How to Start Drinks Business in Nigeria and Earn ₦2m Daily

Do you want to start a soft, alcoholic depot, retail, and wholesale drinks business in Nigeria and earn money?

If YES, then this is the only post to read.

The drinks business has proven over time to be one industry in Nigeria that makes so many sales.

Before you start, there are essential questions you need to ask yourself, which are:

  • What type of drinks do I want to sell?
  • Do I have enough knowledge of how this business works?

It’s perfect if you need help to understand how the drinks business in Nigeria works.

That is why there are preparation stages before starting a business.

In the preparation stage, you’re meant to conduct research concerning the business and learn how to navigate the industry effectively.

The drinks industry in Nigeria is a lucrative business that makes almost 90% of profits.

This depends on the drinks business line you’re into.

Every drinks business in Nigeria makes a lot of money, and this is based on some factors which include:

  • The increase in population, which multiplies now and then.
  • Nigerians are becoming more prosperous by the day, and this means they have money to spend on what they want.
  • The love for party and celebration is second to home in Nigeria.
  • The Nigerian climate is scorching and humid, which puts people on the lookout for what will keep them hydrated, and drinking is part of it.

Types of Drinks Businesses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, once we hear drinks, we conclude it’s just alcohol and soft drinks.

It’s way more than that.

If you desire to set up a drinks business in Nigeria, look at different options for a drink business to go for:

  • Soft drinks retail and wholesale sales
  • Alcoholic drinks retail and wholesale sales
  • Tea shop
  • Cocktail drinks bar
  • Soft drink manufacturing
  • Wine bar
  • Brewpub
  • Smoothie bar
  • Coffee shop
  • Drinks home delivery service

Steps to Starting Drinks Business in Nigeria

Here are the steps to start a profitable drinks business in Nigeria:

1. Decide on the Exact Drinks

The first step in starting a drinks business in Nigeria is deciding the exact one you want to sell.

This decision should come after you have done your market research.

Check between alcoholic drinks business, soft drinks business, smoothies and cocktails, wine shops, which will be better for you.

While at it, consider your startup capital before finalizing your decision.

2. Write a Business Plan

No matter the type you are starting, write a well-detailed business plan.

In it, ensure to write everything about the business.

The reason is that it will serve as a guide in setting up the business.

Don’t say it’s just a small business.

So, there is no need for a business plan.

It is essential because it will serve as your roadmap for expansion.

3. Rent a Shop

Look for a shop in a busy environment with your target audiences.

Your customers for soft and alcoholic drinks can be found mainly on the street.

To open a smoothie, cocktail, and wine business, get a place in a hotel or an exclusive and luxurious environment and set up your business.

If you’re looking for a drinks company, you must build a more significant place with the machinery.

4. Find a Distributor

There’s a need to get a good distributor.

For the retail drinks business in Nigeria, finding distributors to always buy from is essential.

In doing this, compare prices from different wholesalers and distributors and settle on the one with the best price.

5. Register Your Business

Even though only some recognize the importance of this when setting up a business, it is essential.

Get to know the body in charge of the drinks business in Nigeria and get the licenses and permits.

6. Set Up a Working Marketing Strategy

Be knowledgeable about marketing.

Research many marketing strategies available and know which will work best for your drinks business in Nigeria.

Make sure the marketing strategy you choose targets your audiences.

Yes, you must research and know who your target market is, what drinks they like, and position everything towards them.

Drinks Business Cost

The cost of starting a drinks business in Nigeria will vary depending on several factors, including the size and location of your business, your supplier, the type of equipment you purchase, and the level of service you provide.

Expect to spend within ₦500k to ₦5m to start your drinks business in Nigeria.

Wholesale Prices of Soft Drinks in Nigeria

The wholesale prices of soft drinks in Nigeria vary depending on the brand, type of soft drink, and quantity purchased.

Here are the wholesale prices of popular soft drinks in Nigeria:

  • Coca-Cola: ₦2,600 per crate
  • Pepsi: ₦2,600 per crate
  • Fanta: ₦2,600 per crate
  • Sprite: ₦2,600 per crate
  • Bigi Cola: ₦2,400 per crate
  • Mirinda: ₦2,400 per crate
  • Seven Up: ₦2,400 per crate
  • 5 Alive Juice: ₦2,200 per crate
  • Chivita Juice: ₦2,200 per crate
  • Capri Sonne Juice: ₦1,800 per crate

These prices are just estimates and may vary.

You can purchase soft drinks at wholesale prices from distributors and wholesalers.

Find a list of distributors and wholesalers in Nigeria online or in your local business directory.

Compare prices from different distributors and wholesalers to get the best deals.

The more soft drinks you buy, the lower the price per unit will be.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with distributors and wholesalers, especially if you are buying in bulk.

Wholesale Drinks Suppliers in Nigeria is the largest online distributor of beer, spirit, and wine in Nigeria.

Buying drinks from our online store is the safest and easiest way to shop for your drinks in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and other states.

It saves time and helps you avoid long queues and crowded stores.

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You can place your order online from the convenience of your home/office to enjoy fast drinks delivery in Nigeria.

The marketplace is open for you to place and track orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Different vendors operating in the marketplace may have different working times.

You will be advised on the delivery or pickup times based on the vendor you select to order from during checkout.


Starting a drinks business in Nigeria can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

With careful planning and execution, you can build a successful business that meets the needs of your customers.

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