2 Legit Apps To Make REAL Money Online [Earn ₦11k Daily]

Make Money Apps Nigeria

Are you looking for the best apps that pay you real money in Nigeria online using your smartphone as a student, graduate, or business owner?

Do you want to learn how to make money online with your android smartphone in Nigeria?

Do you want to know the best paying sites, refer and earn apps in Nigeria?

If YES, this article is only what you need to read today.

Right now, we mostly spend more time on our phones than anything else catching cruise online and listening to gossip, so I feel making money on your phone will be a lot more fun.

Getting started…

Money Making Apps

Money making applications are mobile tools and online platforms that have features for customers and users to earn money by referral and carrying out simple tasks.

The money-making apps that will be listed in this post are available both on iPhone and Android.

If you register on these money making apps, you will have to do a certain level of work before you earn real money.

Features of Good Money Making Apps

A good app to earn money app must:

  • Have a strong security level
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Have good payment options
  • Be fully registered with the proper agency
  • Not have hidden charges
  • Have excellent reviews
  • Have fair terms and conditions for its users

Requirements Needed to Earn Money Online via Apps in Nigeria

Here are the requirements and documents that you need to provide before you’ll be able to register and earn money online daily using various apps/platforms:

2 Legit Apps to Make Real Money Online in Nigeria

Here are the best apps to earn money online in Nigeria using your smartphone:

1. OwoDaily

OwoDaily is a digital jobs platform where you can earn up to ₦5,000 per job/task completed by liking, commenting on posts, sharing a post to Instagram or Facebook, browsing websites, viewing adverts, taking surveys, watching videos, playing game, installing apps on your phone.

Considering the fact that you can earn some good money without so much hard work, it’s worth it.

On OwoDaily, minimum withdrawal is ₦5,000, and you get paid in your bank account every Friday.

How much you can make on OwoDaily

You get paid between ₦10 – to ₦5,000 per task.

After completing a particular task/job, you upload the proof and get credited.

Then you can make withdrawal straight to your bank account once you’ve earned up to at least ₦5,000 and you can complete as many tasks as possible.

Advertisers and business owners post jobs to OwoDaily platform and have you (the workers) do the job and make money.

You’re the worker and your job is to simply apply and carry out any of the tasks posted on the platform, upload the proof, get paid and withdraw money to your bank account immediately.

There are lots of tasks for you to complete, so you will make a lot of money.

owodaily jobs

Ways to Earn Money on OwoDaily

  • Carrying out simple tasks.
  • Join the free affiliate program, and earn 50% commission per anyone that joins OwoDaily through your referral link.
  • Become a reseller – Tell people you can get them followers, charge them, then post it as a job on OwoDaily and get people to do the work and you keep the profit.
  • As a business owner, if you want sales or likes, views and comments on your social media channels, post it as a job.

As a beginner, the best thing is to actually focus on completing the jobs/tasks and earn your money without stress and there are unlimited jobs for you to complete daily and get paid.

Once you earn up to ₦5,000, you withdraw your money.

You can combine this with your current job or online business and cash out daily.

OwoDaily Registration

To register on OwoDaily and start earning money:

» Click Here to Visit Website and Create Your Account.

Click on the Red ‘Become A Member’ Button.

owodaily registration

On the registration page, as you can see above, you’ll need to enter your:

  • Full Name
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Phone No
  • Sex
  • Country
  • Date of Birth
  • State
  • Bank
  • Bank Account Name (Should Match Full Name)
  • Account Number

Agree to the Terms & Conditions for Membership.

Submit and complete registration.

An email notification will be sent to your email address after your sign-up.

In case you didn’t see it. Check your spam folder.

Verify email and complete registration.

The next thing to do now is to activate your membership account by paying the activation fee. 

OwoDaily Activation Fee

OwoDaily membership fee comes in two plans.


For OwoDaily Membership, you get lifetime access to earn on the platform, which is limited to completing digital jobs shared within the network by active members and the network cash bonus you get when you invite new members/affiliates.

OwoDaily Membership costs just ₦3,000 one time and you don’t need to pay another money ever again.


If you decide to sign up for OwoDaily+, you get everything a member has, and access to promote any available offers in the marketplace, where you earn the listed commission for that offer once a sale is delivered successfully by the seller.

OwoDaily+ affiliates also get cashback for personal purchases.

This means when an OwoDaily+ Member makes a personal purchase for themselves from the marketplace, they earn cashback into their account.

OwoDaily+ is an annual subscription of ₦10,000.

OwoDaily+ is available to only OwoDaily members, so new users’ first subscription is ₦13,000.

Membership grants you access to apply and complete digital jobs offers shared by member, you can also hire thousands of workers to complete your digital jobs.

On OwoDaily+ you get everything on membership and access to affiliate offers to earn commissions for successful sales and cashback for your personal purchases.

To activate your account, you can do this in two ways:

1. Pay with GiftCard

This will require you to buy a gift card from an OwoDaily partner that will generate a 16-digit code for you upon successful payment.

Once you have the code, you can then use it to activate your account and it will be active immediately.

2. Pay Online

This is the most recommended method as it’s safe and faster, all you have to do is pay with your ATM card online and your account will be activated immediately.

Either way, both methods work perfectly fine.

Now that your account is active, you’ll have access to the digital jobs on the platform that you can do and get paid when completed and approved by the platform.

Join OwoDaily Now

OwoDaily Summary

  • OwoDaily is a Registered Business under TeamXclusive Africa Online Limited; verifiable under the Co-operate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.
  • OwoDaily is trademarked under the Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment Commercial Law Department Industrial Property Office Registry.
  • OwoDaily is a network where people come together to complete digital jobs, push campaigns, earn cash rewards, engage in village and shop in market.
  • Members get access to apply to the digital-related jobs which were shared on the network and get paid the set commission after job submissions is approved as successful, while affiliates earn by promoting products and services in the marketplace.
  • As a member, you get a bonus commission when you invite a new member.
  • As an affiliate, you earn commissions when you invite new customers to purchase goods and services from the registered businesses in the Marketplace.
  • As an affiliate, you get access to a dashboard, personalized affiliate tracking link.
  • You also earn cashback when you make personal purchases in OwoDaily Market.
  • Only Paid Members on OwoDaily can upgrade membership to OwoDaily+; As a member, simply click on “OwoDaily+” on the Menu to Subscribe. Activation is automatic and you can begin promotions immediately.
  • Earnings can be withdrawn weekly, directly to your bank account.
  • All Member Withdrawals are processed on a Net-7 Basis (Every Friday). Payments are sent when member submits a withdrawal request after reaching minimum payout amount, to the bank account details submitted during member registration.

If you have the time and you’re willing to spare your ₦3,000, then you can give it a trial.

I have withdrawn about 7 times on OwoDaily and made around ₦75,000 so far.

I ought to have made more than this, but I’ve been busy with some personal projects.

Here’s the link to Sign-Up!

2. PiggyVest

PiggyVest is a Government registered and secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings.

It is the largest online savings and investing platform in Nigeria and helps Nigerians save money monthly.

As a student, entrepreneur, employed or self-employed individual, you can easily create an account on PiggyVest, choose your choice amount and it’d be automatically withdrawn from your account.

You can choose to save even ₦500 periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) towards a specific target OR lock away funds for a specified period.

One good thing about PiggyVest is that savings and withdrawals are 100% free.

PiggyVest also has a referral system that gives you ₦1,000 for referring your friend to use the savings platform.

It doesn’t just reward you for referring your friends, it also gives your friends a ₦1,000 welcome bonus, which they can choose to withdraw to their bank accounts or include in any of their saving plans.

How to Earn from PiggyVest:

  • Earn 10% to 20% interest in your funds (savings).
  • PiggyVest will give you a ₦1,000 welcome bonus if you join with this link. The ₦1,000 will be available in your wallet and you can choose to re-save it or withdraw it to your bank account.
  • By just telling your friends and followers about the PiggyVest program, you can make as much as ₦11,000 (i.e. ₦1,000 x 11 persons/friends you refer from your Facebook or WhatsApp) and even more depending on the number of people you invite.

To join the referral program and earn today, you have to first create an account with PiggyVest.

Signing up without using this link means you losing the ₦1,000 welcome bonus.

To sign up, visit this page, fill in your details, save your first money (probably ₦500, which you can withdraw later) and then proceed to your dashboard.

You’ll get your referral link for inviting your friends from your dashboard.

Make sure your friends click on it before creating an account, as it’s the only way of tracking him/her.

Join PiggyVest Now

2 Best Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Here are the best money making apps in Nigeria:

  • OwoDaily
  • PiggyVest

What are the Best Earn Money Apps in Nigeria?

From my personal use and online users review, the best app to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria is OwoDaily.

PiggyVest is the closest competition.

Final Words

Whether you are concerned about your finances, or just want to earn passive income online by carrying out simple tasks and instructions, there are apps out there that can help you succeed.

If you are serious about getting urgent ₦11k daily, I’d recommend signing up for both apps today.

Having been using both money making app on this list, you can trust the integrity of the content.


  • These apps could request for your bank account details and BVN. Don’t give false information.
  • You cannot get scammed by submitting your BVN.

Hope you enjoyed this article?

If you know any money making apps that are equally a good option, or have questions, please comment below.

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