How to Start Okrika Business in Nigeria (Earn ₦2m Monthly)

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Okrika clothes, also known as thrift or fairly used clothes business in Nigeria, have become one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into.

Whether you want to sell bales, become a retail seller, or sell to the final customers, it is a business you should quickly dive into if you have money making on your mind.

People want to get quality clothes at a very affordable rate, which is one benefit of this business.

Okrika business entails buying and selling used clothing, such as clothes of all types and sizes, shoes, and bags.

This is a well-known industry that has made many people millionaires in Africa, of which Nigeria is included.

Most Okrika clothes people buy and wear are imported from Europe and the United States of America.

They are by far less expensive than brand-new clothing.

As a result, many people who cannot afford to purchase new clothes go for Okrika clothes.

Types of Okrika Business in Nigeria

1. Wholesale Okrika Business

Those into wholesale are the ones that supply retailers with Okrika for their business.

It’s a very profitable business in Nigeria that requires a lot of startups capital.

2. Online Okrika Business

Here you sell Okrika through the Internet.

You can post your products on your WhatsApp status, website, and Facebook marketplace.

It doesn’t require shop rental or buying too much equipment.

3. Retail Okrika Business

You don’t need too much capital to start.

It can be launched in an open market or rent a mini shop where people walk into select clothes.

Sometimes, the Okrika retail sellers sell from their homes or take the clothes to their customers.

4. Okrika Accessories Business

This involves selling shoes, jewelry, bags, as well as other accessories.

It’s one of the best ways to get fully involved in everything about Okrika business.

With this type of business, you can reach more audiences and make more money.

Steps to Starting Okrika Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps to start a profitable okrika business in Nigeria:

  • Conduct market research to find out who your target audiences are and the exact Okrika they buy.
  • If you intend to start with a low capital, get a space in the market or sell from your house. Selling online will be a great option, too.
  • Go in search of a good supplier who will sell for you at an affordable price and buy from the person.
  • Select quality and beautiful Okrika or thrift wear that your target market will love.
  • Cost your goods and be sure the prices are competitive enough to avoid losing your customers to your competitors.
  • Start promoting your business by posting your goods on social media, talking to people about it, getting business flyers, even if they are cheap ones, and sharing them with people to let them know about your business.
  • Make sure you are advertising your goods to your target market. Save your time talking to people who don’t need your product about it all the time because it will be a waste of time and energy.

Okrika Business Cost

The cost of starting the okrika business in Nigeria will vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your business, your supplier, and the level of service you provide.

Expect to spend within ₦100k to ₦5m to start your okrika business in Nigeria.

How to Know First Grade Okrika

Here are the steps to know first grade Okrika in Nigeria:

  • Check the color: First grade Okrika clothes should have bright and vibrant colors. Avoid clothes with faded colors or colors that have bled into each other.
  • Check the fabric: First grade Okrika clothes should be made from high-quality fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or wool. Avoid clothes made from synthetic fabrics, as they are more likely to be of lower quality.
  • Check the stitching: First grade Okrika clothes should have well-made stitching. Avoid clothes with loose stitching or seams that are coming undone.
  • Check for stains or damage: First grade Okrika clothes should be free from stains or damage. Avoid clothes with holes, tears, or rips.
  • Check the fit: First grade Okrika clothes should fit well. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose.
  • Check the price: First grade Okrika clothes will typically cost more than lower grade Okrika clothes. However, remember that you get what you pay for.
  • Buy from a reputable seller: When buying Okrika clothes, buy from a reputable seller. This will help to ensure that you are getting high-quality clothes.
  • Inspect the clothes carefully before you buy them: Take the time to examine the clothes before you buy them. Look for any signs of damage, such as stains, holes, or tears.
  • Ask questions: If you are unsure about the quality of a particular piece of clothing, do not be afraid to ask the seller questions. They should be able to provide you with information about the condition of the clothing and the history of the piece.

The Secret of Okrika Business

The secret of the Okrika business is to provide high-quality, affordable clothing to customers.

Okrika clothes are typically used clothing that is imported from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The clothes are sorted and graded by quality and then sold to retailers and consumers.

To be successful in the Okrika business, have a good understanding of the market and to source high-quality clothes at a competitive price.

Also, have an excellent marketing strategy to attract customers and to generate sales.

Here are some tips for success in the Okrika business:

1. Source High-Quality Clothes

The most important thing is to source high-quality clothes.

This will help to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchases and that they are likely to come back for more.

Look for clothes that are made from high-quality fabrics and that are in good condition.

2. Sell Clothes at a Competitive Price

Okrika clothes are typically sold at a lower price than new clothes.

Price your clothes competitively in order to attract customers.

You need to make a profit, but you also need to make sure that your prices are affordable for your target customers.

3. Have a Good Marketing Strategy

Have an excellent marketing strategy to attract customers and to generate sales.

Market your business through word-of-mouth, social media, and online advertising.

You can also offer discounts and promotions to attract customers.

4. Be Customer-Centric

Always put your customers first.

Provide them with excellent customer service and make sure that they are satisfied with their purchases.

5. Be Honest and Transparent

Be honest and transparent with your customers about the quality of the clothes that you sell.

If you are selling used clothes, disclose that information to your customers.

6. Build Relationships With Your Suppliers

Build relationships with your suppliers so that you can get the best possible deals on clothes.

7. Reinvest in Your Business

Reinvest some of your profits back into your business to help it grow.

This could involve expanding your inventory, marketing your business more aggressively, or opening a physical store.

How to Repackage Okrika Clothes

There are a few things you can do to repackage Okrika clothes:

  • Sort the clothes by size and type. This will make it easier to find the right clothes for your customers and to display them neatly.
  • Wash the clothes. This will remove any dirt or grime and make the clothes look and smell fresh.
  • Iron the clothes. Ironing will help to remove any wrinkles and make the clothes look more presentable.
  • Fold the clothes neatly. This will make it easier to stack and display.
  • Package the clothes in clear plastic or sack bags or boxes. This will help to keep them clean and protected.
  • You can also add a personal touch to your re-packaged Okrika clothes by adding a hangtag with your brand name and logo.
  • You can also include a care label with instructions on how to wash and iron the clothes.

Price of 100kg Bale of First Grade Okrika

The price of a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika varies depending on several factors, including the quality of the clothes, the country of origin, and the current market conditions.

Expect to pay between ₦160,000 and ₦300,000 for a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika.

Okrika Bale Price in Cotonou

The price of an Okrika bale in Cotonou, Benin Republic varies depending on the quality of the clothes, the country of origin, and the current market conditions.

Expect to pay between CFA 150,000 and CFA 200,000 for a 100kg bale of first grade Okrika.


Starting okrika business in Nigeria can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

With careful planning and execution, you can build a successful business that meets the needs of your customers.

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