Bread Production Logbook (PDF)

A bakery is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and pies.

Bread is the product of baking a mixture of flour, water, salt, yeast and other ingredients. The basic process involves mixing of ingredients until the flour is converted into a stiff paste or dough, followed by baking the dough into a loaf.


Bakery (Bread Production) Logbook

The “Bread Production Logbook” is a premium 24-page six months logbook packaged for students undergoing their industrial training in various Bakeries in Nigeria.

The “Bread Production Logbook” also includes complete daily activities, tests, comments by students and monthly diagrams.

This logbook is responsive on all devices.

In order to allow you get it cheaper and fast regardless of where you stay in Nigeria, it has been made available as a digital product in PDF format.

This means immediately you make payment, you will be granted instant access to download this logbook which can be accessed through any phone, iPad or computer and a copy will also be sent to your email.

You can also download and print it out from your email if you like.

But not only that…

When you successfully order for your copy of “Bread Production Logbook” today,

You will be getting some amazing bonuses delivered to you.

Bonus 1: Bakery Industrial Training Report

Bakery (Bread Production) I.T/SIWES Report Sample

This is an A-Grade report sample in Microsoft Word format for six months industrial training on bread production in a bakery in Nigeria. 

Originally, this Bakery I.T Report Sample is sold for N3,000.

But if you act fast and get your copy of “Bread Production Logbook” today, you will be getting this report for FREE with no extra charge.

Bonus 2: The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria

These are what you’ll learn from this SPECIAL eBook:

How to correctly fill in your logbook and forms even if you started your training late or fell sick.

Rules to abide by before, during and after filling in your logbook.

Rules to abide by before, during and after your report writing.

Rules to abide by before, during and after your oral defense/presentation.

Format for your defense/presentation.

How to answer questions correctly during your defense/presentation.

Mistakes to avoid before and during your defense/presentation.

On a normal day, “The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria” eBook is sold for N2,000.

But, if you act fast today, you will be getting this special eBook for FREE without paying any extra charge.

So, These Are What You’ll Be Getting When You Order For 

“Bread Production Logbook” Today  

Bread Production Logbook: Where you will be having exclusive access to detailed 6 Months (24 Weeks) activities on bread production in a bakery.   

 Value = N7,000

Bakery Industrial Training Report: Quality I.T Report on bread production in a bakery you’ll have to edit, print out and use as yours.

 Value = N3,000

The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria: Where you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes during your logbook filling, report writing and defense/presentation in order to get good grade and performances.

 Value = N2,000

Total Value = N12,000

That means if you calculate all the prices above,

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You can always go back whenever you need help when filling in your logbook, report writing and defense/presentation.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss for any reason if you’re undergoing your industrial training in a Bakery.

How To Conveniently Get Your “Bread Production Logbook” Copy Today



Online Payment 

Pay with your ATM Card or through your Bank now and get INSTANT ACCESS to the package, even at midnight. 

Secure Order Form – 100% Protected Safe & C.B.N Approved.

You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you’ll be redirected to the page to view and download the logbook and the included bonuses. 

Your download starts immediately you make payment.


Bank Deposit, Online/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc.

STEP 1:  Make a deposit/transfer of N6,200 into the bank account below:

  • 0430103606
  • GTBank

STEP 2:  After payment, send a text or whatsapp message to 07034990583. 

The message should contain the following details:

  • Bread Production Logbook
  • Account (Depositor) Name
  • Proof of Payment
  • Email Address

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll be given INSTANT ACCESS to the logbook and the included bonuses. 

You can access this package with any smartphone (Android, Windows or IOS).

You can also access it with any computer.

It does not matter your phone type… as long as the phone can do Facebook and Whatsapp, it will be able to access this package. Simple!

Almost all devices (Android, Windows or IOS) can open Microsoft Word Documents and PDF’s automatically (inbuilt function).

But in case your own phone or tablet doesn’t or can’t open these files automatically, I’ll recommend you to download and install WPS OFFICE from Google Play Store which you’ll then use in opening these files.

I’ll advise you not to use phone in editing the report, because some phones do hang, the report could get scattered or texts could mistakenly get deleted.

Instead make use of a laptop, or desktop in editing and formatting the report. 

If you don’t have a system, you can get one from your friends to use or visit the nearest cybercafe around you.

Yes!  You can always pay with your ATM or Bank Account Number through Paystack (Click HERE) or you can also pay via Transfer Options (Mobile, ATM Transfer, Paga, Quickteller etc.).

SIWES Beginner is always available even during public holidays including every Saturday and Sunday.

Once the Current Discount offer expires, the Bread Production Logbook will go back to its original price of N7,000.

All the above stated Bonuses will no longer be available for free, except you are ready to get them for their various prices.

If you pay online through Paystack using your ATM Card or Bank Account Number, once your payment is successful, you will immediately be redirected to the page where you will get the products.

Also, copies will be sent to your email so that you can keep having access even if you lose your device.

If you pay through Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other means, after your payment is successful, send a text or whatsapp message containing your payment details to 07034990583.

The details to be sent are:

  • Bread Production Logbook
  • Your Account (Depositor) Name
  • Email Address
  • Proof of Payment

Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the access link to the products. Also, copies will be sent to your email so that you can keep having access even if you lose your device.

I know some people are not used to buying things online… Some people believe everything online is a scam.

But for this package, I can guarantee you 100% that you have nothing to worry about.

Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you.

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You can always reach me through text/whatsapp message on 07034990583 or email:

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