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Jumia Affiliate Program ▷ Join and Earn ₦205k Per Month

What is the Jumia Affiliate Program?

Jumia is the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, with its marketplace supported by its proprietary logistics business, Jumia Logistics, and its digital payment and FinTech platform, JumiaPay.

Jumia affiliate program is an avenue for individuals to make money online by promoting goods and services and get paid a commission for each successful transaction.

So, are you a business owner, worker, student, or content creator and looking to earn monthly from the comfort of your home?

Then take advantage of the Jumia Affiliate Program.

To join the program, you need an active website or social media page and dedication to grow your revenue in the program.

You can join regardless of whether you work with other advertising networks.

There are no start-up fees or other costs associated with joining this affiliate program.

It is free to sign up, and free to add banners and links of your merchants to your site.

As an affiliate, you earn up to 11% commission on every item sold.

30 days cookie lifetime, which means you earn commissions if the customer makes purchases within 30days, dedicated support team, weekly campaign update and advertorial banners to display on your website.

You can also become a premium affiliate for increased conversions.

There’s a minimum payout of ₦2,500 and affiliates are paid via bank transfers.

Confirmed commissions are paid during the first week of the next month for a previous month.

Unconfirmed commissions are confirmed the following month and paid together with that month’s commission.

How Jumia Affiliate Program Works

1. Register

Start working immediately if you are an affiliate or receive approval within a week if you’re a content creator/influencer.

2. Advertise

Promote Jumia’s various campaigns and enjoy tracking links for up to 7 days, as well as discount codes.

3. Earn

Get compensated for your sales with the payment method you choose at the end of every month.

Who Can Register?

1. Micro-Influencer/Creator

You identify yourself as a content creator who loves to give recommendations and reviews to your loyal followers (minimum 5k).

2. Mega-Influencer

You are an individual with huge and well-established social media followers.

Your posts are enough to make your followers want to purchase that item as soon as possible!

3. Affiliate

You have a website or social media page that allows you to operate in the fields of Cashback, Deals, Reviews, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Price Comparisons, or similar ventures.

Jumia Affiliate Commissions

Category Commission
Fashion 8%
Watches and
Services and Deals 8%
Weddings 8%
Baby, Toys, and Kids 6%
Health and Beauty 6%
Temptations 6%
Top Searched 5%
Sports and Fitness 4%
Dark and Lovely 3%
Default 3%
Phones and Tablets 2%
Home and Office 2%
Computing 2%
Cameras and Electronics 2%
Books, Movies and Music 2%
Automobile 2%
Travel Bags and
Brand Store 2%
Clearance Sales 1%
Games and Consoles 1%
Groceries 1%

How to Make Money Online from Jumia

To make money from the Jumia Affiliate Program, you must register online and sell their products.

You get paid if someone you refer to Jumia via your affiliate banner/link buys something.

If you refer one million customers to Jumia and none make a purchase, Jumia won’t pay you a dime.

So, you must sell, sell, and sell.

You can easily refer customers to Jumia by placing Jumia ad banners and text links on your blog or website. If you are using banners, ensure you choose banners according to your target audience and place them in clearly visible positions on your blog.

You can write about their products in your blog posts and embed your affiliate links in the posts.

If you have an existing blog post that is related to a product at Jumia, you can also add your link to such a post.

Keep driving traffic to your blog and always track your performance at the Jumia affiliate platform.

Once you reach your payment threshold, you can request your earnings to be paid to your bank account.

If you have questions, kindly contact ( for further help.

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  1. Hello,

    You just need a little update to have the correct info about the Jumia KOL Program.

    Our payout limit is 2 Euros which is lower than what you have here and our commission level is also up to 7% and not 11%.

    Our payments are automated once you reach the payout limit and you don’t have to request or withdraw your earned commissions.

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