How to Do Yahoo on Phone and Cash Out $7k to Bank Account

The rate of unemployment and hardship in Nigeria is forcing the youths to learn how to do yahoo on phone and cash out.

Yahoo boys are named so after one of the biggest Internet companies on the planet – Yahoo!, because many scammers often use its free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes years back.

In Nigeria, yahoo boys are people who carry out 419 frauds.

Internet fraud has grown like wildfire in Nigeria, Ghana, the UAE, Cyprus, Malaysia, America, China, and India.

Because of its fast rise in trend and being afraid of unemployment, learning how to do Yahoo has become the only means of livelihood for thousands of youths as unemployment continues to rise daily.

But what’s the use of having thousands and millions if you end up miserable, killed every day by guilt and alone?

What use is money if there’s no moment or daily rest?

During the day, you live a NORMAL life, but during the night, you live like an ANIMAL.

Once you’ve joined, there’s no going back.

The cries, pains, and curses of those you scammed will haunt you till you die.

Why become an internet fraudster when there are lots of legitimate and easy businesses that can make you loads of money here in Nigeria?

To achieve their aim, Yahoo boys go as far as bathing and ingesting concoctions, lodging in hotels for a period (a part of a spiritual fornication process), agreeing to madness for a particular period.

They sometimes fall victim to many false prophets who are out to milk them dry.

Of course, a greedy person can never get enough.

Some of the outrageous activities yahoo boys and girls now engage in include:

  • Dance Rituals.
  • Short Term Madness.
  • Spiritual Fortification.

How to Do Yahoo on Phone and Cash Out

There are legit ways to make money without learning how to do yahoo.

1. Have a Business Online

If you already have an existing business, all you must do is bring it to the online space and make money.

Selling your business online allows not only you to make money; it gives your business worldwide visibility.

This is because, no matter what you are selling, there are always ready buyers for them.

2. Have a Digital Skill and Offer Service

Digital skills like content writing, digital marketing, graphics designing, blogging, and others are selling this year.

If you have a digital skill, you can offer it online to clients with your phone to make money.

Online services like social media managers, virtual assistants, book editing and proofreading, and affiliate marketing are lucrative digital services you can also offer.

All you must do is look for people who need your needs and then sell them to them at a price.

There are several websites that offer freelance work opportunities.

Here are five of the most popular:

  • Fiverr: Fiverr is a website where freelancers can offer their services for $5 per task. Services offered on the site include writing, graphic design, video editing, and more.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a website that connects freelancers with clients who need their services. Freelancers can sign up for free and create profiles that showcase their skills and experience.
  • PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a website that allows freelancers to find short-term projects. Projects posted on the site range from writing articles to designing logos to creating websites.
  • Guru: Guru is a website that helps businesses connect with freelancers who can provide the services they need. Freelancers can browse through projects and submit proposals to clients.
  • Freelancer: Freelancer is a website where freelancers can find both long-term and short-term projects. The site offers a variety of services, including web development, writing, graphic design, and more.

3. Promote Others Businesses

One way to make money with your phone in Nigeria is to promote others’ businesses through drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

There are many big businesses online that offer you discounts when people buy their products through you.

Also, there are businesses online that allow you to sell their products at any price you wish.

4. YouTube Videos

You can get money by uploading videos you’ve created with your camera or phone to YouTube.

YouTube is an online video-sharing service.

You can become wealthy and famous, thanks to it.

You can animate anything, and you can discuss anything.

Simply post it to YouTube and distribute it via social media. Improve your brand.

When your films receive more views, you can earn money from them via affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and other monetization.

5. Online Tutoring

Having a phone gives you direct access to the internet and online learning platforms you can earn from.

Are you good at something?

If you are knowledgeable and have the skill to impact your knowledge on others, you can start an online tutoring class that people can access and pay for.

It can be as an individual or a large class option.

You can pick out a particular subject you are very confident in and impact the knowledge on other people and as well make a reasonable income.

Simply register on one of those platforms and offer your knowledge for a fee.

These days, you do not even need a professional camera or studio.

Instead, you can simply make a video with your phone’s camera, as far as it is decent enough.

If your content is good, people will keep coming.

Tools You Need to Make Money with Your Phone

1. Android Phone

The fact is, you cannot make money using just any phone.

You need a good android phone because android phones are high-end phones.

2. Internet Data

Data is life.

It is almost impossible to make money online anywhere in the world without a good internet connection.

3. Time

To make money online, dedicate a substantial amount of time.

If you are truly committed, and you dedicate enough time, in no distant time, make millions.

4. Constant Power Supply

To make money using your mobile phone, you will need to have a constant electricity supply.

You might need to get a generating set or a power bank.

This is so that you are not out of power at any point in time.

You need to be aware of the common mistakes people make when trying to make money with their phones so you can avoid them.

Here are the most common mistakes:

  • Being impatient.
  • Giving up too soon.
  • Not being organized.
  • Not doing their research.
  • Not having a simple goal or strategy.
  • Pursuing the wrong opportunities.
  • Starting without a plan or budget.


There are many legit ways to make money in Nigeria without needing to learn how to do yahoo on phone.

These include selling your skill online, offering digital services, and selling other people’s products to make money.

I wish you success this month.

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