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7 Games That Pay Real Money Directly to Bank Account in Nigeria

Are you a game addict like me? Did you know there are games that pay real money directly to bank account in Nigeria?

If you are in Nigeria and don’t know about this platform, then it’s not too late for you to keep scrolling and find legit game apps that pay real money in Nigeria.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • Best casino game to win money.
  • PayPal games that pay real money in Nigeria.
  • Play ludo and earn real money in Nigeria.
  • Play whot and win real money.
  • Spin and win real money in Nigeria.

Learn important things you need to know before downloading these legit games that pay real money in Nigeria.

Also, the modes of transaction they pay with PayPal, coupon, or credit card, and how much you can make with it, will be discussed.

In addition, where to download it, what gadget can it support – iOS, android, or even computers will be highlighted.

7 Games That Pay Real Money Directly to Bank Account in Nigeria

Here are the legit games that pay real money directly to bank account in Nigeria:

1. Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst is one of the best apps where you can make real money playing video games!

Tens of thousands of dollars have already been given away to lucky players just like you!

It’s very simple, every draw the app developers are sharing back a portion of their advertising revenue with one lucky winner.

The larger the user base grows, the more dollars that will be given back.

There are no in app purchases and no pay to win. 

So, download Bubble Burst and check it out for your chance to win cash! 

Using Bubble Burst, anyone can make money simply by playing games at home, in the bus station, on the metro, or in the subway etc. anywhere!


WAJE is a digital based gaming platform where users can play Nigerian-based games like Whot, Rolling Dice and other casino games, and win some real money.

Whot game is known all over Nigeria and has improved from a basic interface to a world class interface, and from only single-player mode to multiplayer mode.

You can play fair whot games with friends and family and be guaranteed that you’re playing the best whot game in Nigeria!

Challenge your friends and thousands of other Nigerians with as little as ₦200 to nostalgic games like Whot and make some cool cash off just playing!

This game is for 18 and above and is strictly prohibited from minors.

3. The exodus3000

If you are the type that prefers multiplayer RPGs, Exodus3000 is the best one for you.

It is amongst the well-known popular online multiplayer games.

The game is based on a story where 1000 years in the future the world is no longer reliable and sustainable for living because of a terrible incident on the planet which made humans flee to Planet Mars.

The main are assumed to be transferred to around a thousand years in the future.

You earn in “Mars Dollars” which is the game’s world currency.

All occupants are given a task to locate these “Mars Dollars” from their base.

Immediately everyday player is given 250 moves which they set on to search for the Mars Dollars which are in ruins, mining Volcanoes, or battle other competitors to get these precious Mars Dollars.

After you achieve a reasonable amount so far, you can then change it out into real money.

This online game is one of the best, and awards are easy to get.

It is a very addictive, pleasurable, and convenient way to earn money while you enjoy yourself.

However, the best part is when you register with them you would be gifted with 5000 free Mars Dollars as your welcomed gift.

You can cash out 98 000 Mar Dollars.

The rate of exchange of 98 000 Mars Dollars is equal to $20.

You can also make up to $100 every month and withdraw from your PayPal account.

Register with Exodus3000, one of the best legit games that pay real money in Nigeria and grab your cash without investment right away.

4. Wealth Words

Are you the nerdy type that spends much of your time cracking puzzles and solving crosswords like scrabble, trivia, or word games?

Then this game, Wealth Words, is the right one for you.

Wealth Words is the ‘play and win’ real money crossword puzzle game in three different languages (English, Hindi, and Chinese) that can be played by anyone above 18.

You must submit your answers within one hour of the time limit.

Put your skills to the test, solve crosswords and win.

Choose from several types and levels of crossword games.

There is no limit to the amount you can win.

Playing Wealth Words is as simple as A.B.C.

Simply download the Wealth Words app from the Appstore of Google Playstore, choose the game from the wide variety available and start playing.

Win the game and earn real money, directly transferred to your PayPal accounts.

5. Dominoes Gold

Board games release stress and brain charging games are usually played on board.

But did you know you can play board games and get paid?

Dominoes Gold is a board game that is recognized worldwide and still gaining more popularity to date.

Dominoes Gold board game is unique and more advanced than the regular board games plus one of the legit games that pay real money in Nigeria or nationwide.

Domino’s Gold lets multiple players take part in tournaments, addictive domino games that grant prizes to the winner.

Up to five players’ competition score is compared and the one with the highest score is announced as the winner of the round they played.

Thus, earnings can be exchanged as real cash.

On the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android, you can play in different languages like English, Spanish, French, German, simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian.

Anyone beyond the age of 17 can take part.

You can take part in a free match where you earn in Z coins or a cash match where you earn real cash by depositing $1 or above to win 3 or above.

6. MyPoints

MyPoints is a similar platform to InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

It is the oldest and most popular platform among the rest founded in 1996.

It is a well-known online site where you can earn real cash by participating in surveys, playing online games, and watching videos.

But the primary aim of MyPoint is to make money while you shop in online stores like Amazon and Ali-Express.

You can save coupons to use spending a lot of cash.

It even grants you a forty percent bonus ordered at a partner’s website or store.

The only game you can find on MyPoints is to answer poll questions which are not interesting and fun to many, but you may like it if you try it first, or instead of playing games you can complete surveys, or watch videos.

You can withdraw your points “MyPoints” by swapping them with other gift cards from different online stores or using your PayPal account.

Another option is you can exchange your “MyPoints” with United MileagePlus miles and start saving money for flights.

7. Blitz

Blitz is currently a newly published game but has received over 100 000 downloads and it’s getting many more downloads every day with the platform.

In Blitz, you can play tournaments, weekly leagues, Brawls, or competition 1v1 games, tournaments, weekly leagues, and more.

They pay you actual cash.

You can withdraw from PayPal, ApplePay, Venmo, or directly to your bank account.

Blitz is one of the best no-ad platforms and the best legit games that pay real money in Nigeria.

It offers you a $10 bonus when you register with them and earn when you refer to a friend.


After going through this article, you now found how and where to earn extra cash with your phone, by playing games that pay real money directly to bank account in Nigeria.

We all are addicted to one game or the other and waste our precious time and data without getting paid.

If you want to enjoy your time, do it with reason and earn while having fun.

What’s more than that?

If you’re not into games or not good at them, try these online platforms that pay real money when you complete tasks.

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