Check and Print NYSC Portal Call-Up Letter Online [Batch B 2024]

Every prospective corps member wants to learn the procedure and basic requirements to reject, check and print out NYSC call-up letter on the phone for 2024 Batch B, Stream 1.

Do you want to know NYSC call-up letter printing date?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

NYSC Portal Call-up Letter

After NYSC registration (printing your green card and COVID slip), the next thing is the call-up letter.

NYSC call-up letter is simply a letter that will show your state of deployment and other important information.

Call-up letter for NYSC Batch B Stream 1 will be available for printing on 24th June, 2024.

You’ll have to pay and print out the letter from your dashboard in coloured and photocopies at any nearest cyber cafe.

Steps to Check Your NYSC Posting Online 

It usually takes about 1 – 3 weeks to get and print your NYSC call-up letter online after you have completed your registration.

It may take longer if there are any problems with your registration or if there is a high volume of registrations.

Here are the steps to check your NYSC call-up letter online:

  • Go to the NYSC portal.
  • Click “LOGIN HERE” icon.
  • Enter your e-mail and password.
  • Click “Resume” to login to your account.
  • Once you login to your dashboard, click “Print Call Up Letter” to view your call-up letter and see where NYSC posted you.
  • If you wish to print your call-up letter, then save it on your phone or computer and take it to where you can print.

11 Things to do After Getting Your NYSC Call-Up Letter

  • What you need to print your call up letter is the email and password you used in registering on NYSC portal.
  • Print the original copy (twice) and make about 3 or more photocopies as you would need to submit some duplicates at camp.
  • Your green card and call up letter should be printed with colored printer and not Black and White printer.
  • Rearrange your documents. What you need to take with you are call-up letter, green card, statement of result or original certificate, student ID card. Ensure your statement of result carries your school stamp and not a fake one.
  • Put all these documents in a water-resistant file and seal properly. Do not laminate your green card or call-up letter.
  • Pack the basic necessary things.
  • Connect with people you are posted to the same state.
  • Check your sate of deployment very well to avoid mistakes.
  • Travel safely and be prayerful.
  • Be happy and positive about your journey and what’s about to come.

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What is the NYSC Green Card?

The NYSC Green Card is an acknowledgement slip issued to prospective corps members after completing the registration process on the NYSC portal.

It serves as evidence of their readiness to take part in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program in Nigeria.

The green card contains the following information:

  • Address and States Visited
  • Course of study
  • Date of birth
  • Educational Qualification
  • Gender
  • Kit Specification
  • Name of the prospective corps member
  • Next of Kin
  • NYSC call-up number
  • Payment receipt number
  • Phone Number
  • State of origin
  • State of school attended

The green card is a mandatory document for all prospective corps members.

It must be printed in color and presented at the NYSC orientation camp.

The difference between the NYSC green card and call-up letter is that the green card confirms your online registration and personal details, while the call-up letter invites you to take part in the NYSC program.

Here are some things you can do with your NYSC green card:

  • Use it to verify your identity at the NYSC orientation camp.
  • Use it to apply for a straight posting (if eligible).
  • Use it to apply for a waiver (if eligible).
  • Use it to apply for a deferment (if eligible).

The NYSC green card is a valuable document that you should keep safe.

It is your proof of registration for the NYSC program.

Here are some of the common questions about the NYSC green card:

When will I receive my NYSC Green Card?

You will receive your NYSC green card after you have completed the online registration process and paid the required fees.

The green card will be available for printing on the NYSC portal.

How do I print my NYSC Green Card?

To print your NYSC green card, you will need to log in to the NYSC portal and click on the “Print Green Card” button.

You will need to enter your NYSC call-up number and your payment receipt number.

What if I lose my NYSC Green Card?

If you lose your NYSC green card, you will need to contact the NYSC headquarters to request a replacement.

You will need to provide your NYSC call-up number and your payment receipt number.

Do you have questions on the call-up letter checking and printing date?

Leave your comments below.

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  1. Please is it possible for me to go with batch c stream 2 if am not ready to go with stream 1 that’s if my call up letter is out

  2. Good afternoon sir please help me I want to print my callup letter but the concessional deployment approval status is showing pending and comment saying approval pending

  3. On my dashboard where they wrote print call up letter is not opening for me to access my call up letter. Why?

  4. I didn’t fill the details of my national diploma while registering which resulted to only my higher national diploma qualifications to show on my green card. Should I request for a course correction or I should leave it?

  5. I want to apply for exemption and I haven’t been able to,my results have been 2021 though haven’t seen my name on the Senate list,what could possibly be the problem??

    1. go back to your institution make sure they validate your cuz your file might under their desk it happened to me I spent 3yrs b4 service

      1. I am trying to apply for remobilization but it’s telling me I can’t apply for remobilization as my record had been saved by the system, what can I do please?

  6. What happens if you print your call up later for batch A and you were unable to go to camp, is there room you can still go with the next batch?

    1. Hello
      I’m a foreign trained student, I did my verification exercise at Bukavu barrack, Kano on 29/09/2022, the problem is that I’m yet to see my call up number and I couldn’t view my cleared verification slip which is showing error printing report.
      I will be looking forward to see your feedback.
      Thank you

  7. Some people said call up letter out for stream 2 which is today 15th of March 2022 but i haven’t seen my call up letter.

  8. Please I paid when I registered but my call up letter is not showing, and it shows on my mobilization status that I’ve been mobilized. I don’t know what the problem could be and what I can do?

  9. During registration I didn’t choose anywhere to be posted to because it was not in the form. How then will the call up letter contain my state of deployment

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