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Best Gift Cards in Germany (List and Types to Buy in Store)

In Germany, gift cards are the most trending way people give and receive gifts.

In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about them.

From the various types of gift cards to the regulations that protect consumers, we’ll cover it all.

So, whether you’re a seasoned gift card enthusiast or just curious about this gifting trend, keep reading to unravel the secrets behind these little treasures.

Types of Gift Cards in Germany

In Germany, gift cards are divided into two categories: closed-loop gift cards and open-loop gift cards.

Each type has its unique characteristics and usage, catering to different gifting preferences.

1. Closed-loop Gift Cards

Closed-loop gift cards are usually for a particular retailer or brand.

They can only be used for purchases within that specific store or a group of associated stores.

These gift cards are like a ticket to a shopping spree at a specific place.

You might have seen closed-loop gift cards from popular German retailers like clothing stores, electronics shops, or even local boutiques.

One best thing about closed-loop gift cards are that they provide a direct connection between the gift giver and the recipient’s favorite store.

They offer personalized touch and ensure that the recipient gets to enjoy something they truly desire.

2. Open-loop Gift Cards

Unlike the close-loop gift cards we talked about earlier, open-loop gift cards provide flexibility and freedom to the recipient.

They serve as prepaid debit or credit cards for the recipient and can be used in many stores.

These gift cards can also have the logo of a major payment network like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

With open-loop gift cards, the recipient can explore a wide range of options and choose to shop at different stores or even use the card for online purchases.

They offer the convenience of multiple choices and allow the recipient to tailor their shopping experience according to their preferences.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Germany

Here are the best places to purchase gift cards in Germany:

1. Retail Stores

Many physical retail stores in Germany offer a wide selection of gift cards.

You can find them in supermarkets, department stores, specialty shops, and even local boutiques.

Popular retailers like DM, Saturn, MediaMarkt, and Kaufhof often have gift card displays where you can choose from a range of options.

2. Online Retailers

There are some online retailers where one can purchase gift cards from the comfort of their own home.

Websites like,, and offer a vast selection of gift cards for different brands and retailers.

You can easily browse through the options, choose the desired value, and have the gift card delivered digitally or as a physical card.

3. Brand Websites

Many brands and retailers have their official websites where you can directly purchase gift cards.

Visiting the website of a specific brand or store allows you to explore their gift card offerings and potentially customize the card with personalized messages or designs.

Simply look for the “Gift Cards” or “Geschenkkarten” section on their website.

4. Gift Card Kiosks and Vending Machines

In some shopping centers or high-traffic areas, you may come across gift card kiosks or vending machines.

These self-service stations allow you to select and purchase gift cards from a range of available options.

They provide a quick and convenient way to buy gift cards on the go.

Best Gift Cards in Germany

Here are the most popular gift cards in Germany:

1. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is a widely popular online marketplace in Germany, offering a vast range of products.

It allows recipients to choose from a variety of items, including electronics, books, fashion, etc.

2. iTunes/App Store Gift Card

With the popularity of Apple products in Germany, iTunes/App Store gift cards are highly sought after.

Recipients can purchase apps, music, movies, books, and other digital content from the Apple ecosystem.

3. MediaMarkt/Saturn Gift Card

MediaMarkt and Saturn are leading electronics retailers in Germany.

Their gift cards are popular because they provide access to a wide range of electronic appliances, entertainment products, tech accessories, etc.

4. Zalando Gift Card

Zalando is a well-known online fashion retailer in Germany.

Their gift cards can be used to purchase clothing, shoes, and accessories from various brands.

Reasons for their Popularity

  • These gift cards offer a wide range of products, catering to diverse interests and preferences. Recipients can choose something they genuinely want or need.
  • Gift cards from platforms like Amazon and iTunes provide convenient options for recipients to explore and purchase items from the comfort of their homes.
  • Well-established brands like Amazon, Apple, MediaMarkt, Saturn, and Zalando have a strong presence in Germany. Their reputation and reliability contribute to the popularity of their gift cards.

What is the Difference Between a Gift Card and a Voucher?

Gift cards are typically associated with a specific retailer or brand and can be used to make purchases within that establishment.

Vouchers often represent a specific product or service and can be redeemed for that particular item or experience.

Do Gift Cards Have an Expiration Date in Germany?

In Germany, gift cards have an expiration date.

The expiring date of a gift carries from another depending on the terms and conditions set by the consumer.

It is important to check the details provided with the gift card or inquire with the retailer to determine the expiry date.

What is the Most Popular Gift Card in Germany?

The most popular gift card in Germany can vary depending on factors such as current trends and individual preferences.

However, some consistently popular options include the Amazon gift card, iTunes/App Store gift card, MediaMarkt/Saturn gift card, and Zalando gift card.

Which store can I get gift card in Germany?

In Germany, there are several options for purchasing gift cards.

Here are some popular stores where you can find gift cards:

  • MediaMarkt
  • Saturn
  • Rossmann
  • Amazon
  • DM
  • Edeka

Note that availability and the specific range of gift cards may vary depending on the store location.

Check with the specific store or visit their website to inquire about the availability of gift cards before visiting in person.

Which store can I get steam card in Germany?

In Germany, you can purchase Steam cards from various retailers.

Here are a few options where you can find Steam cards:

  • GameStop
  • MediaMarkt
  • Saturn
  • Amazon

It’s always a good idea to check the websites or contact the specific stores to confirm availability before making a trip.

German Regulations and Consumer Protection on Gift Cards

In Germany, they don’t joke when it comes to gift cards, that’s why there are particular regulations in place to protect consumers and ensure a fair and transparent gifting experience.

Let’s delve into the key aspects of these regulations and the measures taken to safeguard consumers’ interests.

1. Legal requirements for gift cards in Germany

Gift cards must provide clear information regarding their value, expiration date, and any applicable fees.

This ensures that recipients are aware of the card’s terms and can utilize it before it expires.

2. Expiry dates and restrictions on gift card terms

German regulations stipulate that gift cards must have a minimum validity period of one year.

This means that recipients have a reasonable amount of time to redeem their cards without the risk of losing their value.

Terms and conditions should not impose unreasonable restrictions on the card’s usage.

Consumer Protection Measures

Germany has implemented various measures to protect consumers when it comes to gift cards.

These measures include:

1. Rights and responsibilities of consumers

German consumer protection laws grant individuals the right to demand the full value of a gift card within the specified validity period.

It ensures that consumers receive the full benefit of their gift card purchase.

2. Protection against fraud and scams

To combat fraudulent practices, it is important to purchase gift cards from reputable sources.

Consumers should be cautious of counterfeit cards and scams where the value of the card may be compromised.

Buy gift cards from authorized retailers or directly from the brand’s official website.


Gift cards have become a popular gifting option in Germany due to their convenience, flexibility, and wide range of choices.

Some of the most popular gift cards in Germany include Amazon, iTunes/App Store, MediaMarkt/Saturn, and Zalando.

These gift cards are favored for their extensive product offerings, brand recognition, and the convenience they provide for online shopping and digital content.

To choose the right gift card for different occasions, consider the recipient’s interests, personalize the card if possible, and determine their preference for flexibility or specific items/experiences.

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