How to Get a Job in USA from Nigeria ▷ Earn $7k (Apply Now)

Are you seeking the right way to find a good job in the USA from Nigeria?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

Despite having been independent for over 58 years, Nigeria still faces economic instability.

The nation continues to go door-to-door to ensure that it satisfies both international standards and the needs of its citizens.

Many of the professionals in the nation are desperate and are seeking job security in more developed nations, so they won’t be left stranded and useless in their own country because of this significant challenge.

Many people believe that because the United States of America is a developed country, finding a job there will be difficult and stressful.

This could not be further from the truth in most cases, but in others, finding a job is always as simple as anyone can imagine.

It is important to realize that if you went to the US for tourism or just a quick visit, you might end up with menial jobs or no work at all.

This post will help you find a job in the US with ease.

Ensure to take your time and read this article to the end if you’re really serious about achieving your dream and career goal this year.

Getting started…

Steps to Getting a Job in the USA from Nigeria

Here are the right steps to secure a job in the United States of America from Nigeria.

1. Learn as much as you can about the United States of America

Regarding states and capitals, the nation resembles Nigeria almost exactly.

Know every one of them off the top of your head, know which one is more populated than the others, know which one is still growing, and know which one still requires your profession.

In areas where all the roads have been built to completion, you cannot be a road construction engineer and succeed.

2. Find an Expert or Insider

This will come in very handy.

The US should already be home to family, friends, or other relatives of yours.

You will benefit from it.

Try hiring a job agent in the US if you don’t have any family or friends.

He might be your best chance to land a job there, so make sure he’s capable and respectful.

3. Boost Your Abilities

Because Nigerian professionals are well known for excelling in their fields outside of the country, you shouldn’t be any different.

Enhance your abilities and career; before long, even in the US, you’ll be in high demand.

4. Apply Online

Do not rely on a job agent or a relative; instead, search online for job listings and apply where appropriate.

Make sure your CV is ready to be uploaded and that you have a working email address.

Many people have lost job opportunities in the United States because of their inability to upload their CVs on time.

5. Prepare an international passport if they require your physical presence

If you are called to resume work or an interview, you will need to fly out of the country, and even if your visa is paid for, your travel dreams may be cut short if you do not have an international passport.

Therefore, you should have your international passport ready.

6. Create a strong social media presence

Many people are still unaware of the power of a social media handle, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Make your profile on these platforms appealing and project yourself as a career-oriented individual.

Understand that when you travel out of the country for work, do whatever it takes to improve your skills.

Enroll in additional studies over there and put what you’re learning into practice; it will benefit you greatly in the long run when promotion knocks on the door.

8 Legit USA Jobs for Nigerians

Over 20 million Nigerians are unemployed, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

This challenging economic outlook shows that the labor market is overcrowded, causing significant changes in how you conduct your job search.

Consider remote work as one such change. Though this field is not yet fully developed, you can find jobs that allow you to work from home.

Working from home with a computer or other device is very common these days.

There are many work-from-home jobs to choose from for anyone looking to make money from home.

These are the best USA work from home jobs that pay Nigerians daily:

1. Worldlingo

Worldlingo is a pioneer in the development and delivery of translation and localization services and technology.

WorldLingo continues to advance Internet translation with new technologies and features aimed at providing customers with a seamless experience.

WorldLingo, headquartered in Nevada, has a long history of innovation and now performs thousands of translations per day for businesses, governments, and organizations all over the world.

2. Dell

Dell is one of the world’s largest computer and gadget manufacturers.

They are well-known for providing remote jobs to people all over the world who want to work from home.

All you have to do is go to Dell careers and search for remote jobs in your country.

3. Clickworker

If you’re looking for a casual and flexible way to supplement your income, Clickworker might be worth a look.

This unbiased and comprehensive ClickWorker review explains what you can expect from the site and discusses how much you can expect to earn.

Work may comprise: proofreading, categorizing websites and other information, photographing a mystery (going into shops and photographing certain displays), online investigation, product description writing, taking surveys or taking part in academic studies.

4. Tuteria

Tuteria is an online platform that connects teachers with students in their community.

While there may be offline teachings, there are also online teachings that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

They refer students to you, you teach, and you get paid right away.

5. Lion Bridge

You may have come across Lionbridge while searching for work from home opportunities on the Internet.

It’s a long-standing company that offers work from home opportunities in a variety of countries.

6. Bamboo Investment

Bamboo is a digital platform that allows you to buy and sell stocks in the United States.

The platform provides unrestricted access to over 3,000 stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Essentially, you can access stocks on your phone or computer from the comfort of your own home.

The app was launched in 2019 to allow Nigerians to buy stock in publicly traded American companies.

7. Robinhood

If you have an American bank account, this is fantastic.

This platform allows you to invest in publicly traded companies in the United States.

The platform connects to your US bank account and uses funds from your account to purchase whatever stocks you want.

There are also analysts on the app who offer advice on when to buy, hold, and trade stocks.

This is useful because deciding what to invest in can be difficult.

8. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another well-known name in survey apps.

It primarily functions as a website and browser plug-in, but there is also an app available.

There are always plenty of surveys available, but you may fill out the first few questions only to be told you’re ineligible and won’t earn anything – this can be slightly frustrating, but you’ll get used to it.

You can also earn ‘Swagbucks’ through a variety of other activities.

It could be as simple as signing up for a newsletter or taking advantage of an offer, but more common methods include playing games or watching videos.

There is a $20 sign-up bonus if you earn enough points in your first few months on the site, and you can begin cashing out as soon as you reach $3.

You can also earn a percentage of what anyone you refer to makes.

Swagbucks have already paid out over $241 million, so why not take your share?

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