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Federal Government Scholarship Board

The Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) is a Department of the Federal Ministry of Education headed by a director, as the Secretary of the Board.

The mandate of the board is:

  • Preparation of periodic primary plans for a balanced and efficient utilization of foreign and local scholarship, and fellowship awards to deserving Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Implementation of Federal Government policy and programmes of foreign and local scholarship awards to deserving Nigerian scholars.
  • Implementation of Federal Government commitments to Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) and Multi-Lateral (Commonwealth) Agreements on Scholarship and Fellowship awards to Nigeria.
  • Implementation of Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation and Development (PRESSID) and NYSC EX-Corps Scholarship.
  • Collection, collation, analysis, publishing and dissemination of data and other information about student matters, Scholarship and Fellowship awards in relation to Nigeria.
  • Supervision and monitoring the activities of Federal Government Scholars in Tertiary Institutions locally and abroad.
  • Advising and coordinating States Scholarship Policies and Programmes through Annual Coordinating Committee Meetings of Secretaries of Federal and State Scholarship Boards.

In fulfillment of Mr. President’s commitment to reform the Education sector, the Minister of Education invites applications from qualified education students in Nigerian Colleges of Education and Universities to take part in the Bursary Awards.

The Federal Scholarship Board ensures that deserving Nigerian scholars are awarded foreign and local scholarships.

The scholarship is for undergraduates in Nigeria and postgraduates abroad.

FSB is saddled with the responsibility of fulfilling commitments to the Multilateral Education Agreement and Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA).

The online registration portal for the FSBN scholarship will open from 5th February 2024 to 18th March 2024.

During the application, choose a Computer-Based Test Centre (CBT) very close to you.

The federal government scholarship, which is 100% free, is tenable in Nigeria and takes effect from the beginning of the academic session.

You will receive an email or text message from the scholarship board if you get shortlisted for the scholarship by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Applicants who get shortlisted get paid the sum of ₦250,000 per year till end of schooling.

Field of Study for the FSBN Scholarship

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • Environmental Sciences
  • ICT
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts/Social/Management Sciences
  • Medicine and Para-medicals
  • Science and Technology

Reasons to Apply for FSB Scholarship

  • Provision of funds to cover your tuition fees.
  • Scholarships are great for improving your résumé.
  • Winning a scholarship might provide you with professional mentorship and direction from recognized professors and seasoned industry leaders in your field.

Federal Government Scholarship Requirements

Here are the eligibility requirements for the Federal Government scholarship:

  • Applicants studying Education in Nigerian Colleges of Education and Universities.
  • Applicants must be full-time students.
  • Undergraduate scholarship applicants must have at least 4.0 Cumulative Grade Points Aggregate (CGPA) on a five (5) point scale or its equivalents or 5.0 on a 7-point scale.
  • NCE and HND applicants must have a CGPA of 3.5 and above on a scale of 4.0
  • All applicants (physically challenged inclusive) must be in their first year or above.
  • A beneficiary of any scholarship is not eligible.

Federal Government Scholarship Application

Here are the steps to apply for the Federal Government scholarship in Nigeria:

  • Visit the Federal Ministry of Education website.
  • Click on Federal Scholarship Board icon on the Home Page.
  • Read guidelines.
  • Complete the application form online.
  • Submit and print a copy.

Eligible candidates are advised to make only one entry, as multiple entries will disqualify the applicants.

For your application to be complete, you must attach photocopies of your admission letter and current school identity card.

Once your application has been submitted, you must wait patiently and hope that you’re shortlisted.

During the application, candidates are expected to choose the Computer-Based Test Centre very close to them.

FSB Contact

  • 08035937427, 09124516750

Federal Scholarship Shortlisted Candidates

Note that you can only apply for the bursary scholarship if you are studying education.

A corp member cannot apply for the scholarship to further his master’s degree.

You must have completed your NYSC program to be eligible for the scholarship.

If you meet the qualifications for the scholarship, apply today.

After your application, you’ll be shortlisted for the exam.

After the exam, another shortlisting will follow for those who passed the exam.

Finally, the verification process follows.

It is after the verification that the money will be paid to your account.

This lasts for as long as you are in school and you have a good CGPA.

To stay updated and get the latest news, keep visiting this website regularly.

I also recommend you bookmark or save this page and refresh it regularly in case of any change, and you will get updated as soon as that happens.

I wish you success in your application.

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