Yahoo Dating Format to Make Client Fall in Love (Copy and Paste)

Lot of people are interested in the legit full yahoo text message and dating billing format for woman to man question and answer to make client fall in love pdf download with copy and paste app.

The goal of this post isn’t to promote fraud, but to create awareness to avoid one falling victim to scam in and outside the country.

We are going to be having a deep investigation into the popular dating billing format for yahoo and uncovering quite a lot.

So, if someone wants to use the yahoo dating billing format on you, immediately you should end the conversation and disappear!

Getting started…

Dating Format

The dating format message for woman to man to make Yahoo client trust and fall in love.

1. The Perfect Girlfriend Scam

In this dating format, a scammer pretends to be your intimate match and then ripping your funds.

  • You’re on a dating site, and you find a gorgeous lady who is really into you and wants to meet you.
  • She needs a little money for transport to come see you.
  • Can you help her out with her rent?
  • She doesn’t show up after you send money because she’s not a real person.
  • She’s a fraudster who’s been playing you – probably a male.

2. Military Dating Format

  • Scammer goes to Instagram and searches for pictures of a military man (mostly a black American) they can impersonate.
  • Registers with a fake profile on dating sites like Tinder, Bumble, and Badoo.
  • Changes their IP address using a VPN to stay anonymous.
  • Set location to be Iraq or Ukraine or any country where active military service is required.
  • Downloads a cloning app to help fake a video call.
  • Targets women around 45 – 60 years since they won’t have the time for lengthy interrogation and all.
  • Sends you a personal message introducing himself and his military profession – how he is helping to defend the country and the world at large.
  • Switch you over to Google Hangout because sites like Tinder will suspend an account that seems to be a scam.
  • The name on their Google hangout is always the same as the name on the dating app, so there’s no suspicion on your side.
  • After a couple of emails, the scammer will become so close and attached to you and gain your trust.
  • They’d tell you they are a widower and lost their wife in an accident (if you’re a female).
  • They could also tell you they registered on the dating site after their close relative advised them to find love once again.
  • Few weeks after, money will be requested from you. Their reason could be that their account was hacked and used for fraud while they were at work.
  • Next, the scammer will prepare some FAKE bank statements, which they send to you to make the complete fraud seem legit.
  • A scammer can ask for as much as $5,000 from you and the method of payment is mainly through these untraceable money applications.

A scammer understands that dating an older woman means fewer demands.

So, a scammer can tell you that their age is 55 years if yours is 47 years.

This is to make them seem older than you are so that you can easily trust them to marry you.

Also, note that a scammer will always try to be in charge of the conversation when enabling the dating format to work.

The thumb rule is that when you have given a scammer once, you’d give them again.

Once they’ve collected a smaller amount of money from their client the first time, they consider it reasonable to go for a larger sum, depending on the strategy they are using.

The secret to continuous billing is maintaining relationships and keeping their clients happy.

As long as you are happy and trust the scammer, they believe you will continue to give them money.

Yahoo Dating Format Copy and Paste

These are the love and trust dating format used on client.

  • I know this distance is only for a short period. My beat is beating wilder for you daily. I love and trust you more every day.
  • I love how transparent we are with each other. We have that vulnerable space where our bond is strengthened. We practically talk about everything and nothing at all.
  • I love seeing your dimples when you smile. They are God’s gift and a message that you deserve to smile a lot.
  • I love the way you grin whenever I crack one of my silly jokes. I love how you enjoy yourself, even under pressure.
  • I miss having you close to me. Know that despite your physical distance from me, you dwell in the deepest part of my heart.
  • Life can be funny, but you inspire me to forge ahead. The mere thought of you gives me a burst of energy to do better. You are my lucky charm.
  • Thank you for always reaching out, even though we’re not together. Your constant messages bridge the gap between us, and I’m eager to connect with you again.
  • Though you are many miles from me, my feelings for you grow stronger. Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder.
  • You are the symbol of all the great things that have happened in my life. You represent goodness, sweetness, and love. I love you.
  • You’re a big blessing in my life. Our bond has deepened since we got separated. I know we’ll reach a newer height of love once we reconnect again.

14 Best Dating Sites to Get Yahoo Client

  • Badoo
  • Bumble
  • Facebook
  • Google Hangouts
  • Hinge
  • InMessage
  • Instagram
  • Kik
  • Meetme
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish (
  • Textnow
  • Tinder
  • Zoosk

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Final Words

Scammers consider the yahoo format for dating as the best method for convincing and billing client since it appeals to intimate emotions.

In the long run, some clients who can no longer say “No” to certain requests are left victimized.

Now, you know the specific yahoo format that can likely be used on you.

You can then decide to play along with the dating billing format for yahoo, or report/block the con artist right away.

Stay safe.

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