Start Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria (Earn ₦50k Daily)

Do you want to read the PDF plan to start a phone accessories business in Nigeria from home and online to earn money, equipment needed, and basic requirements?

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If you know much about mobile phones and accessories, immediately dive into the business in Nigeria.

The mobile phone accessories industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today because of the vast number of people who use mobile phones.

Because mobile phones serve as a means of communication that is highly acceptable by a more significant percentage of people, almost 40 out of every 50 individuals in Nigeria use phones for communication.

These phones malfunction and need a change of accessories, resulting in sales from the phone accessories dealer.

Steps to Starting Phone Accessories Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps to start a profitable phone accessories business in Nigeria:

1. Market Research

Conducting market research is the first step you need to take when starting a phone accessories business in Nigeria.

Find out everything that has to do with the industry, who your target audiences are, the head competitors, how they do things, and what you could do better to stay ahead of the competition.

Research the best pricing strategies and marketing techniques.

2. Consider the Phone Accessories You Want to Sell

Yes, this is important, and you can do that after you’ve done your research and see what works and what does not.

Study the best tools and brands your target audiences buy and stick to those because it will enable you to make sales.

3. Write a Business Plan

Write a business plan that outlines your business goals, the marketing strategies you intend to use, partnership, means of getting the capital for your business, location, etc.

These things will enable you to stay on track.

4. Get Funding

If you need personal savings to start your business, seek funding from investors or lenders.

You can ask family and friends for a loan to support your business.

Also, many funding options are available, so be sure to research and choose the option that is right for you.

5. Source for Your Products

Sourcing for products is one of the most important aspects of starting a phone accessories business in Nigeria.

It determines your success and business collapse.

If you get a good supplier that delivers quality phone accessories products, you will attract customers and keep them.

This is one thing that enhances business growth.

6. Create a Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is one thing that will distinguish your business.

It will help you stay ahead of the competition, becoming a voice.

Designing an outstanding brand logo and tagline is also part of creating a brand identity.

So, pay attention to that.

7. Start Marketing Your Business

Marketing is an essential part of starting a business because that’s one way to make money.

Once you’re done setting up your business, begin implementing the marketing strategies outlined in your phone accessories business in Nigeria.

You can use various marketing channels, like social media marketing, through creating business pages, paid advertising, influencers, email marketing, etc.

You can print flyers, banners, and business cards to give out to people.

Remember to pay attention to word-of-mouth marketing.

Talk to people about your business.

The Best Platforms to Sell Phone Accessories in Nigeria

The best platforms for selling your phone accessories in Nigeria depend on your target audience.

Understand your target market, the platform they hand out, etc.

This will help you in choosing the platform.

However, these are some platforms to consider:

  • Online marketplaces such as, Jumia, and Konga.
  • Facebook account, page, and communities.
  • Instagram, WhatsApp status and group marketing.
  • Create your online marketplace and grow it.

Phone Accessories Business Cost

The cost of starting a phone accessories business in Nigeria will vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your business, your supplier, and the level of service you provide.

Expect to spend within ₦100k to ₦3m to start your phone accessories business in Nigeria.

List of Phone Accessories to Sell in Nigeria

Here is a list of phone accessories you can sell in Nigeria:

  • Phone cases
  • Screen protectors
  • Chargers
  • Power banks
  • Earphones and headphones
  • Selfie sticks
  • Phone grips
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Fitness trackers
  • Smartwatches
  • Phone stands
  • Car chargers
  • Wireless chargers
  • Wireless earphones
  • Pop Sockets
  • Ring lights
  • External lenses
  • MicroSD cards
  • SIM card adapters
  • Phone wallets
  • Phone pouches
  • Phone cleaning wipes
  • Phone repair kits
  • Phone cases for specific phone models (e.g., iPhone cases, Samsung cases).
  • Phone accessories for specific activities (e.g., phone cases for runners, phone cases for gamers).
  • Phone accessories for specific age groups (e.g., phone cases for kids, phone cases for seniors).

When choosing which phone accessories to sell, consider the needs of your target market.

If you are targeting a younger market, sell phone cases with trendy designs.

And if you are targeting a business market, sell phone accessories that improve productivity.

You can also consider selling phone accessories that are unique or innovative.

You could sell phone cases with built-in solar panels or phone cases that are made from recycled materials.

By selling a variety of phone accessories, you can appeal to a wide range of customers and increase your chances of success.

The Best Places to Buy Phone Accessories in Bulk in Nigeria

There are several places where you can buy phone accessories in bulk in Nigeria.

Here are a few options:

1. Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

Computer Village is one of the largest electronics markets in Africa.

It is in Ikeja, Lagos, and is home to hundreds of vendors selling phone accessories.

You can find a wide variety of phone accessories at Computer Village, including phone cases, chargers, earphones, and more.

You can also buy phone accessories in bulk at Computer Village.

Most vendors will negotiate on price, especially if you are buying in bulk.

2. Alaba International Market, Lagos

Alaba International Market is another large electronics market in Nigeria.

It is in Lagos and is home to hundreds of vendors selling phone accessories.

You can find a wide variety of phone accessories at Alaba International Market, including phone cases, chargers, earphones, and more.

You can also buy phone accessories in bulk at Alaba International Market.

Most vendors will negotiate on price, especially if you are buying in bulk.

3. Main Market Onitsha

Main market, Onitsha in Anambra state, is another place where you can buy phone accessories in bulk.

Although newbies need help to navigate the market, it is still one place where you can get your goods at affordable rates and top-notch quality.

4. Online Retailers

There are several online retailers in Nigeria that sell phone accessories in bulk.

Some popular online retailers include Konga, Jumia, and Dealdey.

You can find a wide variety of phone accessories at these online retailers, and you can often get discounts on bulk orders.

5. Importers

If you are looking to buy phone accessories in bulk at wholesale prices, you can consider importing them yourself.

Find phone accessories importers in Nigeria by searching online or by attending trade shows.

When buying phone accessories in bulk, do your research and compare prices from different vendors.

Make sure that you are buying high-quality accessories.

Reviews of different vendors and accessories online to get an idea of what other people are saying.

Here are for buying phone accessories in bulk in Nigeria:

  • Start small: If you are new to the phone accessories business, start small. This will help you minimize your risk and learn the ropes before you invest a lot of money.
  • Negotiate on price: Most vendors will negotiate on price, especially if you are buying in bulk. Don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible price.
  • Check the quality: Before you buy phone accessories in bulk, check the quality of the accessories. You can do this by inspecting the accessories carefully and by reading reviews online.
  • Buy from a reputable vendor: Buy phone accessories from a reputable vendor. This will help to ensure that you are getting high-quality accessories.
  • Get a warranty: If possible, try to get a warranty on the phone accessories that you buy. This will protect you in case the accessories are defective.


Starting a phone accessories business in Nigeria can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

With careful planning and execution, you can build a successful business that meets the needs of your customers.

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