14 Cheapest Business to Start from Home in Nigeria (Earn ₦50k)

There are many cheap business ideas to start in Nigeria and earn daily income.

This article will serve as a starting point for people looking for a full-time business concept to invest in, especially to those who want to have various streams of income.

Getting started…

Cheapest Business to Start in Nigeria

Here are the cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria and earn money daily:

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a lucrative and one of the cheapest online business to start in Nigeria.

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and as a requirement for his or her business, provides services for their clients or group of clients from a remote location instead of a specific physical office.

This form of business has undoubtedly become a very broad, regular spreading business which has provided a lot of people with work, both in and outside Nigeria.

The amazing thing about freelancing is that it is not only profitable, but if you know what you are doing and you are passionate about it, it is also very adaptable.

It gives an opportunity to decide what you wish to do, how you chose to do this, whom you need to work for, how long you wish to do the work.

To make things even more flexible, you can learn freelancing on the internet and at the same time, join a number of freelancing communities online.

Freelance communities can connect employers with freelancers.

You could also develop your own website which would allow people to hire you right from your website.

This in turn will help you create a thriving business and provide you with your daily income.

Freelancing job opportunities varies in various spheres, here are a few:

  • Software design
  • Digital marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics designs
  • Website design
  • Theme designs
  • Content marketing
  • Content writing
  • Editorial services

2. Fashion Design and Tailoring

This is one of the home-based startup businesses that comes as a skill acquisition.

Once you have gained expertise in this skill, then boom! You are prepared to cash out.

People often stitch new clothing.

Some tailors make use of web marketing techniques to facilitate their services and pull clients.

Anybody in Nigeria can start a business that generates a daily income like this.

3. Cake and Cupcake Bakery

In today’s world you can tell that there are a lot of events, ranging from birthdays to weddings, child dedications and anniversaries.

This gives the baking business a remarkable opportunity.

An amazing and potentially prosperous business idea for the recreation baker is to arrange, prepare, decorate, and sell cakes and cupcakes for such events.

Undoubtedly you can say that beginning a business in baking may be highly profitable.

By making your cakes in the comfort of your own home, you can get commenced on very little money.

All that is needed is to gain mastery of the art of cake making and design.

Forwarding cake samples to interested parties and event planners to guarantee they will collaborate with you when a need arises is a successful marketing approach.

You can also display your skills on your social media platforms to aid create awareness.

4. Blogging

One of the streams that clearly makes you your own boss is blogging.

You work in your own pace and convenience.

You can be successful in blogging, if you find what you are passionate about and do it.

You may start a lucrative blog in Nigeria with just a laptop or your phone and a high – speed internet connection.

In blogging, learn the best digital marketing techniques for search engines like Google.

Every blogger wants their article to appear on search engine result pages without having to continually advertise the material, thus the need to learn SEO writing.

Start a blog for free with Wix, WordPress, or Blogger, or if you have the money, set up your blog on a self-hosted server.

Then, publish quality content, direct targeted traffic to it, earn their trust, and then monetize your blog by affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, display advertisements, or by selling high-quality information products like eBooks.

5. Egg Supply and Distribution

Running this business is easy though risky.

It’s not a terrible idea to supply and distribute eggs; you could even run a poultry farm to make it simpler and more profitable.

Every day, people eat eggs, which contribute to a rich source of animal protein.

Eggs are also utilized in the production of goods including cosmetics, hair conditioners, face masks, and adhesives.

Beginning an egg supply and distribution business in Nigeria is a very profitable business vision.

6. Ice Block Production and Sale

Ice block manufacture is a profitable company idea that can be undertaken with very little start-up money.

You only need a cooling freezer, adequate power supply, and water (which will freeze into ice blocks once you get started).

Now you get how simple it is.

People may not have access to electricity in some areas of the city, and they will undoubtedly search for ways to preserve their perishable foods, or even cool their drinks and meats.

7. Real Estate Business

Robert Kiyosaki who is a real estate entrepreneur, said that ‘real estate industry is the path to pursue’.

Do you know why? Because if from your sleep as a real estate entrepreneur you can still earn your money.

Every entrepreneur long to retire and enjoy monetary freedom one day.

Building a variety of passive streams of earnings, such as ones from real estate, is the only way to do that.

8. Car Wash Business

In Nigeria, people who have cars may not have time to wash them.

Some of them oftentimes may not even have gatemen to assist them.

Therefore, starting a car wash business will be very lucrative.

A rent space, good source of water supply, and a washing machine equipment are the necessities for starting a car wash business.

9. Uberprenuer (Uber Driver)

Busy cities like Lagos and a few other regions of Nigeria, spur the idea of Uberpreneur.

It is among the successful business venture you can launch in Nigeria.

If you already own a car, then you have all you need to get going.

All you need to do to start earning money is to join Uber and begin receiving your own commission for each ride.

Some Uber drivers work full-time, while others just drive at their convenient time.

10. Ghost Writing

A ghost writer is a person who writes documents, articles, blog posts, speeches, web contents, email newsletters, without getting credit for the effort.

You are hired to write an article and the credit will be given to the individual you paid you.

One of the yet to be discovered enterprise you might engage in Nigeria is ghostwriting.

11. Photography

There are many opportunities this skill could bring and if you are an expert in what you are doing, then sure there is a guarantee that you will make it.

However, photography is no child’s play as many Nigerians have gotten into this field, and if you have your way around the trade, you are sure to make profit from it.

When starting this business, you may not want to expect it to go as fast as you think.

Decide to go slow with it and make your work look pleasing so as to bring clients.

Not having camera should not stop you, you can do mobile photography with your mobile phone, edit and send it to your clients while saving up to get a camera.

Owning a camera won’t be all, you will need a laptop to edit and so many other equipment.

It’s not an immediate blow out, you might not make it immediately, but persistence and consistency will fetch you cash.

Photographers offer services like Photoshop designs, photo-shoots, photo books and albums, photo frames, and events photography.

12. Sales of Mobile Phone Accessories

In Nigeria nowadays, selling mobile phone and its accessories is a highly recommended business.

The number of persons owning phone is predicted to reach more than 140 million in 2025, from statistics.

There is a good likelihood that a mobile phone owner may periodically need one or two phone accessories.

Phone accessories like batteries memory cards, earpieces, battery chargers, bags, screen protectors, Air Pods, and other accessories are frequently requested.

13. Website Design

Website design is one of the cheapest in terms of capital and yet lucrative business anyone can venture into in Nigeria.

To start, all you need at most is your phone or to even make it easier a laptop.

It is one of the freelancing businesses that does not require an office, a huge investment or an overhead cost, it can be done remotely.

In today’s world, a lot of people bring their businesses online and thus the need for website developers.

These are some of the services you can offer as a web designer:

  • Web Hosting
  • Graphics design
  • Web design
  • Website repair, maintenance and administration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

14. Virtual Assistance

Teaching is an interesting profession and if you are very good at it, you can tutor people online.

By simply uploading courses or tutorials on social media platforms online.

However, if you’re a teacher reading this at this very moment, then congratulations!

Other cheap businesses you can do are selling of palm oil, shoe making and distribution, oil perfume sales, production and distribution of custards, thrift wear sales, and sales of sachet water.


Adults and even young adults are thriving hard to make ends meet, and to earn various streams of income.

In Nigeria, a person’s capability to run a lucrative and successful business is mostly on the person.

Before the commencement of any business in Nigeria, take critical consideration into thoughts, such as location, the target audience and the market’s demand.

As a result, some market research must be conducted.

Find and do what you are passionate about and something that is in high demand, and that has a healthy profit margin.

Hopefully with few listed business concepts and investment ideas, you can get the motivation you need to get your own business in Nigeria.

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