide information about the group and its activities.
  • Visit the NYSC secretariat in your local government area to find out about your CDS group.
  • Ask your fellow corps members about your CDS group and how to get involved.
  • Check your NYSC dashboard for information.

NYSC CDS Meeting

NYSC CDS meetings are held between corps members, NYSC officials, and their community leaders.

These meetings discuss the progress of the CDS projects and to address any challenges that the corps members may be facing.

The NYSC CDS group meetings are usually held once a week for at least 1 hour.

During the meetings, the corps members will present their progress reports on the CDS projects.

The CDS meetings provide a forum for corps members to discuss their challenges, to get feedback from the community leaders, and to receive guidance from the NYSC officials.


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has a set of rules that corps members must follow during the Community Development Service (CDS) programme.

These rules ensure that corps members are safe and that they can complete their CDS projects successfully.

Here are the NYSC CDS rules to abide by:

  • Report to your place of primary assignment on time and attend all CDS activities.
  • Wear your NYSC uniform when you are on official duty.
  • Be respectful to your community leaders and the people in the community.
  • Don’t engage in any illegal activities while on CDS.
  • Do not leave your PPA without the permission of the NYSC officials.
  • Complete your CDS projects in the allocated time frame.
  • Maintain moral conduct throughout your CDS programme.

The NYSC has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of the CDS rules.

Corps members who violate the CDS rules will be punished accordingly.

If you are a corps member who is unsure about a specific CDS rule, ask your NYSC officials for clarification.

Follow the CDS rules in order to avoid being punished and to ensure that you can complete your programme successfully.

Punishment for Missing NYSC CDS

The NYSC CDS group meeting is carried out once a week in a month.

You should have at least 50% attendance at the group meetings.

The punishment for missing NYSC CDS varies depending on the number of times the corps member misses in a month.

For missing over 50% attendance of the CDS days, your PPA monthly clearance won’t be signed by your SO and you may not be cleared to receive your next month allowance.

NYSC has a zero-tolerance policy for absenteeism from the CDS programme.

Corps members who miss CDS hours without a valid reason will be punished accordingly.

Here are some reasons that may be valid for missing CDS hours:

  • Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Other extenuating circumstances

If a corps member cannot attend CDS because of illness, provide a medical certificate from a doctor.

If a corps member cannot attend CDS because of a death in the family, provide a death certificate.

Corps members who cannot attend CDS because of other extenuating circumstances must provide a written explanation to NYSC.

The NYSC will then decide whether to grant the corps member a waiver.

If you are a corps member who cannot attend CDS, be sure to document your reason for absence and to provide the documentation to NYSC.

This will help you avoid being punished for missing CDS hours.

How to Answer NYSC Query Letter for Missing CDS

If you have received a query letter from the NYSC for missing CDS, first understand the reason for the query.

The NYSC may have received a complaint from your PPA supervisor or from a member of the community.

They may also have conducted an audit and found that you have not completed the required number of CDS hours.

Once you understand the reason for the query, write a letter to the NYSC explaining the situation.

In your letter, you should:

  • Acknowledge the query and apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Explain the reason you missed CDS hours.
  • Provide any supporting documentation, such as medical certificates or death certificates.
  • State your commitment to completing the remaining CDS hours.
  • Offer to make up the missed hours in any way that the NYSC sees fit.

Be honest and apologetic in your letter.

NYSC will appreciate your willingness to take responsibility for your actions.

If you are sincere in your commitment to completing the remaining CDS hours, the NYSC is likely to be lenient.

Here is an example of a letter that you can use to respond to a NYSC query letter for missing CDS:


I am writing to you in response to your query letter regarding my missing CDS hours. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused.

I understand I am required to complete at least 50% of CDS attendance. However, I could not complete the required number of hours because of medical condition. I was diagnosed with malaria in March 2024 and was hospitalized for two weeks. I could not attend CDS while I was in the hospital.

I have attached a copy of my test results and payment slips to this letter. I would like to assure you I am committed to completing the remaining CDS hours. I will make up the missed hours in any way that NYSC sees fit.

I would like to thank you for your understanding of this matter.


[Your Name]

NYSC CDS Project Ideas

The projects that corps members can work on include:

  • Construction of roads, bridges, and culverts.
  • Rehabilitation of schools and hospitals.
  • Provision of clean water and sanitation facilities.
  • Promotion of adult literacy and numeracy.
  • Development of agricultural projects.
  • Provision of microcredit loans to entrepreneurs.
  • Promotion of environmental conservation.

These are just a few ideas for CDS projects.

There are many other possibilities, and the best project for you will depend on the needs of your community.

When choosing a CDS project, consider these factors:

  • The needs of your community.
  • Your skills and interests.
  • The availability of resources.
  • The time commitment required.

Also, get approval from your NYSC officials before you start any CDS project.

If you are looking for more ideas for CDS projects, ask your officials, community leaders, or friends and family.

NYSC CDS Monthly Report

A NYSC CDS monthly report is a document that is submitted by corps members to the NYSC officials once a month.

The CDS monthly report helps to track the progress of corps members and to ensure that they are contributing positively to their communities.

The CDS report should include:

  • The name of the corps member.
  • The call-up number.
  • The place of primary assignment.
  • The CDS group.
  • The activities that were carried out during the month.
  • The challenges that were faced and how they were addressed.
  • The impact of the projects on the community.

Here is an example of the CDS monthly report:

Name: [Your Name]

Call-up Number: [Your Call-up Number]

Place of Primary Assignment: [Your PPA]

CDS Group: [Your CDS Group]

Activities Carried Out During the Month:

  • Planted 100 trees in the community.
  • Cleaned up a polluted stream in the community.
  • Organized a health education campaign in the community.
  • Tutored students in math and science.
  • Helped to build a new classroom for a local school.

Challenges Faced and How They Were Addressed:

  • Some community members were reluctant to take part in the tree planting exercise. We addressed this challenge by providing them with information about the importance of trees and by offering them free seedlings.
  • The polluted stream was difficult to clean up. We addressed this challenge by working with the local government to get funding for the project.
  • Some students were reluctant to attend the health education campaign. We addressed this challenge by making the campaign more interactive and by providing students with free snacks.
  • We did not have enough funding to build the new classroom on our own. We addressed this challenge by getting donations from local businesses and individuals.

Impact of the CDS Projects on the Community:

  • The tree planting exercise will help to improve the air quality in the community and to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • The clean-up of the polluted stream will improve the water quality in the community and make it safer for people to use.
  • The health education campaign will help to raise awareness of important health issues in the community.
  • The tutoring program will help students to improve their academic performance.
  • The new classroom will provide a safe and comfortable space for students to learn.

NYSC CDS Certificate

The NYSC CDS certificate is a document that is issued to corps members who successfully complete the community development service programme.

The certificate is proof that the corps member has fulfilled their national service obligation and that they have contributed positively to their community.

The NYSC CDS certificate is issued by the NYSC directorate in the state where the corps member completed their CDS programme.

The certificate will contain the corps member’s name, call-up number, and place of primary assignment.

It will also state the date that the corps member completed their CDS programme.

The NYSC community development service certificate is required for employment in some organizations and it can also apply for scholarships and other programs.

If you are a corps member who is about to complete your CDS programme, apply for your certificate as you may need it for future employment and other opportunities.

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