7 Apps That Give Free Data Daily for Unlimited Internet Access

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In this digital era, staying connected to the internet is essential to our daily life.

However, the cost of data subscriptions is getting out of hand, making it difficult for many people to stay connected to the internet, particularly those with low income.

Thankfully, there are several apps that provide free data, enabling users to surf the internet without worrying about high costs or data limits.

Even though many apps offer individuals access to free data, the terms and conditions of each app, as well as your location and cell service provider, may affect the awards, discounts, or promotional data plans they offer.

Apps That Give Free Data

Here are the apps that give free data for internet access:

1. Databack

Databack is a free data app that allows users to earn free mobile data by fulfilling tasks or offers.

Participants of the program can build up credits, which they can then use to purchase mobile data plans from their service providers.

The software monitors a user’s data usage and provides several opportunities to accumulate data credits free.

To achieve this, they can partake in tasks like downloading and testing out sponsored apps, viewing commercials, answering surveys, or taking part in other marketing activities.


  • Databack features a live data tracker, which helps users see the amount of data used by each app in real-time.
  • It has a data saver feature that enables you to save 20% of your data daily.
  • Data monitor.
  • Offline mode.
  • Free data recharge.

2. TaskBucks

TaskBucks app primary goal is to allow users to use their smartphones to earn money.

The software enables users to take part in activities like recommending friends, watching videos, installing and using many mobile applications.

Users can earn TaskBucks coins by performing these activities, which can be exchanged for gift cards, cell recharges, data packs, postpaid bill payments, and even real money using mobile wallets.

To provide these prizes to users, TaskBucks has formed partnerships with many brands and its referral program allows users to earn additional money, and can be converted to mobile data when they successfully convince people to get registered on the app.


  • Redemption history, which allows you to get back your past tasks and activities.
  • Viral stories that make it possible for users to get entertained right on the app.
  • Transfer to Paytm account.
  • Earning history.

3. Gigato

Gigato is a powerful free data app that offers its users free data for every app they use.

When users interact with sponsored content on the app, like installing and using other apps listed on their app, completing survey tasks, or watching movies, they can receive data incentives.

The data incentive is not limited in any way.

You can access the internet, browse websites, use other mobile applications, and engage in other online activities without using their usual mobile data plan.

The sponsors of the data incentives are different advertisers who work with Gigato to ensure their goals are accomplished.

Gigato collects money from advertisers when users interact with the sponsored material, and in return, it gives users free data.

By offering an alternative method of internet access, the program intends to assist users in locations with expensive or limited data plans to stay connected.


  • Presence of reselling platform.
  • Access to 16 partner apps that enable users to earn.
  • Gives its users access to data wallet, where they can easily store their earnings.
  • A user can use their app in toll-free mode.


SIMO is a local and international internet service provider that went live on the Google PlayStore on September 17, 2018.

It provides local and international internet connectivity for all Android phone users.

Without a SIM card, you only need to install SIMO and click the “Connect” button to access reliable and fast internet connections.

You can access the internet without a SIM card in over 130 countries and regions with SIMO installed on your Android phone.

No problem if there is no SIM or Wi-Fi.

However, this is not available for all mobile devices at the moment.


  • Does not require the use of a SIM card.
  • You can download it on your smartphone.
  • Free roaming.
  • Gives its users free data.
  • It does not require any mobile phone carrier.
  • Uses a virtual data sim which enables it to connect the internet to your phone.
  • Users can connect to the internet from over 130 countries across the globe.

5. PayTunes

The PayTunes app substitutes your ringtone with adverts, and you are paid for each call you receive, unlike Gigato, which requires you to complete various tasks to earn.

Although there are some safeguards for system gaming events, PayTunes blends in with how customers use their phones daily.

The rewards given for this aren’t extremely big, but if you receive up to 15 calls daily, you can get up to Rs. 150 each month.

This can be used for data, or you can also use it for other bills.


  • Has some safeguards to prevent system gaming.
  • It features an audio advertisement.
  • Users can earn money by just their phone ringing.
  • Listen to several music and podcast shows while using the app.
  • It is easy to track podcast reports using the app.

6. Earn Talktime

The Earn Talktime app lets you perform some tasks and get rewarded.

You can use the earnings from Earn Talktime to pay for other bills and prepaid recharges.

You can use the money you earn from recommending friends to top off your cell operator’s data plan.


  • Available for both Android and iOS users.
  • Earn Talktime has a feature that enables users to earn money when they download listed apps on the platform.
  • Referral programs.
  • Availability of vouchers and gift cards.

7. Opera News

Opera New’s free data app allows users to browse Opera News for free.

It is a stand-alone news application that provides you with the most recent information, popular web videos, and daily content streaming from over forty various topics, like football, entertainment, politics, and lifestyle.

Each day, MTN Opera News offers 50 MB of free data, while Airtel Opera News offers 100 MB of free internet access.

To gain access to this fantastic offer, all you have to do is download the app or buy any of the mentioned mobile network SIM cards.


  • Enables users to access videos and consistent content.
  • Allows for free downloads.
  • Features access to a constant internet connection for its users.


So many apps offer free data to their users, and we’ve discussed a few of them above.

All you have to do is download the one you would love to try out, register, and start performing tasks to earn rewards which can be converted to mobile network data.

Note that these apps do not work for all locations.

So, find the one that is available for your location.

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