NYSC Portal LGA Clearance (2024) ▷ Do and Check Yours Now!

Do you want to know the NYSC portal LGA clearance dates to do yours monthly and at the end of your service?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

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NYSC Portal LGA Clearance 2024 Dates

For relocated corp members, await official date for documentation, until your state code changes, got PPA before you can thumbprint and do your monthly or final NYSC portal LGA clearance.

NYSC officials are aware of the situation, stop unnecessary panic.

Monthly clearance is very important for serving corps members, as it is a prerequisite to getting an allowance from the Federal Government.

The clearance is done at the Local Government Secretariat, where the Local Inspector (LI) has an office.

The purpose of the monthly clearance is to mark a register you are still serving and have not absconded.

The clearance is fixed for 10 days. It begins from the first day of the month until the 10th day of that month.

Excluding weekends and public holidays, the schedule will be uploaded on your dashboard.

There may be disruption of clearance schedule when LI goes to the NYSC orientation camp programme for the new batch.

If you cleared for a month and find out that your status is showing as “Absent”, it is advised to see your Local Government Inspector (LGI) as soon as possible.

NYSC Clearance Requirements

  • Be on your kits 6/7 or 7/7.
  • Clearance slip signed by your PPA.
  • Visit your LGI office for monthly clearance.

Some Local Government Inspector used to schedule different days for batches.

Get connected with your mates.

How to Check NYSC LGA Monthly Clearance?

Here are the steps to check your NYSC monthly clearance status online:

  • Go to the NYSC portal.
  • Login to your dashboard using your password and e-mail.
  • Click on “​LGA Clearance​.”
  • It would show you the list of months you take part in NYSC monthly clearance and your status, which can either be ‘Present’ or ‘Absent’.
  • Your LGA monthly clearance status should reflect on your dashboard as soon as you have done your NYSC biometric clearance. Although, it depends on the network in the area.

How to Do NYSC Final Clearance?

Here are the steps to do your NYSC final clearance:

  • You get your final clearance from your PPA. It must be a letter headed paper, it must be signed with stamp or sealed from your office, then you staple your ID card to the final clearance.
  • Take the paper to your area inspector or LGI to clear you.
  • Then your CDS officer (CDS coordinator) will sign and clear you for CDS, foundation form, and magazine payment.
  • Your CDS officer or coordinator will take your final clearance to Z.I (LGI) office for Z.I stamp, then she will give it back to you.
  • You use that your final clearance for the final bio-metrics. When you do your bio-metrics, the officer will sign and stamp your final clearance for the final bio-metrics.
  • So, you present that final clearance paper at the point of collecting the certificate.

Note: You must have five (5) to seven (7) stamps or seven (7) signatures on your final clearance paper.

What Happens When a Corper Misses Biometrics/Clearance?

If you’re not present for your biometric or monthly clearance, you will not get your NYSC allowance for that month.

With the aid of technology, the officials will know that you are absent from the clearance and because you are absent, you won’t get anything for that month.

If you miss NYSC monthly clearance thrice, your service year is going to be extended because it shows that you were not present throughout the month(s) and at your place of primary assignment.

So, endeavor not to miss your NYSC biometric or monthly clearance for anything and, if you will really have to miss it, make sure that you have a sound reason and you can present evidence while you actually missed it.

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What is Payment Voucher (PV)?

Payment Voucher is the form you will fill and sign every month to qualify you for your monthly “Allowee”.

You will do clearance every first week of the month depending on your local government.

Without it; no payment and corper go suffer.

You will also sign your first PV on camp.

Who is the Local Government Inspector (LGI)?

Local Government Inspector is your boss in your local government during your service year.

You need to be good to him or her.

In case you want to change your PPA after documentation, you really need his or her backing.

Respect him and obey him.

Who is the Zonal Inspector?

Zonal Inspector is the NYSC official in charge of all the corpers in a particular zone.

Both the corpers and the LGI answers to him/her; so, be respectful.

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  1. please is it possible after documentation and your Ppa change to a different one is there any effect attached to it ? i.e I use an outside plug for the change of ppa

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    Showing absent please can I still do my clearances on 13th of the month ?

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  4. I applied for relocation, it’s showing ‘your application is being processed’. I did not report to my PPA of my deployed state bra use of this I was no cleared for the month. Should I still wait for my redeployment to be approved?

  5. My dashboard still reflects absent. I went to do my biometrics again, and it says I have been cleared. But it still reflects absent. More than 5days now, What can be done?

  6. Hi. I relocated and I’ve been documented and I’ve gotten my PPA. Will CDs affect my monthly clearance because I’ve not attended any. They gave us 2 weeks leave

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  10. Hello, the information was helpful,
    But pls where I want to get it all clear is that we will be passing out and doing our final clearance at the last month of our service year

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