How To Easily Make N10,000 Daily As A Student In Nigeria

make money online via affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing is the most profitable online business in Nigeria today with low startup capital investment. Unfortunately, most people are yet to realize that.

Affiliate marketing is a simple online business model of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or company product or service to your audience, friends or course mates.

The term Affiliates refers to people or companies who are part of an affiliate program.

You find a product that you like and your audience, friends or course mates wants, promote it and earn a profit for every sale you make.

The easiest way to make N10,000 daily as a student in Nigeria is through the SIWES Beginner Affiliate Program you’ll be joining today.

Being part of our affiliate program means you are willing to earn commissions in order to promote products for SIWES Beginner.

How Affiliate Marketing Works 

I’m confident that one or two occasions, you have recommended products or service to other people. But most times you don’t get paid.

For instance, you have referred a very close friend, relatives to where you bought that cool smart watch or t-shirt from and then they go ahead and buy it from that store.

You inform your mum or sister where you bought that latest wig or where you made that hairstyle that’s got the attention of everyone and they went ahead to use that same service.

However, the difference between you and others is that you don’t get paid for your recommendations, but others are earning from theirs.

This is affiliate marketing in its simplest form.

Affiliate Marketing Working Principle

How SIWES Beginner Affiliate Program Works

As SIWES Beginner Affiliate, you’ll earn 40% Commission per sale.

For instance, if you refer one close friend, course mate or student to purchase Industrial Training Companies In Nigeria Blueprint which costs #2,450, you’ll get paid #1,000. If you refer ten close friends, course mates or students in a day to make successful purchase, you’ll get paid #1,000 * 10 = #10,000.

Also, if you refer one close friend, course mate or student to purchase Hospital/Medical Laboratory Logbook which costs #8,450, you’ll get paid #3,400. If you refer ten close friends, course mates or students to make successful purchase in a day, you’ll get paid #3,400 * 10 = #34,000.

Requirements For SIWES Beginner Affiliate Program

  • Your Smartphone
  • Data Connection

Benefits Of Joining SIWES Beginner Affiliate Marketing Program

  • It is very lucrative and profitable
  • No money needed to start
  • No expertise required
  • Get to pay your bills and school fees
  • Ability to work from home and school
  • Turning your skill into cash
  • Make money online while you sleep
  • Good supplementary source of income
  • Independence and convenience
  • You can earn N50,000 weekly

How To Join SIWES Beginner Affiliates Program

If you’re interested, send your best email address to 07034990583 via WhatsApp and you’ll be added to Selar Affiliates.

Selar is an ecommerce tool creatives and entrepreneurs use to sell their content, products and services across borders without any hassle.

Selar will send you a custom link (your affiliate link) via email to the SIWES Beginner Store, and whenever anyone purchases via your custom link, you automatically get your profit and you’ll be paid.

Awesome stuff right?

For affiliate emails that aren’t registered on Selar, you’ll have to set up your accounts first on Selar and log in.

For every sale made by your unique link, you earn 40% commission.

The beauty of this is, when you’re added as an affiliate to your account, you will have a personalized dashboard where you can monitor sales and see the number of views you’ve directed to your store, as well as the sales you’ve facilitated. This way, everything is clear to both parties.

If you haven’t set your bank account credentials, you’ll see a view to setup your bank account information, which will be used for your wallet withdrawals.

You also get notifications via email once a sale has been made via your link.

Selar Affiliates

How You Will Get Your Money

When a sale is facilitated, you get your 40% commission settled to your Selar wallet.

The funds become available a day after the transaction, so if you make a sale today, you’ll have the funds in your Selar wallet tomorrow, and they you can withdraw the funds to your bank account right from your dashboard.

All you need is to follow the aforementioned steps and you are on your way to making massive sales.

How To Promote SIWES Beginner Products As An Affiliate

Posting on Online Communities and Forums

The internet is excellent at bringing like-minded people together in online communities and forums. These places offer a great opportunity to promote your affiliate products.

A good step is to find a forum with an audience that will be interested in SIWES Beginner products you’ll be promoting.

For example, a University Facebook Group or your School Faculty or Departmental WhatsApp Group is perfect to promote your affiliate links and get paid.

NOTE: When promoting your affiliate links in these groups, ensure to explain to your audience or course mates what the links are about with its benefits so as not to appear as SCAM.

Before you start promotion, give people reasons to trust your recommendations.

Word-of-mouth Advertising

Word-of-mouth advertising means that if you’ve really benefited from the guidelines, blog posts and offerings on SIWES Beginner, then tell your course mates and other students about us and your wonderful experience with us and you’ll get paid if you make use of your affiliate links.

Because the recommendation comes from someone familiar, the person on the receiving end of word-of-mouth advertising may be more receptive to the message.

A trusted friend or colleague is a more reliable source than a random individual.

Word-of-mouth advertising also costs you nothing, so it certainly is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your wonderful experience with us.

For registration, questions and suggestions:  WhatsApp 07034990583.

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