All Billing Format for Dating Yahoo Client to Pay $7k Weekly (Exposed)

Some people are seeking for a birthday, child, gas, food, vacation, internet, sickness billing format for dating Yahoo client, and how to bill a client for the first-time pdf download.

The goal of this post isn’t to promote fraud, but to create awareness to avoid one falling victim to scam in and outside the country.

So, if someone wants to use this billing format for dating on you, immediately end the conversation and disappear!

Billing Format for Dating Client

Here is the list of billing format for client used by scammers online:

1. Birthday Billing Format

When you study women, you’ll find that once they become at ease with you and recognize your generous nature, they subtly hint that their birthday is approaching.

Scammers also apply this tactic to clients they meet online and would want to get money from.

The constant but subtle reminder is enormous and affects the clients (victims) psychologically, making them convince themselves to do something for the con man on their special day.

But scammers won’t just be using girl’s strategy; they will refine it a bit to make it more effective.

When the client asks for the con man’s birthday, this is usually a good sign that they want to mark it as a special day for him.

So, he closely reminds the client once the birthday date is getting closer.

  • The scammer’s birthday is usually three weeks from when the client falls in love with him.
  • He ensures the client is deeply attached to him.
  • The birthday billing format is used before any other format.
  • He requests gift cards as a gift with billing between $500–$1000.

Here is the text message sample used when a scammer bills the client for birthday money:

Maria, I just wanted to let you know my birthday is coming up on the 13th of November.

I will celebrate it because it’s been a tough year for me, and I am so excited to mark my birthday this year.

You know getting gifts from you won’t be a bad idea. Haha…

Anything that comes with love from your heart, I will be so excited to receive.

Much love, darling. 

2. Child Billing Format

The child sickness billing format is used by fraudsters pretending to be single dads or mums to get thousands of dollars from donors.

Here, money is requested for a sick child (fake or real) from people (public) the con man doesn’t know and has a close relationship with.

  • The scammer makes a budget to get help from the community and decides on the platform to bomb.
  • He sends multiple emails to many clients at once or enter the DMs of clients individually.
  • Using Photoshop, supporting documents like the image of the sick child, hospital invoice, test results show the actual situation.
  • The scammer creates an emotional message to make someone willing to help immediately.
  • Using social media as a tool, personal messages are sent to rich profile individuals asking for help.
  • DMs are sent to the client on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Give reports on how your child is doing and thank people for their help.
  • Also, a campaign is open on GoFundMe and the link is shared to establish a little of authority and genuineness to the message.

3. Internet Billing Format for Client

This format is something that replaces the popular gift card billing format, but legally.

This time, nothing fishy is being done.

The con man is only begging for help with internet data subscription, to complete a job.

When clients love how the con man chats, communicates, and makes them feel, they will always be around.

When he disappears for a while, they miss his presence.

That way, they will do anything to want him online to complete a job or keep them happy.

This way, the con man can bill them for the internet money (data subscription) if they’re going to see him back online.

4. Sickness Billing Format for Client

Here are each step a scammer follows when doing the sickness billing format for the client:

  • First, the con man picks any of the dating platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Create an FB account and fake Instagram account for work.
  • Makes the fake profile look real.
  • Find a rich client (older adults) and build trust for like a month or 2 months.
  • Get the client to like him.
  • He doesn’t reply to every message instantly.
  • Pretends to be a citizen of a wonderful country like Australia, Singapore, Canada, the UK, or America.
  • Ensures the client is not from the same country – to avoid the visitation problems.
  • Tell them you will travel for an assignment outside of your country.
  • After like one month of chatting with the client, he says that he is traveling to either South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, or another country for a tourist sight-seeing.
  • Provides fake visa, travel documents and passport.
  • Photoshop image to be having fun with elephants, Tigers, Lions, etc.
  • Go offline for like 2 days and come back with an emotional message asking for help.
  • The scammer will say that they caught a deadly disease from the people staying in the country and have been hospitalized.
  • Then the con will a fake medical bill, requirements for discharge to the client if requested.
  • Promise to refund client the money once able to get access to bank account.

5. Food Billing Format for Client

It’s a decent gesture to give people money online, especially when they need it for food, but it could be a deceit.

In this format, the con man simply tells a client that he is hungry because of something that has happened and needs help immediately.

  • The scammer picks any of the dating sites, including Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • He creates a fake social media account for work.
  • Makes the fake profile look real.
  • Find a rich client (older adults) and build trust for like 2 months.
  • He gets the client to like him.
  • He doesn’t reply to every message instantly.
  • Go offline for like 7 days.
  • When the client texts continuously asking what happened for the disappearance, he replies that someone used identity theft and ripped him off over $25,000 in his bank account.
  • He informs the client that he hadn’t eaten for days because of a lack of financial support and would need to get a loan that will be paid back.
  • He begs the client for some help to eat and buy foodstuffs.
  • The client will then request his preferred means of payment and send the money.

6. Gas Billing Format for Client

Here is the text message sample used when a scammer bills the client for cooking gas money:

Hey [Name], I hope you’re doing well.

I wanted to ask for your help with something important.

We’re currently facing a financial challenge regarding the cooking gas refill, and I was wondering if you could assist me with the funds.

Your support would mean a lot to me.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Let’s discuss it further when you have a moment.

Take care.

7. Vacation Billing Format

Here is the text message sample used when a scammer bills client money for vacation:

Hey [Name], hope you’re doing great!

I wanted to talk to you about something exciting.

Our dream vacation is within reach, but I’m short on funds.

Would you be open to helping me financially so we can make it happen?

Your support means everything to me.

Let’s chat about it soon. Thanks!

How to Bill a Client for the First Time

Here are the steps scammers used to bill a client for the first time:

  • The con man finds a rich client who loves spending via dating sites.
  • To successfully bill a client for the first time, a con man will have to buy their trust because people only send money to those they trust and feel at ease with.
  • He jokingly let the client know his birthday is in a few days, and that he’d be expecting a gift.
  • The client will ask you what he wants as a gift.
  • The scammer mentions something that can’t be bought elsewhere.
  • The client sends the cash (money) equivalent of the gift.

Gift requests can be:

  • “I want to register for a piano class in my locality.”
  • “I want to buy a new laptop to start another online business. “
  • “For the gift, I will appreciate if I can get a Camera Stand to enable shoot my YouTube videos professionally.”

For these reasons, the client will be excited to spend money because they believe they are investing in his personal development.

If you see these signs and messages, then know that you are being targeted by someone with the billing format to get money from you as a client.

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