New Ways to Block Loan Apps from Accessing Your Contacts

Some loan apps have done a lot of damage than good as people are seeking to stop loan apps from accessing, calling, and texting their contacts in Android and iOS iPhone.

Most of these loan sharks are not registered with the government, so this gives them room to just behave anyhow, because they know that nobody will check them.

Some of these loan companies go as far as calling you name that disvalues your person as an individual as often, and I wonder if these lenders aren’t the ones that come begging you to take loans from them.

After the submission of your bio-data and credentials to these fake loan apps, your address of residence, place of work details and other financial histories are stored in their database.

These details of yours can be used later for your harassment when you cannot repay your borrowed loan.

Today in this article, you’ll learn to block, and prevent loan apps from accessing and calling your contacts in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Senegal, Dubai, Malaysia, Turkey, Tunisia, Portugal, Italy, and Romania.

Ways to Prevent Loan Apps from Accessing Your Contacts

Online loan apps gain access to your contacts when you grant them access to read them.

These loan apps access your phone contacts at the initial stage of your application.

These are the best ways to stop loan apps from calling and sending messages to your contacts.

1. Block Access

When you download an app, your first-time usage of the app may ask for certain permissions from your phone.

These permissions could be access to your contacts, messages, camera, etc.

Many people give these permissions to use the services the app is offering.

Now, for loan apps, once you’ve granted these permissions and you’ve gotten your loan, go into your phone settings and disable remove these permissions.

Only when you default, the loan companies go to the app to retrieve your phone contacts if the permissions are still granted.

But once you turn it off and don’t open the app again, they won’t have it.

They will threaten to send messages, but believe me, they can’t.

To stop a loan app from sending messages to your contacts, don’t give them access.

Don’t agree to allow them to read your contacts.

And if they do, just follow these steps:

  • Go to your Settings on your Android or iOS device.
  • Navigate to the Apps Manager.
  • Click on Apps permission.
  • Select the loan app in question.
  • Now, deny or allow them access.

2. Use Reliable Loan Apps

Use only loan apps that are known in the industry as being reliable to avoid being blackmailed.

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Final Words

Once you grant permission for the first time to any loan app, all the information they need about you is stored.

If you are indebted to any of those illegal loan platforms, and you are afraid of defamatory messages to your contacts, go to settings in your phone, click on app and notifications.

Scroll down to app permission and deny them access to your contacts, SMS, photo gallery and storages on your phone.

They won’t be able to reach out to your contacts anymore or post your pictures.

They would only have your number and have only you to deal with.

Finally, ensure to only borrow only what you can pay.

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  1. Go and block that your ATM card that you bind with them, report it lost, when you are about to leave the bank, insert the card and the machine will swallow it up and the machine will write lost and collect another ATM card then your money is safe

  2. i don’t know how this might sound but. they were the ones calling me to borrow from them. i have always paid. i have never defaulted but the way things just turn out this time around…omo threats everywhere i no fit sleep. And i have lots of contacts cos of my business. ?????
    i don’t know what to do

    1. Delete the app from your phone. Or go to settings. Click on permission manager and disable access to everything. They will not have any other info apart from your guarantors. They will keep threatening you with messages and call but trust me, they have no contact to blackmail you to. Block them and don’t ever deal with them. They will wreck your life. They are monkey businessmen

      1. Pls I’ve click on apps and permission and deny them but they are still calling all my contacts
        Pls what else can i do

        1. Allow them to call, after sometime they will stop calling them and they will come begging you to schedule payment plan with them.
          That’s what dey did to me and I told I will not pay because they cannot defame me and asking me to pay them back so we should meet in police station since they tag me as wanted, so gathered and relax for them.

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