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Nigerian Food Timetable (Meal Plan) for Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa FamilyHaving and learning how to make a Nigerian food timetable will help you in knowing the exact time and food to eat.

Perhaps you are a busy working mum, dad, student, married, single or you just need some inspiration in getting yourself, children and family to eat right.

This post includes the list of healthy foods in Nigeria, meal plans, breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas for you to tweak and use for a week, 6 to 12 months at home, for your child or one year old baby, Ramadan, pregnancy or as a university student, diabetic patient, vegan, or even looking to gain or lose weight.

Getting started…

What is a Nigerian Food Timetable?

A Nigerian food timetable or meal plan is just a table or a chart that outlines a set of food to be eaten by a Nigerian or served in a Nigerian home at specific periods of time in a day.

There are several ways you can plan your meals to make sure you’re getting the right foods, in the right amounts, every day.

Benefits of having a Food Timetable

  • By having a perfect food timetable (meal plan) or food ideas, you won’t have to always crack your brain before you can think of what to cook.
  • Meal planning will help you understand your nutritional need or that of your home.
  • Meal planning is helpful in controlling some health conditions, such as diabetes.
  • Planning your customized Nigerian food timetable will also help you know the meals to avoid or to take.
  • It will also give you new ideas on how to recreate your meals in new ways.
  • It also helps you to plan and have extra time to do any other thing.
  • Your food timetable will help you stop the stress of going to the market unnecessarily.

Benefits of Eating a Well-Balanced Diet

  • A well-balanced diet gives you a healthy skin.
  • A healthy diet gives you strong teeth and bones.
  • Healthy diets consumption can help to build up your body frame or shed some weight.
  • A healthy diet raises your immune system and protects your body against diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and skeletal conditions.

Nigerian Food Timetable Periods

Normally, an average Nigerian eats three times a day.

So, the Nigerian food timetable is broken down into three periods aside from snacks.

1. Breakfast

This gets us prepared for the day’s work and must not be too light or too heavy.

2. Lunch

This is activity time in our various workplaces.

So, to keep up with the calorie requirement, go for foods such as Eba and soup, Amala and soup, rice, yam, corn and beans.

3. Dinner

Dinner time is usually between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM in Nigeria homes.

And it’s advisable to have dinner (light meals) at least 3 hours before the bedtime.

Doing so helps to prevent acid reflux and stomach upset while sleeping.

It also ensures food digestion long before bedtime and helps with weight loss.

Things to Consider Before Making a Food Timetable for Yourself or Family

There are important factors to note when you intend to make a food timetable for yourself or family.

Balanced Diet

The meal must feature a small portion of each class of food.


The choice of foods on your food timetable must be within your food budget.

Food Allergies

Find out if one or more family member is allergic to a certain food and slot in a replacement.

Period of the Day

Energy-rich meals are the shot for breakfast, heavy meals are okay for the afternoon while light meals are for dinner.

Health Goal and Status

If your health goal involves keeping up with your weight or even shedding some excess weight, then your choice of meals must align with this goal.

Also note the food combinations compatible with certain medications and suitable for an ulcer or diabetes patient etc., if you’re one.

Nigerian Family Food Timetable

Nigerian Family Food Timetable

School Children’s Food Timetable

Many Nigerian parents often wonder what to feed their young children during the school term.

Creating a food timetable and meal plan for your children allows you to pay attention to their diet.

You should remember that a child’s diet can affect their growth and development.

Each child’s energy needs are different.

This can vary according to age, growth periods and how active or inactive your child is.

Nigerian School Children Meal Plan 1Nigerian School Children Meal Plan 2Nigerian School Children Meal Plan 3

Nigerian School Lunchbox Tips

  • Give your children something light in the mornings, like bread with tea, biscuits, or a small piece of cake.
  • Introduce fruits to your children and encourage them to appreciate healthy eating.
  • Most kids dislike repeating meals, so, if you want your child to eat their school food very well, avoid serving that as breakfast, that way the food in the lunch box is first seen/tasted during the break as a surprise and they’ll enjoy eating.
  • Your child’s food timetable should include fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, lean meat and whole grain cereals.

Food Timetable for a Nigerian Student

The campus life is so unpredictable and stressful!

Sometimes, students resort to just soaking garri with groundnut as a daily meal.

As a typical Nigerian student, here are food timetable templates to model after.

Try preparing your meals during your free periods of the day and slot in some fruit snacks to balance things up.

Nigerian Students Food Timetable (Week 1)Nigerian Students Food Timetable (Week 2)

Nigerian Ramadan Food Menu

This Ramadan menu is a guideline you can use when you are stuck with what to eat or what to prepare for Suhoor and after Maghrib prayer.

Ramadan Food Menu

Vegans Food Timetable

Being a vegan in Nigeria isn’t totally a bad idea, although it may be difficult because of the foods in our country.

So, check out these vegan food timetables to help you make the right choices when you eat.

Start with the basics, such as staying away from foods with high carbohydrates in them.

Ensure to avoid chips, fries, soda, juice, fast foods, white bread, cakes, doughnuts, cookies, and candy.

Vegans Meal Diet Plan


  • Drink plenty of alkaline spring water (i.e., swan).
  • Take fresh fruit or nuts as a snack option in between meals.
  • Add a fitness regime as a health bonus.

Nigerian Food Timetable for Diabetic Patients

While this Nigerian food timetable for diabetic patient can help you fight diabetes in your body, it doesn’t replace the need to see a qualified medical doctor for more advice.

Nigerian Meal Plan For Diabetes


  • Before breakfast on MONDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a pear.
  • Before breakfast on TUESDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with water melon.
  • Before breakfast on WEDNESDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a grape.
  • Before breakfast on THURSDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a lemon juice.
  • Before breakfast on FRIDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a cucumber.
  • Before breakfast on SATURDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a salad (lettuce, tomatoes and boiled or smoked fish).
  • Before breakfast on SUNDAY, drink two glasses of warm water with a garden egg.

Nigerian Food Timetable for Pregnant Women

During your pregnancy period, your appetite increases because at this point you’re eating for two, which means a certain level of caution.

You can use and model this our food timetable during your pregnancy phase.

Nigerian Food Timetable For Pregnant Woman

Nigerian Food Timetable for Weight Management

All food timetables for gaining weight or fast weight loss and flat tummy (stomach) in Nigeria come down to one crucial factor, which is CALORIES.

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Healthy Eating Habits for Nigerians

These tips and practices will help you in preparing your Nigerian meals or a food timetable.

  • A pressure cooker will save you plenty of time.
  • Always drink a lot of water as it helps to flush the system, and it’s also a good weight loss and flat tummy therapy.
  • Avoid late night meals.
  • Drink green tea and stay away from any type of fruit juice unless you want to add weight.
  • Eat a lot of fruits like apples, avocados, mangoes, etc. Be creative with the fruits you serve during meals.
  • Eat lots of vegetables, add it to your meal.
  • Ensure you ask every family member of their favourite meal so that every family member will have their favourite meal on the timetable.
  • If you want to lose weight or get rid of stubborn fats in your belly, knowing the number of calories you’re about to devour is helpful.
  • If you want to lose weight, stay away from chicken, or meat, but if the reverse is the case, then devour.
  • If you work from 8 AM – 5 PM Mondays through Fridays, prepare and freeze sauces, soups and stews over the weekend.
  • Most Nigerian meals are mostly carbohydrates, eat small portions at every meal.
  • Never eat your meal with alcoholic beverages!
  • Never force yourself to continue eating when you’re full.
  • Onions, garlic and ginger are great for weight loss. Cook with lots of them if your aim is to lose weight.
  • Stay away from junk food.
  • Try not to skip your meals, it slows down body metabolism and will make you starving.
  • Try to cook your own healthy meal. You can take the food to work. That way you will eat healthy, else you will be tempted to run into any fast food to grab some junk food.


I have put together this list of healthy foods in Nigeria, nutritious and affordable meals plans to save you some stress, help you and your family stay strong and healthy.

This food (meal) timetables should not replace your medication.

It also does not replace medical advice, as you should always visit your doctor for routine medical checkups when necessary.

As much as possible, be creative with your meals using these timetables as a guide.

Eat healthy and stay healthy.

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