Yahoo Celebrity Billing Format Copy and Paste (Cash Out $3k)

Some people are seeking how to download trust format for celebrity work pdf: wrestler, actor, actress, model, pastor, Instagram musician yahoo celebrity billing format copy and paste for dating client, gift card, meet and greet.

The goal of this post isn’t to promote fraud, but to create awareness to avoid one falling victim to scam in and outside the country.

So, if someone wants to use the celebrity billing format on you, immediately you should end the conversation and disappear!

Celebrity Format

You may already know of the existence of fake celebrity profiles.

However, after conducting a thorough examination and investigation, I am here to introduce you to the celebrity billing format, aiming to assist internet users in safeguarding themselves.

In this format, you will learn how scammers skillfully establish counterfeit Facebook and Instagram profiles, successfully mimicking the appearance of the celebrity they are impersonating.

To successfully execute the celebrity billing format, having an active and legitimate social media account is essential.

Without such an account, it would be challenging for scammers to convince others convincingly that they are the genuine individuals behind the profile.

They employ various tactics to make the social media account appear as realistic as possible.

For instance, they handpick a username that closely resembles that of a genuine celebrity.

Only upon close examination does one realize it is a cloned and fraudulent account.

Celebrity Billing Format

Here are the celebrity billing formats for the client:

1. Pastoral Deliverance Billing Format

  • A scammer creates a legit looking pastor profile on social media.
  • Fills it up with inspirational posts, bible verses, and prayers.
  • Start messaging mostly female clients online who believe in prayers and prophecy, and also inexperienced youths who wants to make money and expect manners from heaven.
  • Post strategically on various religious groups to avoid being blocked by people that will report the account.

Here is an example of a pastoral billing format you should be cautious of:

Greetings, my fellow believer, I have been guided to reach out to you, particularly because of my active presence on this platform and my consistent prayers for followers and individuals I encounter here.

Lately, you have faced some challenging circumstances, and I am here to inform you that a significant change is on the horizon.

Regarding your financial situation, it may have been difficult recently, but I am here today to share the news that extraordinary events are about to unfold.

These blessings have been preordained and orchestrated by the divine, so prepare yourself to receive them with anticipation.

Please remember that I am merely a messenger, and I have fulfilled my duty by delivering this message.

I live by donations of people.

So, if you are touched and would love to donate to my ministry, I would appreciate it.

God bless you.

Here is my PayPal address {then insert their PayPal address).

2. Entrepreneur Billing Format

  • Here, a fraudster poses as an entrepreneur looking to help people achieve what they want.
  • The client (or potential victim) will apply to get a grant from the scammer by paying an application fee in cash or cryptocurrency.
  • Victim use their details as a confirmation form to make sure that they are eligible.

In the scenario where a scammer assumes the identity of someone like Elon Musk and presents a message stating, “Tesla is hosting a giveaway for 3 brand new Tesla Electric cars. Increase your chances of winning by providing your information here.

Caution is crucial.

Their true intention is to get your personal details under the guise of claiming your prize.

With this information, they can manipulate it to their advantage, potentially gaining unauthorized access to your bank account.

To protect yourself, it is imperative to not share your banking details and login credentials with individuals whom you are unfamiliar with.

3. Musician Celebrity Billing Format

When a musician is loved in a locale, he/she can be impersonated.

Here, the focus is on selling tickets to followers for shows that will never be held.

For instance, fans can be asked to buy $100 ticket for a show/concert.

Imagine if 50 fans (clients) pay $100 each.

Also, fans can be persuaded to donate to a fake charity organization for the less privileged people in the musician care.

Payments can be collected through Zelle, Cash App, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and other digital currencies, depending on the countries targeted.

Here is an example of a musician celebrity billing format you should be cautious of:

Greetings, I am Thomas Lambert, the manager of Chris Brown.

Our esteemed artist will visit your city to host an exclusive show, and we are currently offering discounted tickets priced at $50 instead of the regular $450.

If you are interested, kindly respond to this message, and I will guide you through purchasing.

To make their scheme appear more legitimate, the scammer can leverage accurate information about an actual show featuring the real Chris Brown.

For instance, if Chris Brown is scheduled to perform in New York next week, the scammer may claim to have a coinciding event in New York.

This tactic aims to deceive potential victims who search for information online, as the details presented will align with the genuine event.

4. Actor/Actress Celebrity Billing Format

Criminals have been employing various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter, to carry out their deceptive schemes.

They hijack the accounts of well-known actors and actresses who have a substantial following and exploit their popularity to propagate fraudulent giveaways.

Their strategy involves requesting individuals to send digital currency, particularly to a Bitcoin address, with the promise of doubling the amount as part of the supposed giveaway.

Once victims have sent their cryptocurrency, they will receive none of it back.

5. Native Doctor Format

  • In this type of celebrity format, the scammer acts and pretends to be an herbalist, or a witch doctor who gives people riches, power, the fruit of the womb, and good luck charms.
  • The fake witch doctor creates a profile on various social media platforms to look legit, with pictures containing shrines, money, red candles, sacrifices, etc.
  • The scammer looks for clients and collects money for sacrifice from them.

6. Fixed Match Game

Here is an example of a fixed match format you should be cautious of:

Hey there! Guess what? I came across a fantastic betting opportunity, and I genuinely believe we stand a grand chance of winning big!

So, I had this idea: why not team up and maximize our potential for success?

I’ve had some previous wins with this source, and I think it’s worth giving it a closer look.

Would you be interested in contributing a bit to the bet and joining forces to see if we can strike it rich?

Just imagine all the amazing things we could do with the winnings!

Honestly, it’s all in good fun, and who knows, we might just get lucky.

Get back to me with your thoughts, and let’s explore the possibility of winning this thing together!


Instances have arisen where social media users have become victims of scams involving fake celebrities soliciting money through gift cards for services like iTunes.

To safeguard against such fraudulent activities, celebrities and officials have urged fans to exercise caution and not interact with these individuals or sending them money.

These scammers employ various tactics, requesting funds for a range of reasons, such as claiming a prize, soliciting donations for a charitable cause, or helping of some sort.

While some celebrities do indeed raise money for genuine causes, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of both the cause and the person soliciting support.

To protect yourself, exercise due diligence before engaging with any requests for financial contributions.

Take the time to verify the legitimacy of the cause and the individual associated with it.

By doing so, you can ensure that your support goes to valid endeavors and avoid falling victim to deceptive schemes.

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