Start Oil Perfume Business in Nigeria and Earn ₦1m Monthly

Do you want to start an oil perfume business in Nigeria from home and online to earn money, equipment needed, and basic requirements?

If YES, then this is the only post to read.

The oil perfume business in Nigeria is booming at the moment, with many people already diving into it.

Many people are going into this business because of the vast and increasing demand for the products by Nigerians.

We know you have questions like, are oil perfumes better than other perfumes like alcohol-based?

Why the high demand for the products?

The answer is that everyone has diverse choices, and many have chosen oil perfumes, and it’s one reason for their high demand.

Several factors have contributed to the profitability of the oil perfume business in Nigeria, and they are an increased market, an increase in population, and a growing economy.

Another factor we won’t cannot mention is the high profit margin.

The oil perfume business is relatively easy to start and run.

It gets a lot of orders because of its wide range of scents, affordability, and long-lasting qualities.

Types of Oil Perfume to Sell in Nigeria

Here are some of the oil perfume products to consider selling in Nigeria:

  • Fruity perfumes
  • Citrus
  • Woody oil perfumes
  • Green perfumes
  • Floral perfumes
  • Oriental perfumes
  • Musky perfumes
  • Gourmand perfumes
  • Musky perfumes
  • Spicy perfumes
  • Chypre perfumes

How to Find Oil Perfume Suppliers in Nigeria

When starting your oil perfume business in Nigeria, there are various places you can get your products if you have no plans to produce them yourself.

  • Wholesale markets like Main Market Onitsha, Oshodi market in Lagos State, Aba market in Abia State, Balogun market in Lagos, etc.
  • Online through the internet. You can research suppliers online, vet their websites or pages, compare pricing, and order your oil perfume.
  • Word-of-mouth. You are to ask other people in the industry and get their supplier’s contacts.

Also, this is the most convenient and brief of all.

Steps to Starting Oil Perfume Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps to start a profitable oil perfume business in Nigeria:

1. Market Research

Researching before starting an oil perfume business in Nigeria is essential to avoid mistakes that might cost you money.

Study the various oil perfumes, know who your target audiences are, and find out about competitors and ways to navigate through the industry.

2. Get a Location

Getting a suitable location for your oil perfume business in Nigeria is one thing to take into consideration.

Ensure you get a good and busy area where your target markets live.

Although we know you can do online sales more, you still get a suitable location.

3. Sell Varieties

As they say, “Variety is the spice of life.”

Offer your customers with so many options.

You have many scents to choose from, which will make them trust you, and through that, you’ve got repeat customers.

4. Affordable Prices

When your customers know they can get fantastic scents of their choice at affidavit prices, you’ve beat your competitors because most of your customers won’t hesitate to talk to other people about their oil perfume plug.

5. Consider Diverse Sizes

Consider selling diverse sizes when starting your oil perfume business.

You can sell small bottles, medium or enormous.

Not everyone can afford big bottles of perfume, and not all like the small bottles of oil perfumes.

So, satisfy different tastes and choices.

6. Branding

Learn business branding and implement it in your oil perfume business.

Building your business as a brand that people can trust is the best way to go.

Create a brand identity. A unique one at that, and don’t forget to package your perfume attractively.

7. Marketing

We believe that during research; you have already decided on a marketing strategy that will work for you.

Go for it and market your business efficiently.

You can post on social media, talk to people about your business, use online advertising, etc.

Oil Perfume Business Cost

The cost of starting an oil perfume business in Nigeria will vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your business, and the level of service you provide.

Expect to spend within ₦50k to ₦500k to start your oil perfume business in Nigeria.

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