Hospital/Medical Laboratory SIWES PDF Logbook

Hospital is an institution that is built, staffed, and equipped for the diagnosis of disease; for the treatment, both medical and surgical, of the sick and the injured; and for their housing during this process.

The modern hospital also often serves as a centre for investigation and for teaching.

A clinical laboratory or medical laboratory is a place where tests are performed on clinical specimens (also known as a patient sample), such as blood or urine, and the results are analyzed.

These tests are performed in order to gather certain health information as it relates to a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

The clinical laboratory staff may include pathologists, clinical biochemist, pathologist’s assistant, medical laboratory scientist, medical laboratory assistant, and phlebotomist.

Laboratory testing can be extremely important in determining what is wrong (or not wrong) with an individual patient.


Hospital (Medical Laboratory) Logbook

The “Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook” is a premium 35-page six months logbook packaged for students undergoing their industrial training in various Hospital Laboratory Departments or Medical Laboratories (Diagnostic Centres) in Nigeria.

They stand to get exposed to over 20 laboratory tests.

This logbook includes complete daily activities, tests, comments by students, and monthly diagrams.

This logbook is responsive on all devices.

In order to allow you to get it cheaper and faster regardless of where you stay in Nigeria, it has been made available as a digital product in PDF format.

This means immediately you make payment, you will be granted instant access to download this logbook, which can be accessed through any phone, iPad or computer and a copy will also be sent to your email.

You can also download and print it out from your email if you like.

But not only that…

When you successfully order for your copy of “Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook” today, you will get some amazing bonuses delivered to you.

Bonus 1: Hospital/Medical Laboratory Industrial Training Report

Hospital Medical Laboratory I.T/SIWES Report Sample

This is A-Grade report sample in Microsoft Word format for six months industrial training undergo in a hospital laboratory department/medical laboratory (i.e. diagnostic centre) in Nigeria, which you can easily be able to edit, print out and use as yours.

Originally, this Hospital/Medical Laboratory Report Sample is sold for 6,000.

But if you act fast and get your copy of “Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook” today, you will get this report for FREE with no extra charge.

Bonus 2: The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria

SIWES Key Secrets

These are what you’ll learn from this SPECIAL eBook:

How to correctly fill in your logbook and forms even if you started your training late or fell sick.

Rules to abide by before, during and after filling in your logbook.

Rules to abide by before, during and after your report writing.

Rules to abide by before, during and after your oral defense/presentation.

Format for your defense/presentation.

How to answer questions correctly during your defense/presentation.

Mistakes to avoid before and during your defense/presentation.

On a normal day, “The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria” eBook is sold for 2,000.

But, if you act fast today, you will get this special eBook for FREE paying no extra charge.

These Are What You’ll Get When You Order For “Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook” Today 

Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook: Where you will have exclusive access to over 20 laboratory tests performed for 6 months (24 weeks) on patients.

 Value = 12,000

Hospital/Medical Laboratory Industrial Training Report: Quality report on various laboratory tests and activities.

 Value = 6,000

The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria: Where you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes during your logbook filling, report writing and defense/presentation in order to get good grade and performances.

 Value = 2,000

Total Value = 20,000 

That means if you calculate all the prices above, you should be getting this package for 20,000.

Here’s The Price You’ll Be Getting Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook

Today, you will get access to the Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook.

Considering the massive value you’ll be getting from this Logbook, if you pay 12,000 for it, it’s still a fair deal, right?

I guess 12,000 isn’t too much, right?

However, you’ll not be paying up to that amount to get this logbook.

I mean, not even 10,000, not 9,000 either.

So, if you’re undergoing your training in a medical lab in Nigeria and really want to get good grade and performances while avoiding costly mistakes…

Own this logbook today by making an investment of just 8,600 only.


The best part is that once you get this package now, everything is yours forever.

You can always go back whenever you need help when filling in your logbook, report writing, and defense/presentation.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss for any reason if you’re undergoing your industrial training in a medical laboratory or hospital.

Your copy will be successfully delivered to you when you make payment today, so you can access through your mobile phone, iPad or computer.

Also, all copies will be sent to your email so that you can keep accessing even if you lose your phone.

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What type of device can I use to access this package?

You can access this package with any smartphone (Android, Windows or iOS).

You can also access it with any computer.

It does not matter your phone type… as long as the phone can do Facebook and WhatsApp, it will access this package. Simple!

Is there any application needed to open this package on my device?

Almost all devices (Android, Windows or iOS) can open Microsoft Word Documents and PDF automatically (inbuilt function).

But in case your own phone or tablet doesn’t or can’t open these files automatically, I’ll recommend you to download and install the WPS Office from Google Play Store which you’ll then use in opening these files.

Should I edit the report with my phone or a laptop?

I’ll advise you not to use a phone in editing the report, because some phones hang, the report could get scattered or texts could mistakenly get deleted.

Instead, make use of a laptop or desktop in editing and formatting the report.

If you don’t have a system, you can get one from your friends to use or visit the nearest cybercafé around you.

Can I pay despite the weekend or public holiday?

Yes! You can always pay online using your ATM card and via bank transfer.

We are always available even during public holidays, including every Saturday and Sunday.

If I order now for this package, how do I get it?

When you pay through online via card or bank transfer, you’ll get the link to access and download your copy immediately.

Also, copies will be sent to your email so that you can keep having access even if you lose your device.

How am I sure I’ll get my package after payment?

I know some people are not used to buying things online.

Some people believe everything online is a scam.

But for this package, I can guarantee you 100% that you have nothing to worry about.

Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you.

And you’ll get a copy delivered to your email address so that you can keep accessing it even if you lose your phone.

Will I be able to contact you after purchasing my copy?

The simple answer is YES!

You can always reach me at

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