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31 Best Handwork to Learn in Nigeria (Earn ₦205k Monthly)

If you are in search of the best skills and handwork to learn in Nigeria as a student, man, or lady, we have got the top recommendations for you in this guide.

In the contemporary Nigerian state, which is littered with problems of unemployment and underemployment, there are skills and vocations.

Also, there is handwork to learn for both ladies and gents to fulfill their potential and contribute to the GDP growth of the country.

That the unemployment rate in Nigeria is at its all-time highest of 33% in 2024.

With an inflation rate of 23% according to Google, it is now exceedingly important for youth to dive into the ocean of opportunities.

To learn handwork to achieve the biblical allusion of heaven helping those who help themselves.

There are many handwork and vocational skills in Nigeria that you could learn.

In this article, we will delve into the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn that is lucrative and easier.

Getting started…

Skill and Handwork to Learn in Nigeria

A skill is the learned ability to perform an action with determined results, with good execution often within an amount of time, energy, or both.

Skill usually requires certain environmental stimuli and situations to assess the level of skill being shown and used.

A handwork, sometimes more precisely expressed as handicraft, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by one’s hand or by using only simple, non-automated related tools.

It is a traditional main sector of craft making and applies to a wide range of creative and design activities that are related to making things with one’s hands and skill, as distinguished from work by machine.

Best Handwork to Learn in Nigeria 

Here is the list of profitable handwork for men and ladies in Nigeria to learn and earn money:

31. Bead Making

Bead making is age long.

A bead is an ornament that is within and beyond the shores of Africa.

They are of various colours and forms.

Because of the beautifying effects it has on the beholder, it has become a household beauty product.

Beads in Africa also have traditional relevance, as they are a symbol of royalty.

Therefore, making beads a piece is not only an asset of royals but also an aesthetic possession of the populace.

Bead making can be learned by both men and women in Nigeria.

It is easy to learn because it leaves so much room for personal creativity and aesthetic appeal.

Beads are used for necklaces, bracelets, anklets, waist beads, and fly curtains, among other usages.

The materials for bead making are relatively cheap, promising some good profit, and the instruments to do it are not much compared to other handwork.

30. Hat Making

Have you looked up on a Sunday in your church to see someone putting on a hat?

The elegance, grace, and the bravado that comes with wearing one of these priceless objects need to be examined repeatedly.

What makes hat-making a lovely venture is that it cuts across genders and ages.

Young or old, men or women, a hat looks great on all.

This makes it one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

29. Handbags Making

Handbags are not only a means of carrying luggage, items, and possessions longer.

It is also a very important luxury and the completion of a dress code for women.

Handbags are majorly made of leather materials.

As an item of luxury, it is most times expensive depending on the quality of the material used, therefore it promises returns.

Vendi, Gucci, and other designers started somewhere.

You too can, but you need to learn the act of making a bag before venturing into the business.

28. Shoemaking

From mules to comfy, to soccer boots, to leather shoes, to flip-flops, shoes are not just an expression of luxury or class but also a necessity for all ages and gender.

Being one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn, shoe making is as old as the time Homosapien realized the protection needed by the tender skin that we stand upon on our feet.

They are designed in various sizes, colours, and forms.

27. 3D Wallpaper Design

As the world is developing, so is our outlook and aesthetic definition.

Still, much in vogue is wall screening and painting, 3D painting is the contemporary beauty in our homes.

3D wallpaper design is another best handwork both ladies and gents can do and make some good cash for themselves.

26. Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs

Can you count the number of banking halls, shops, homes, offices, and other organizations that use air conditioning in Nigeria?

If you cannot count them, that number is the list of your potential customers when you are an air conditioning technician.

Being a temperate region, Nigeria and Nigerians need the use of air conditioning as an alternative way of ventilating their places of residence.

You can become a technician through physical training, as you will need to learn physical activities, such as drilling the wall and knowing where the wire enters and comes out.

25. Solar Panels and Installation

Another best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn is solar panels and installation.

Because of the epileptic supply of power in Nigeria cum the presence of sunlight and the semi-zero maintenance of the solar power generation plant.

It has become a household alternative to the services of power distribution companies.

Being a solution provider of a service or an alternative to the present power problem will make you millions.

Remember, human beings face many problems.

They only give money to the people who can solve them.

24. House Painting

Apart from the newly introduced 3D wallpaper, wall painting is still relevant to any day and time.

People still want to beautify their homes, offices, and buildings with beautifully mixed paints.

Anywhere there is a wall, there is a job for a painter.

Just imagine you are hired by any house, complex, or building owner to beautify their walls as an inspiration already.

Some paintings come with drawings for places such as schools and churches.

You are a step closer to raking in good cash by learning this handwork.

23. Floor Tiling

Nigerians, to beautify their houses, have moved an inch higher from the use of fiber rugs and carpets to the use of tiles.

There are probably no modern houses you get into without tiles nowadays.

Floor and wall tiling stays as it has been accepted by Nigerians over the past three decades.

It is economical, as it can be used without replacement for decades.

As against the rugs that need to be changed every other year, because they are affected by water, and smell bad when wet.

Tilling has become handwork that is here to stay, and it is open to both males and females.

22. Cake Baking

Cake baking is one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

Cake is not a traditional food of Nigerians.

It has, however, been embraced by a good population of Nigerians to colour our events and outings.

The cake is delicious, inviting for decoration, and beautiful in sight.

It is mostly loved by young children as it contains a good amount of sugar.

In events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, people use cakes as souvenirs and party food.

21. Snacks Making

Snack making is a very lucrative business that requires less start-up and doesn’t need extensive training before one can start making snacks.

They are appetizers but have become a priceless stopgap fix to hunger, especially when it goes with your favorite beverage.

Snacks can be sold anywhere and almost everyone eats them.

It can become your side hustle and you can grow big in it, provided you are in a wonderful location and you master the craft well.

20. Catering and Event Planning

Gone are the days when wives in the family gather to cook at family functions.

These days, caterers and event planners do the work.

Also, because of their proven effectiveness over the years, caterers have become an indispensable part of functions and events in Nigeria.

The average Nigerian is a party lover.

People look for every avenue to celebrate, from funerals to graduation, marriages, and naming ceremonies.

Apart from cooking for people, they also decorate the hall or the venue and help in serving the food to the people.

However, it is tasking work, but highly rewarding.

19. Make-up Artist

From movies to the beauty pageant, from events to casually going out, makeup has become an integral part of our lives, especially the women folks.

It has become of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

Women are very conscious of the way they look, and it is clear in the glamorous and fancy looks we cherish when we look at them.

This is to tell us that the work of a make-up artist will always be needed.

It is also important to note that it is a skill that can be learned online through YouTube and other social media.

However, starting the business after training requires little capital, and it attracts a good amount of money in return.

18. Graphic Design

What sells most in this age is information, and the presentation of such information is as important as the information itself.

Therefore, graphic design has become one of the most sorted skills in cyberspace.

The skill is through training and constant practice.

To go into graphics design, there is a need to have an android device or a PC.

People learn online as well as in computer centers.

Organizations, blogs, and websites need graphic designers in numbers, and you can be employed by one or provide freelance service and get paid per job.

17. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is one lucrative skill that is highly demanded in Nigeria presently.

Making hair has been done for ages, because there is a need to look beautiful and neat.

Unkempt people are not taken to be sane.

Hairdressing in modern times is not only for ladies, as men are also making cool cash from making hair for people.

In fact, some women prefer a male hairdresser to a female.

However, hairdressing needs to be learned in a shop.

It is not a skill one can learn online.

Learning to be a hairdresser and a makeup artist will be cool because it makes a complete package.

16. Barbing

Hair grows on our heads almost every day, and when it is left for a long time, it becomes shabby.

Barbing as handwork entails different styles and cuts for people with a taper.

A barber shop is on almost every street to show how lucrative and sought after it is.

You can become one through physical training in a barber shop near you.

15. Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile handsets have become a popular necessity and luxury with the start of the new millennium.

Phones, tablets, and laptops are mobile and comfortable to use.

They malfunction only when they have issues with either their software or hardware.

Software problems like viruses and Trojans, and hardware problems like screen and touch and off and on buttons, among others.

You rarely see people without a phone today.

If the population of people who use phones is getting higher by the day, the lucrative phone repairs are as handwork for the technicians.

14. Photography and Videography

As a people, we love to recall and remember events in the past, and that is why photos and videos were invented.

Photography will always be relevant handwork as people want to always have their memories in store to relive happenings in the past

From organizational events to individual celebrations and family functions, there is a need to have photos and videos.

Recently, people are doing great exploits with their editing skills.

They are useful in comedies and series.

Comedians, TikTok influencers, and celebrities all need the service of a talented photographer to cover their events and lifestyle.

13. Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting abstracts, objects, and people is an age-long profession.

It has existed even before cameras.

Because we can argue that drawing is a talent, it also needs to be learned to perfect the talent.

Some people’s offices and homes are not well decorated until works of art are hung on the walls.

Those are your prospects as an artist.

12. Car Mechanic

This is another lucrative and one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

There are so many cars as almost the number of families in Nigeria.

Over 10 million cars are registered in Nigeria as of 2024.

An average mechanic in Nigeria makes around ₦‎91,000 in a month.

Private mechanics can make up to tenfold of that.

11. Aluminum Works

Gone are the days when we use wooden windows and louvers for our homes and offices.

Nowadays, people get the service of aluminum fabricators to fix their windows and slide doors.

Its uniqueness covers its affordability, eco-friendly, durability as it can last for over three decades, thermal efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Search for an aluminum fabricator in your immediate environment and learn the act of aluminum fabrication.

10. Welding Works

Welding is the act of joining two or more metals, and thermoplastics using heat and pressure or two to form a new structure.

It allows you to work in a wide range of industries, such as construction, automotive, aeronautics, and shipping.

Although, welding is difficult to learn as it’s a hands-on skill that cannot be taught by reading alone.

It takes between 2 to 3 years to learn and can be less for fast learners.

9. Furniture Making

Furniture making is one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

It is an act of turning wood, plastic, leather, and metals into a piece of furniture.

It entails using raw materials or semi-processed materials to make pieces of furniture.

The furniture business promises a good profit margin, and that makes it a worthwhile investment.

8. Fashion Designing

The third basic need for humans after food and health is clothing.

Fashion designing is the act of creating clothes from fabrics.

Clothes are worn to protect the body from direct heat or cold, to cover nakedness, and to bring out our shape and beauty.

A fashion designer creates original apparel and accessories.

Drawing on fashion trends and deep knowledge of textiles and style, designers turn their vision into reality.

Careers in fashion design also require business training.

Successful designers blend creativity with solid skills in marketing, sales, and management.

7. Carpentry

Carpentry is a skilled trade and a craft in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials during construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork, etc.

It entails the joining of wood in building construction.

It is one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

6. Plumbing

Plumbing is a very lucrative and highly sought-after skill in Nigeria.

It entails creating pipes to channel water and sewage.

Plumbing is as old as 4000 BC to 2000 BC.

It originated in Egypt.

Typically, it takes about two years for plumbing training at a trade school.

Meanwhile, apprenticeships can take two to five years, depending on the program.

The benefits of learning to plumb in a trade school include flexibility in where you work after training, as well as more control over your education.

5. Interlock Paving Making

In the manufacture of paving stones containing concrete, a special mixture is first got by mixing certain proportions of aggregate, water, and cement.

Then, this semi-liquid concrete is poured into molds in the desired shape.

In a paving stone-making machine, this mixture becomes an interlocking paving stone after several processes.

4. Food Processing and Packaging

In this era of the internet and social media, people have realized that branding is as important as goods.

Producers, therefore, maximize their profit and marketability through packaging and branding.

One of those packaged goods is food items such as cassava flour, yam flour, garri, and others.

You don’t need to be the producer of a product before branding, all you need is a sure plug for a good sellable product.

3. Driving

Driving skills could be termed as one of the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

This is because transportation is one of the most important needs of human beings.

There is a need for people to move from one place to another or for goods to be moved from one destination to the other.

Driving can bring a consistent source of income, especially commercial driving.

You can learn how to drive a truck, a bus, a car, or even a tricycle.

A tricycle driver who is the least on the cadre can earn at least ₦5000 in a day, minus the expenses and remittance.

Now imagine what a truck driver can earn in a day.

To become an excellent driver, you need to learn from a good driving school and get certified.

2. Farming

Farming is the cultivation of land for crop production and the rearing of animals.

Farming is still one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

It is a capital-intensive investment, so there is a need to learn the basic skills needed for successful farming tenure.

However, you can learn on the job via mentorship from experienced farmers.

1. ICT

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an element of many industries, allowing companies to use different tools to complete everyday tasks like sending emails and using programming languages to build proprietary business software.

Having any level of competency in ICT skills as a Nigerian can allow you to pursue a job that involves working with technology.

This can include helping users with tasks on computers, such as making video calls, searching on the internet, or using a mobile device like a tablet or phone.

ICT skills can also include any direct interaction with technology, including turning on a computer, using hardware to print and copy documents, and using digital cameras to capture photographs or video footage.

Hand Work That Pays Well in Nigeria

Here is the list of hand work that pays well in Nigeria to learn:

  • ICT
  • Farming
  • Driving
  • Food Processing and Packaging
  • Interlock Paving Making
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Fashion Designing
  • Furniture Making
  • Welding Works
  • Aluminum Works
  • Car Mechanic
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Photography and Videography
  • Mobile Phone Repair
  • Barbing
  • Hairdressing
  • Graphic Design
  • Make-up Artist
  • Catering and Event Planning
  • Snacks Making
  • Cake Baking
  • Floor Tiling
  • House Painting
  • Solar Panels and Installation
  • Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs
  • 3D Wallpaper Design
  • Shoemaking
  • Handbags Making
  • Hat Making
  • Bead Making

Handwork and business which is better?

The choice between handwork and business depends on various factors, including personal preferences, skills, resources, and goals.

Both handwork and business have their own advantages and considerations.

Handwork, also known as manual labor or skilled craftsmanship, involves using physical skills and expertise to create or produce goods or provide services.

It often requires specialized training, such as in crafts, trades, arts, or other manual skills.

Handwork can offer a sense of satisfaction from creating tangible, high-quality products or delivering personalized services.

It allows for direct involvement in the production process and can provide a strong connection to one’s work.

However, it may have limitations in terms of scalability, income potential, and market demand for specific handcrafted products or services.

Business involves identifying market opportunities, managing operations, and providing products or services to customers in a more systematic and scalable manner.

It often requires entrepreneurial skills, strategic thinking, and business acumen.

Running a business offers the potential for growth, increased income, and the opportunity to build a brand or company.

It allows for leveraging resources, expanding into new markets, and adapting to changing customer needs.

Business endeavors may require additional knowledge, investment, and managerial responsibilities, and they can come with risks and uncertainties.

Ultimately, the choice between handwork and business depends on your individual interests, skills, resources, and long-term goals.

Some individuals may find fulfillment in pursuing handwork as a passion or artistic expression, while others may thrive in the dynamic and strategic environment of running a business.

It is important to assess your own strengths, preferences, and ambitions to determine which path aligns best with your aspirations and circumstances.

Best Handwork to Learn

Choosing the right handwork to learn can be a personal and subjective decision based on your interests, skills, and goals.

Take the time to explore different handwork options, research, and even try out a few different activities before making a final decision.

You can also seek advice from professionals or individuals experienced in the handwork fields you are considering gaining insights and guidance.

Remember that learning a handwork skill is a journey, and it is okay to start with one and pivot or explore other skills as you progress and discover new interests along the way.


An idle hand is the devil’s workshop, so they say.

It will be of great displeasure that despite promises of a good life by these handworks, a youth, either male or female, is idle or engage in fraud or prostitution instead of learning one of these highly profitable handworks.

So many people could become CEO of a multinational, but do not have the right knowledge and information on what they could do to start.

In this article, we have discussed extensively the best handwork for both men and ladies in Nigeria to learn.

Meanwhile, most of these handworks are easy to start and lucrative.

All you need is a guide or training from experts, and you are ready.

I wish you luck as you begin your journey to the self-employed world.

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