Phone Billing Format for Yahoo Client PDF (Cash Out $1k)

Some people are seeking for all iPhone and android mobile phone billing format for yahoo client asking for video call – sickness, internet connection, and birthday pdf download.

The goal of this post isn’t to promote fraud, but to create awareness to avoid one falling victim to scam in and outside the country.

So, if someone wants to use the phone billing format on you, end the conversation and disappear!

Phone Billing Format for Client

The phone billing format for clients can be used by a swindler to get a new phone from their potential victims.

The con man will also delay chats, send a photo(s) of a damaged phone, and will not pressurize the client.

  • Swindler finds a client on social media and dating sites and start conversation.
  • Get emotionally attached to the client, which can take at least 2-4 weeks.
  • Delay chat responses with the client to make it seem like they are too busy and legit.
  • The client may be worried about why the chats is delayed and sudden disappearance from ongoing conversations with them.
  • Client may need pictures or videos or even a video call.
  • Scammer tells the client he would do these but needs a phone to do so as is got damaged.
  • Tell the client if they mind sending a photo or two of the damaged phone.
  • Pictures of the damaged phone (iPhone or a top Android brand like Samsung, Xiaomi, or Google Pixel) that have a malfunctioning screen are gotten from any phone technician’s store.
  • A scammer does not need internet photos of damaged phones so that the client cannot trace them.
  • Scammer took photos of the badly damaged phone and claimed it’s the current condition of their device.
  • Tells the client the phone he wants and is saving for.
  • For example, my dream phone costs about $1,000, but I have just saved $100.
  • The client can offer to cover it all and send a phone soon.
  • Scammer does not pressure for a new phone as it is a signal for fraud.
  • To bill the phone from a client – the client buys the phone, or the scammer buys it themselves with access to their money or retail service account, such as Amazon, AliExpress.
  • Tells the client (or potential victim) to ship the phone to a destination.
  • If the scammer does not want this client to know where he lives, someone living in the client location like the UK, or the US, is contacted to collect the phone and reship to your country.
  • The scammer search for the reshipper that supports the country of their client and can ship to their own location online and sign up with them.
  • If a scammer needs to give the billing address of their city, they typically find out from the post office.
  • If another person, such as a picker, is receiving the phone, they ask them to confirm the postal code of their nearest mail office.
  • The postal information, including the city name and postal code, is given to the client for the phone shipping.
  • Finally, con man collects the phone he just scammed or received from a client.


Once the phone is received, the client expects the scammer to share their pictures or videos or engage in a video call with them.

Failure to fulfill these expectations is considered a dishonest act and indicative of a scam.

It is at the discretion of the con artist to determine if they intend to carry out the scam.

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