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Are you looking for help with finding a free football prediction site like 1960Tips before placing your bets?

Then you are in the right place for help.

This article is only what you need to read today.


1960Tips is a top site focusing on educational football prediction and an independent bettor’s community.

On this site, you’re provided with all the tips, football predictions, betting suggestions, and odds to help you understand the game better, place quality bets, and show off to your friends and family about how much you know about football!

1960Tips has become a bettor’s favorite destination site for its daily free football tips, great free tools, and forum community.

The “free football tips” are basically a very limited version of the VIP membership packages, which include Total Cards (Under/Over) and Total Corners (Under/Over).

VIP membership exposes bettors to a well-known and successful method of betting.

What You’ll Gain from 1960tips

First, you will get regular and reliable sports betting tips at no charge at all.

However, you can check the catalog to select from the paid plans.

Having a paid plan does not mean you will get less quality betting tips.

The only difference between the free and paid channels is the frequency of games given daily.

It’s just the difference in the quantity and not quality.

As a free subscriber, you can still join the paid channels using the money gotten from consistent winnings to get more reliable tips.

Will I become very profitable by using the 1960tips Prediction Site?

This is something you should be assured of.

It is one thing to be a punter and it is another thing to be a profitable punter.

With 1960tips, you are saying NO to red marks on your tickets.

The green marks will be regular ones on your tickets.

1960tips is here to help you analyze upcoming games and provide 95% reliable tips for subscribers.

With the sports betting tips, you can stake as high as you want on any bookie of your choice.

How accurate are the games available on the 1960tips website?

This is a very common question that many punters ask.

If you are also reading this, there’s a big chance you also have this question in mind.

First, all the games you can see on the 1960tips website are free.

This does not imply that they are of lesser quality.

To get more quality and higher odds, get subscribed to the paid channels via the website.

Any game dropped on the website and those given to the VIP subscribers are analyzed by the top and experienced sports analysts who use statistical and technical data to arrive at their picks.

So, you will get accurate sports predictions on the website 24/7.

The platform has a friendly interface to ensure mobile and desktop users get the very best out of it.

You get access to quality sports betting updates without having issues during your navigation on the website.

There are no limits to what you can achieve from using the platform as your quality betting tips source.

  • You get access to free and paid quality betting tips.
  • The paid channel subscription plans are quite affordable. You don’t need to break the bank for it.
  • High and reliable odds are available on the website and sent via SMS/email.
  • Paid members get access to 2-4 tips daily, higher odds, 24/7 WhatsApp support, and personal assistance.
  • Provision of betting tips on your favourite leagues including EPL, Bundesliga, UEFA Nations League, UCL, FIFA World Cup, La Liga, Serie A, etc.

Final Words

If you have been looking for where you can get free and accurate betting tips, then 1960tips should be your go-to.

You might have been losing a lot of money to bookies for a long time because of unreliable tips.

It’s a different story at 1960tips.

You can start using the FREE prediction tips if you don’t have enough for PAID membership.

Join today and let cut tickets be a thing of the past!

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  1. To be fair to them why would you give a free trail when you have a free version and I asked them about the DNB aswell and they told me it doesn’t happen often but because you get your money back it isn’t a loss aswell and you still profit of the other bet if you havnt tried it yet don’t give them a bad name

  2. i confirm after a discussion on whatsapp it’s a scam.i didn’t buy.all i ask was a trial for 2 days to compare what they post on site to what they offer to clients.was denied :)) what esle you need to see that is a scam.on another site a client give a review after buying “I bought a 20 days subscribtion
    I bought a 20 days subscribtion, and they keep extend it, because the tips keeps loosing day after day, when a DNB tip goes draw, they call it as a win, even tho its a money back bet, NOT a win.
    You better of doing your own research or maybe find a winning tipster!
    Date of experience: January 10, 2023”.

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