NYSC Senate List (Batch A 2024) ▷ Check Name Online Now!

Do you wish to get the latest news, updates, and guidelines on Batch A 2024 Stream 2 NYSC mobilization timetable, approved senate list uploaded on portal online, and institutions whose list is out to check your name?

Do you want to know how to check if you are eligible for NYSC?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

The National Youth Service Corps Senate List for Batch A PCMs has been released and published on the official portal.

The portal for verifying the approved senate mobilization list of various institutions in Nigeria is now open.

So, ensure to read to the end on how to check your name today. 

Moving further, it is very important to know more about NYSC, since you haven’t experienced it before.

Here we go!

Meaning of NYSC

NYSC means National Youth Service Corps.

This is a programme established for unity in Nigeria after the civil war.

The National Youth Service Corps is a mandatory programme for every citizen of Nigeria; either you studied either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

NYSC is 49 years old and was established on 22nd May, 1973 by General Yakubu Gowon.

Without the NYSC certificate, you cannot work in most companies in Nigeria.

NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

The official NYSC portal login dashboard is the right place you will go if you want to login directly into your dashboard to do anything relating to NYSC.

The NYSC portal login dashboard is a friendly and easy to navigate dashboard.

Each section is displayed in plain English and the arrangement made it very easy to do anything and everything you want to do.

Here are the things to do on NYSC portal login dashboard:

  • Check Payment Status
  • Check Senate List
  • NYSC Registration
  • Read Biometric Instructions
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions
  • See Accredited Institutions
  • Verify Your Certificate

NYSC Mobilization

NYSC mobilization is the first stage of the National Youth Service.

This is when the NYSC management will mobilize all qualified graduates from every accredited tertiary institution in the country.

NYSC officials release the mobilization timetable to show various dates and their schedule.

Content of Mobilization Timetable

NYSC mobilization timetable contains dates for these activities:

  • Pre-Mobilization Workshop.
  • Uploading of Senate Approved Results and Revalidation Lists.
  • Submission of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results.
  • Online Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates.
  • Pre-Camp Physical Verification of Credentials of Foreign-Trained Graduates.
  • Action by ICT Department.
  • Notification and Printing of Call-up Letters by PCMs.
  • Commencement of Orientation Course.

How many times does NYSC mobilize in a year?

Registration and mobilization of corps members are done in batches and, more recently, in streams.

Currently, NYSC mobilizes graduates twice a year in three batches: A, B and C subdivided into Stream 1 and 2.

NYSC Senate List

NYSC senate list is an official list of names and details of graduates who are eligible for service from every institution in the country.

This list will be prepared by your institution and sent to the NYSC board.

The senate list is uploaded online so that you can check your name.

Where to Check for NYSC Mobilization List

Here are two places you can check to confirm if you are mobilized or not:

  • Your school portal or visit the DSA to see your name.
  • NYSC portal.

How to Check Name on Senate List for NYSC Mobilization

These are the basic requirements to check your name on the senate list for NYSC mobilization online:

  • Institution Name
  • Matric Number
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth

Before you check your name on the NYSC senate approved list, kindly make sure you have:

  • Complete your final clearance with your institution.
  • Sign up for NYSC at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs in your school.
  • Confirm your name on the senate list before your institution sends it to NYSC.
  • Make sure your name is on the JAMB matriculation list.

If you are sure you have completed the above four outlined instructions, then kindly follow the details below to check or confirm your name on the NYSC portal.

How to Check Name on NYSC Senate List Online

Check Name on Approved NYSC Senate List

Here are the steps to check and verify your name on the NYSC senate list online:

  • Go to NYSC academic board list portal.
  • Select your institution.
  • Supply your matriculation number and surname in the required columns.
  • Select your date of birth.
  • Click the search button to access your mobilization status.

If your name is there, congratulations, as you are going with the next batch.

If your name is not there, that is not the end of the road.

My Name is not on NYSC Senate List

Have you been trying to check your name on the NYSC senate list portal to begin your registration soon and your details are not coming up?

You have tried all day to verify your name and all you are getting is no record found or some other annoying messages.

Do not panic or start looking for illegal ways to include your name.

Here are the reasons your name may not be on the NYSC senate list:

  • JAMB regularization.
  • You are above 30.
  • Poor network.
  • Your school is yet to upload the senate list.
  • Academic issues which revolve around your department, faculty, and division of student affairs.
  • Your school did not mobilize anyone from your set.

Do not panic or start worrying about yourself.

You just relax for some time and check again in case it’s a poor network.

Confirm if others from your department see their names on the list.

If others have verified their names and you are the only one or maybe 4 others that are yet to see their names.

Then you need to visit your school.

Visit your HOD and tender the complaint or go to DSA to inform them.

If you are not the only one from your department, or maybe everyone in your department did not see their names, you need to visit the HOD to know what’s going on.

If your institution already released their approved list and you can’t still verify your name, make sure you confirm if any of your set was mobilized.

If you have passed through all the above and yet your name is not on the NYSC mobilization list, then wait for the next batch.

Note that only you cannot wait for the next batch.

If you are the only one not mobilized in the whole of your school, don’t wait.

Rush to your school and fix it.

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  1. Good evening sir, if I do the register at Bach b streem ii, and in my result there’s averaviation and when I go to the camp they sai I most fine another result because they can accept averaviation. Now I have another result with completed name, and the remain , people that we ar together the do the passing out.wat I suppose to do now

  2. I have an issue with my date of graduation.
    The Cyber cafe I went to do my registration. Mistakenly put 2018 on my date of graduation… Instead of 2022. What should I do??

  3. I have tried several times to put my date of birth but it’s not clicking, I can’t check my name, the date of birth is not opening.

    1. I have tried several times to put my date of birth but it’s not clicking, I can’t put my year the date of birth is not opening, what should i do?

  4. Sir, i graduated in 2020 and may/30/2022 i closed 30yrs then our results was approved by senates in 2022/dec. Will i be eligible to go for service?.

      1. Hi sir, I graduated in 2019 and my name has been on Nysc graduate list of 2019 batch C with status “Not yet registered” please what should I do for my name to appear on the Senate list so I can register and go for service or does the Senate list Automatic include name of students that graduated years back whose names are on the graduate list of Nysc… Please enlighten me thanks.

    1. I guess it’s federal university of Agriculture Makurdi. Very poor management. Same thing is affecting me, we pray we make it to the NYSC. Bcos our results was approved after we clocked 30, so it will be by God grace that we can make it to the NYSC

  5. I have problem with my date of graduation and I have changed it in school,up till now it hasn’t reflected,I don’t know why,I’m confused,

  6. Good day. Pls I graduated in 2019 (with all COs cleared) from the Federal Polytechnic Idah but I didn’t come for my result until this year September 2022. After collecting my result I proceeded to the admin of the school in charge of nysc and explained my self to them as regards service because I was below 30 as at 2019; so I asked if I was still eligible for service as at this year 2022 because now I am above 30. They told my that the year of my graduation (2019) is what is going to be used by nysc saying I was eligible “even in the next ten years” that I should simply go and do my nysc registration. Due to the fact that was tired and believed what they said, I travelled back to my home state Delta State from Kogi where the school is located to do the registration. It was then I was told by my brother that my name must be on NYSC graduation list. I have checked all the names of 2019 to 2020 even 2022 but I have not found my name. Pls what should I do because I am planning to travel back to the school by January to rectify the problem? I am stressed out.

    1. Maybe your name was not on the School’s Senate List or if it is there the school have not uploaded it to NYSC Portal SAOs.

  7. Which date of birth can be used to search for your name on senate list, JAMB or the the one you filled in your school, because I made a mistake on the date of birth when registering for JAMB

      1. Pls sir, I am a sandwich student in a school that is affiliated to ABSU…. that means my result will come from there.

        So, I wish to go for NYSC and I did regularization, it was approved. Then, I printed my admission letter out, waiting for my result, my result is out and is ESUT result.

        My school said they have nothing to do about it.

        I am confused and worry, I really want to go for NYSC. I am 27 yrs.

  8. My name was on the school senate list… They just released the senate list on nysc portal but I can’t find my name.

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