How to Play Bet9ja and Win Every time ▷ Cash Out ₦375k Daily

Bet9ja WinningDo you want to know the cheats and secrets to place bets online, play and win Bet9ja every time and every day?

As a beginner, are you interested in knowing the best Bet9ja winning formula in Nigeria?

If YES, this article is only what you need to read today.

In recent years, online football betting has become a very popular activity in the world and it is said that the number of people interested in sports betting will double in years to come.

This is because people like easy money and enjoy predicting the outcome of several sporting events taking place around the world.

Football betting has finally become easier, thanks to reputable online bookmakers and websites (most of which are available at your fingertips) that have stepped in to enable us to make money from the sports we love.

Some individuals are superb with predictions, yet still find it hard to win millions of Naira in Bet9ja.

This article will help you avoid costly sport betting mistakes, know sure odds and easiest football bets to win in Nigeria.

Before we get into the core of this post, I’d like to tell you to grab some coffee or tea.

This is quite a long post and if you’re really interested in winning and becoming a millionaire through sport betting this year, you’ll definitely read to the end.

Before we proceed, I would like to explain the meaning of some betting terminologies to some newbies who are new into the system so that we all can drive together.


Punter is another word for a bettor or gambler, i.e., one who places a bet, or makes a risky investment.


Odds in betting simply represent the price tag place for each team.

It is written as a decimal number.

Odd is very important in betting, the bigger the odd, the higher the risk which leads to big money and higher impossibility to win.

The lower the odd, the higher the possibility of winning and lower price.

The more you bet, the more familiar you become with the outcome of each odd.


Assuming Chelsea vs Norwich City F.C. has 2.26 and 6.50 respectively.

If you place a bet that Norwich City F.C. will win, your bet amount will be multiplied by the odd given to Norwich City F.C. to win.

That is if you bet the above game with $100, your winning will be $100 x 6.50 = $650.

Booking Code

Booking code is the number used to represent each match.

It is very important to know the code of each game you bet, especially if you want the cashier to place your bet for you.

Booking code is an identifier, e.g., Chelsea vs Norwich City F.C. may have a code of 5705WXJ on a particular online bookmaker.

You can write a set of codes without writing the teams, take it to the cashier and they will understand.

Steps to Play and Win Bet9ja Every day

To constantly win Bet9ja games, learn a few winning tricks that serial winners use now and then.

These cheats, secrets and tricks for winning games are actually not as difficult as they sound.

Here are the right steps to play Bet9ja and win always:

1. Know Your Level

Whether you choose to admit it, football betting is gambling.

First rule of betting is “Never bet money you are afraid to lose.”

Betting more than your pocket is a big mistake every gambler or punter shouldn’t make.

Betting companies are so smart that they increase game points whenever they wager high.

Know how much money is free for you to gamble in a month.

After you have taken out the money, you will need in that month, then you can consider what you want to save and what you want to set aside for gambling.

You should be able to gamble without being afraid of losing your money.

If you borrow or use money for your house rent or school fees in playing bet, it may end in premium tears.

2. Be Disciplined

Create a routine on how many times you would place your bets every month.

If you decide to place bets every day, you are only doing it at your own risk because it is you that will face the results afterward.

Gamble responsibly and place your bets on the sports you feel you have excellent knowledge about.

Do not spend all your hard-earned money on sports betting and limit your spending.

With this, you will make it big in sports betting.

3. Start Predicting Football Games Early

Sport betting companies are not get-rich schemes, as many people suppose.

They are business that allows you to turn your passion into reward.

Early prediction gives you time before the games start.

This way, you won’t miss games you should have played and force yourself to play other games just to make up for it.

Also, don’t rush when you are predicting or booking a game early.

This could be in International Friendlies, UCL, World Cup, Europa League, Olympics.

4. Do Your Personal Research Before Betting

Never place a bet in a hurry.

Stats are very important – doing your own research gives you a clearer perspective to games.

Understanding how to win Bet9ja requires an in-depth knowledge of the battling football clubs because they determine whether your bet selection clicks.

Carefully review a team’s overall performance or injuries update in the last few games, either in the league or comparatively against their opponents, before placing your bet on them.

Understand that the absence of a key player in a match can affect the team’s performance in that match.

Some teams are marked as deadly by bookmakers.

These teams are marked ‘X’ by the bookmakers because of their dynamic nature.

To make a clean bet, be careful with teams in the English league unless you’re willing to suffer the fate of a true gambler.

If you want to stake on draws, visit League 2 and Championship.

5. Don’t Bet with Emotions

If you’re a die-hard football fan of any team, I recommend you don’t bet on a team you support unless your football analysis and research suggest you should.

It is wrong for you to support your team when your money is involved and the odds don’t favor them.

When the star players of your club are out on injury or leave, you shouldn’t stake that match.

Don’t stake games based on misguided loyalty to your team if the odds are against them.

This will only lead to poor decisions and could make you lose out in terms of overall profit.

It’s vital you stay in control and bet with your analytical brain.

If your favourite football club or country loses a final, you’re going to feel even more down if you bet on them.

6. Listen to Your Instincts

You cannot always see all the angles to a game. However, as a lover of football, or an ardent follower, your brain would catch some things subconsciously.

You might want to pick a game and your subconscious says NO, don’t ignore it.

When you think Bayern Munich might find it hard to win a game, don’t just give them the win simply because everybody is giving them the win.

It’s better you stay off the game or you stake as your brain informs.

Remember, however, that your brain functions differently under different conditions.

You see things better when your mind is settled.

Make sure you are not hungry (eat well before your final decision), don’t predict and stake with sleepy eyes.

Don’t predict and stake when you are immensely busy (unless you are staking on someone else’s ready-made game).

7. Jump on Bonuses

Knowing when to bet and when to deposit is very important because most betting companies always give promo codes or bonuses, depending on the time of deposit and the amount you are trying to deposit.

8. Wait for Betting Climax

This is one helpful football betting tip that many punters still don’t know.

Betting Climax is a sign that tells you when it’s right to bet on or against a certain club, or a particular match.

For example, if Tottenham stars, Harry Kane and Heung-min Son got injured in the previous match and would be absent in the next game, there is a big chance that the next match is going to be lost or under 2.5.

This is because there would be fewer chances created and goal-scoring opportunities would be missed.

Also, I’ve noticed that some clubs (e.g., Manchester City) who use their starting 11, in the league game before UEFA Champions League are bound to lose or draw the next match because the first 11 will be tired and filled with fatigue, so they will not perform as expected.

Make sense, right?

These signs are easily missed, but once you accurately get them or see them, then your chances of winning are doubled.

9. No Bulk Bets

The main reason so many gamblers lose bets is because of their greed.

Filling up matches on your bet slip doesn’t always win, regardless of the odds.

Why makeover 30 selections to stake $0.50?

Honestly, the maximum number of bet selections should be 10 sure games.

Choosing fewer games and staking higher is one of the top tips for winning bets easily.

Betting on so many games at the same time may look like your best way of winning huge money, but unless they are low-risk games, you stand the chance of losing faster that way.

The more games you pick, the more the likelihood of your ticket getting messed up because the bookies are smart and will manipulate you to include one terrible game in the selections.

It is rather wiser to bet one game at a time with a high budget than placing half that amount to win big.

Pick good-sized odds, between 1.55 and 2.30 odds, and stake it like a king.

You should also learn to cash out, when necessary, especially if you bet online.

This is very helpful, especially when it doesn’t look like your chances of winning are high.

Remember that half the bread is better than none.

10. Use Running Tickets

If you are the type that plays long tickets, you must make it a running one.

It simply means that your ticket should be played every time in days or weeks.

This way, you could select sure games.

11. Bet on Goals

Staking on goals over, under, Goal-Goal, highest scoring half, odd/even, and goal ratio has a higher chance of winning more than 1X or 2X.

When you bet on a goal, you have the potential to avoid risks that happen at the extra time when team momentums are high.

Seal the deal by betting on goals and you can cash out every day.

12. Collect a Game, Change it

This is one of the best cheats to win football bets.

It is always good to play two or more different games if you want to play bet and win.

Once you collect a game from any reliable source, change it into two places:

  • The first one would be the original game (which you believe will enter).
  • The second one will be the changed version to recover your money in case the first one doesn’t play.

13. Ignore the Odds Power

Most times, the strength, or weakness of odds doesn’t decide winnings.

Some false theories set up by a lot of punters are:

  • Equal odds are draw games
  • Odds that are too big will lose
  • Smaller odds always win
  • Two weak teams playing will draw

Relying on these principles is a good way to fail and lose your money.

Odds do not decide a game because they are just points that increase ROI.

What decides a football match is the football teams themselves.

So, you would want to focus on team performance rather than their win/lose odds.

14. Don’t Counter-Check Your Bet

You can compare your bet selections with those of other punters.

However, do not allow their selections to influence yours too much.

Don’t check the bet slip, live scores or the online bet every time.

If your selections are to deliver, they will deliver.

Simply put off your mind from the bet and involve yourself in other activities.

Patience is a virtue and is an attitude you must have if you want to win millions of Naira in Bet9ja.

15. Try Betting on Different Options

Don’t be restricted to one market.

There are many options to bet on in a game.

Don’t just be looking at straight wins.

To win, you need to also place bets on different pointers such as:

  • 1×2
  • Amount of corner kicks
  • Draw No Bet
  • Goal difference
  • Goal kicks
  • Handicap
  • Home/Away Scores
  • Number of goals
  • Penalties
  • Red cards
  • Throw-ins
  • Under/Over
  • Yellow cards

These pointers offer even higher odds than the usual double chance, win or draw.

When you use these betting pointers, you will begin winning bets every day.

16. Don’t Be Restricted to One League

The English Premier League is not the only league in the world, neither are weekends the only time games are played.

Some other leagues are more predictable, and games are played across the world daily.

Having the EPL/WEEKEND mentality can limit you and you will be left to the highly unstable teams in England and other major leagues, who would likely ruin your tickets.

17. Have a Bet Mentor

This is another big secret of winning bets many people still don’t know.

Most previous bet winners revealed that they have friends and partners that help them in football predictions.

You should know that people that have won before have a higher likelihood of winning again.

Getting closer to these sports betting gurus will help you understand their style of play and winning secrets, too.

This will open doors to amazing possibilities that you never even believe existed in the sports betting world.

To get sport betting mentors, you can get them for free or pay small fees for mentorship.

18. Follow Top Tipsters on Twitter

There are several top tipsters that every punter should follow on Twitter.

These guys are so experienced that they win lots of money in almost every single game that they play.

I have been following lots of them, and the result is that my winnings and cash-out get better.

So, I advise you to look for some twitter betting influencers and start following them to get their games.

19. Use But Don’t Depend on Sports Prediction Sites

Football prediction sites have a primary job of providing analysis on games and offering professional betting tips.

When forecasting your games, you should only use prediction sites to get insight and analysis.

Don’t completely depend on any football prediction site because some offer inaccurate data, especially when they use percentages to give predictions and relying mainly on statistics from various sources.

20. Beware of Fixed Matches

Matches are fixed in football, especially in smaller leagues.

These match fixing schemes are made to benefit either gamblers, one team playing, or some other third party.

Match fixing information does not just fly around in the air.

Most people that say they have fixed matches for sale are scammers.

If someone has sure absolute fixed matches, he does not need your money.

The fixed matches can make him a millionaire in days.

These guys are just good punters who predict well with trends.

You should be careful to watch out for potential fixed matches in some regular leagues.

If a game’s outcome is too irrelevant, maybe you should stay away from it.

For example, the first leg of a cup tie ended 7-0, stay away from the second leg.

The first team most likely won’t use their original team for the next match and will give their opponent a win.

When a game has no effect on things, stay away from them.

21. Join Betting Tips Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram Groups

One of the best things about joining online football groups is that you can get free daily betting tips and easy winning tricks.

So, search for legit and real Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

You can join and start winning bets easily.

22. Often Bet Online with Other Bookmakers

One of the easiest ways of continuous winning is online betting with other sports betting companies like NairaBET, and BetKing.

Betting online is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money off betting.

You can sit down and study every bet by looking at the previous games, line-ups, injury factors and you are opportune to watch the games online, where you can see how the game is changing and when to place a bet.

Benefits of Playing Bets Online

Here are the reasons you should bet online:

  • Playing bets online allows you to bet on a game right from the comfort of your home, with your mobile phones or laptop, provided you have an internet connection.
  • Playing games online also allows you to cash out your winnings directly into your bank account, without leaving your home or waiting for the game to end.
  • It is very easy to fund your online account, provided you have an ATM card and little money in your account.

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You now have more chances of making millions of Naira in Bet9ja every day as soon as you have learnt and master these skills and betting tips.

Your losses will minimize, and your window of winning will open up.

Although millionaires are made via football betting, the act is seen in the same light as gambling.

Some people see it as an addiction, dirty and an activity not meant for responsible people.

So, it is foolish to think that football betting does not have its bad sides.

If you’re not disciplined, football betting CAN wreck you completely.

Lot of people have spent so much money betting, and most gamble their money away senselessly.

So please bet responsibly.

Hope you enjoyed this article?

Please share with your friends and don’t fail to comment expressing your mind concerning this article.

I wish you success and more winnings.

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