PayPal Account Limitations in Nigeria ▷ Bypass Restrictions Now!

Do you use PayPal for your business in Nigeria?

Are you looking for a guide that will show you the limitations of PayPal in Nigeria and how to bypass them?

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PayPal Account Limitations in Nigeria

When your PayPal account is limited, this means that such an account temporarily can not withdraw money, send funds, and receive money.

You don’t have to do something wrong before you have your PayPal account placed on limitation.

PayPal account limitations can be used to effectively protect both the buyer and the seller.

Reasons Limitations are Placed on a PayPal Account

  • When an unauthorized person uses your account without your knowledge.
  • Once account is out of compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • When your account has a high number of claims and chargebacks.
  • Multiple accounts from the same IP address.
  • Below 18 years.

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Limitation on Your PayPal Account (Best Practices)

Occasionally, PayPal may block the use of a particular card, a bank account, or your balance if there may be a higher-than-normal level of risk associated with the transaction.

Here are some things you need to do to prevent your PayPal account from getting banned:

  • Always use the country link extension to open your PayPal Account:,
  • Do not leave huge sums of money you cannot afford to lose in the account. You can use the services of PayPal exchangers in Nigeria to withdraw your money from PayPal.
  • Be honest with your dealings. Only request a refund when it is necessary. PayPal can limit your account if they notice a pattern of frequent refunds.
  • Do not use your PayPal account for illegal businesses or to scam. If you do, your account will get banned.
  • Buy PayPal funds only from legitimate sellers. If you buy PayPal funds from people who get their own funds through illegal means, the funds will be seized and probably returned to the owner.
  • Don’t login to your PayPal account immediately you receive funds. You can check the amount you’ve received and the sender and all other necessary details from your mailbox.
  • Withdraw no money that immediately enters your account. It’s a red flag that will warrant PayPal officials to investigate your account.
  • You can wait for 24/48 hours before withdrawing the money into your bank account.
  • Get a dedicated browser for accessing your account. Don’t always login to your PayPal account from a different browser.
  • Don’t login to multiple PayPal account.

PayPal notifies users of an account limitation.

If your PayPal business account has been placed on limitation already, the best thing is to visit the Resolution Center, where details will be reviewed on why your account has been temporarily limited.

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