Movies Download Sites ▷ Top 5 to Watch HD Films Free Online

To download a movie online, Netflix tops the chart of the best sites.

As a leading video streaming and content distribution platform, Netflix has helped hundreds of movies get across to millions of users worldwide.

However, the attention is turning to movie download sites that are free to access.

The sharp drop in Netflix’s user base and several other factors confirm that the online movie streaming and the downloading market are changing hands.

We have covered you if you have ever wondered about the best sites to download movies free.

This blog post will find the top five (5) movie download sites you can start using today.

What is a Free Movie Download Site?

As the name suggests, a free movie download site allows you to access, watch and download movies without paying a dime.

But you must expect these sites to develop various clickbait, ranging from ads to meeting the captcha requirements.

These movies are free and yours for the taking.

So, why aren’t you using any of these movies download sites yet?

Top 5 Free Movie Download Sites

Here are the best sites to stream and download movies for free on your PC, iOS and Android device.

5. O2TvSeries

O2TvSeries dubs itself the “Indian Web Series App,” but the platform movies are not limited to the Indian market.

You can find Hollywood and Chinese movies there too.

But that is not the primary feature that makes O2TvSeries outstanding.

It is one of the best free movie download sites because of the logical arrangements of the movies, so you can get to find them faster.

Here are the features we like the most about the site:

Intuitive Interface

For a site that offers quality and highly sought-after movies for free download, it is exciting to see that O2TvSeries take the user experience into account.

The interface is intuitive, and the navigation is smooth.

You get an idea of the latest movies on the site once you visit

The section is marked “Recently Added,” revealing the movies just added to the site.

Movie Sectioning

The site also sectioned the movies available based on the initial alphabet for those movies.

For example, a movie franchise like Power is categorized under “P-Q-R”, while Game of Thrones is placed under the “G-H-I” section.

Movie Stats

Once you click on a movie and the page loads, you see the statistics, including the ratings from O2TvSeries users who have watched the film.

The statistics also cover the number of series the movie has, the estimated runtime, the cast and the genres the film falls into.

A brief description of the movie and the number of views it has had on the site is also visible, so you get to know if it is worth downloading.

Multiple Download Options

Whether you like your movies in MP4 or High-Definition (HD), all those options are available on O2TvSeries.

Movie Preview

One exciting feature on the O2TvSeries free movie download site is that the movies have a preview.

Once you’ve selected the quality and checked through the captcha, you will have the movie on your browser.

That allows you to see it for some time and decide if it holds your interest before downloading it to your android device, PC or desktop.

4. FMovies

FMovies need no introduction, as it is one of the best free movie download sites and has been here for a long time.

One hallmark of using the site is that most of the movies are in High-Definition (HD), assuring you of quality content.

In addition, FMovies also support multi-platform access, meaning that you can use it on both smartphones and PCs.

Here are the additional features we like about the site:

A Huge Database

FMovies support both movies and TV shows.

Have the name of the movie you want to download off the head?

Use the search bar to look it up on the site.

FMovies also support several movie genres, such as Science Fiction (Sci-Fi), action, horror and thriller movies.

Filtration Systems

Users also filter the movies they want to download for free on FMovies.

The supported filtration systems are:

  • Genre
  • Movie Quality
  • Type of content (movies or TV shows).
  • Originating country of the film or TV shows.
  • The year they released the films or TV shows.

Movie and TV Shows’ Summary

On opening a movie or TV show on FMovies, you get to see the statistics, including the casts, runtime and genre.

The site also shows the summary of the movie, originating country, production team, and release date.

Online Commentary

FMovies added a Disqus discussion network section, allowing the users or viewers to drop their reviews of the movies or TV shows.

Online Streaming

Thanks to the supported online streaming feature, if you don’t wish to download movies or TV shows, it is easier to view them online.

Watch the content online and switch between quality, such as 360p to 1080p.

The online streaming feature includes closed captions, 10-second fast-forward and rewind buttons, fullscreen viewing, and Picture in Picture (PiP) mode.

3. 123Movies

123Movies is another movie download site you want to check out for quality content with many genres.

The site covers movies (both single and series) and TV shows in these genres:

  • Biography
  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Comedy action

123Movies is the best site to download American movies and TV shows without paying for them.

The site also supports movies originating from these countries:

  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • Belgium
  • Canada

You can also watch movies and TV shows online from the 123Movies website, only that this consumes more data.

2. NetNaija

NetNaija is an indigenous free movie download site for Nigerians and Africans.

The site covers more African movie content, although it adds some foreign movies from time to time.

We like downloading movies for free from NetNaija because of these reasons:

Access to Latest Movies

Any African and international movie that has made it to the cinemas will be available on NetNaija.

As one of the largest movie databases in Africa, the site assures the users of non-stop access to the latest movies worldwide.

Download Movies and the Subtitles

The fact is that some movies need subtitles to help the viewers understand the plot.

NetNaija fulfils that purpose by providing both the movie and subtitle download links.

The site has hosted the movies on several servers to ensure that the download process is hitch-free.

So, if the first server doesn’t work, the second would.

Extensive Coverage

NetNaija covers not only movies but also comedies, skits, documentaries and television shows culled from different countries.

On the flip side, we don’t enjoy using NetNaija for this reason:

  • Some movies consume much storage, most running into over 200 Megabytes.

1. YouTube

People turn to YouTube for different reasons.

Some do so to get the latest information from top videos, while others want to binge-watch their favourite movie series.

However, YouTube has become more than just an online movie streaming site.

It is now one site from where millions of movie lovers get to download their favourite movies.

Downloading your favourite movies from YouTube can sometimes be tactical, considering that the original idea is for the site to be used for streaming purposes.

That notwithstanding, here are the best ways to download movies for free on YouTube:

Look up the Movie Channels

YouTube Channels exist for a reason; to help you find video content faster.

Your first step would be looking up the channels on YouTube that cover the movies you are interested in.

First, start by segmenting your favourite movies by genre.

If you like action movies, look up the term “Action Movie YouTube Channels” on Google.

You are likely to find the channels that cover that genre.

Download Movies to Your YouTube App

The easiest way to download movies for free is by using the YouTube mobile application.

Once you find the movie, press the “Download” button so it downloads to the app from where you can view it offline.

Use a Third-Party Website to Download YouTube Movies for Free

Not all users want to have free movies downloaded to the YouTube mobile application.

Some want to download these movies to their device storage, so they get to transfer them to external devices.

Using a third-party website is your best option if you fall into the latter category.

We recommend using en.SaveFromNet, the official site, to download YouTube videos.

Here are the steps to download movies from the site:

Copy the Video Link

Start by copying the link or URL of the YouTube video.

You can do that by either highlighting the address bar and copying the link or clicking on the “Share” button below the video and clicking on “Copy Link.”

Paste the Link on en.SaveFromNet

Paste the copied link on the column provided for that on the end.SaveFromNet website.

Select the Download Option

The site automatically runs a check on the link and shows a preview of the video’s title and runtime.

You can now click on the button on the right-hand side to select the download option, whether it should be in MP3 or MP4.

Choose the preferred storage location for the video on your device and wait for the download to complete.

What to Check before Downloading Movies from Free Sites

Running preliminary checks on these sites helps you to find out if they meet the requirements for the device you are using.

For example, some movie download sites work better on mobile than on a Personal Computer (PC).

Here are the tips on how to choose the best site for your next free movie download:

1. The Type of Supported Movies

Most of these sites support both movie series and television shows.

Some of them go overboard, an example being O2TvSeries, which has a dedicated section for wrestling.

2. Check the Video Quality

What is the movie quality supported by these free movie download sites?

The quality of 360 pixels and 480 pixels is typical, but O2TvSeries and NetNaija offer High-Definition (HD) variants of the movies.

3. User Experience

That these sites offer movies for free doesn’t mean that they don’t make the users uncomfortable.

You want to check how easy it is to use these sites, starting from the sleekness of the theme, the categorization of the movies and the quick navigation.

You also want to check if the sites have a search bar because it is easier to find the movies and TV shows you are looking for.

Another critical aspect of the user experience you want to check is whether the site has ads.

It is common to see ads on sites like O2TvSeries, NetNaija and FMovies.

However, the goal is to ensure that these ads do not overly interrupt your navigation and use of the free movie download sites.

4. Streaming Option

Check if the sites support online streaming because you want to see some parts of the movies before deciding on downloading or not.

The online streaming option should include essential functions like Fullscreen view, pause button, and forward and rewind buttons.

5. The Frequency of Updating the Database

It is one thing to use a free movie download site.

It is another thing entirely to be sure the site adds new movies.

We are impressed with O2TvSeries’ constant updates of movies, especially the series.

It can take between 24 hours and three days from the time of releasing a series or a part of the existing series before the site updates the content.

6. How Safe are the Free Movie Download Sites?

As much as you are looking to get new movies for free, you don’t want to endanger your device.

Although some of these movies download sites claim to be secure, that sometimes seems far from the truth.

The best defense line is to install an antivirus on your device (smartphone or PC) before downloading the movies from these sites.

Additional Free HD Film Download Sites

Here is a list of other websites you can check out when looking to download movies and TV shows online for free:

  • Daily Motion
  • AZMovies
  • MovieNoLimit
  • AviMobileMovies
  • My Download Tube

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Downloading movies for free online is possible without subscribing, even when you don’t have a Netflix premium account or want to stream on YouTube.

You can use the likes of O2TvSeries, FMovies and 123Movies to stream and download your favourite movies.

Which free movie download sites do you use?

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