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10 Legit Sites That Pay $5 Daily to Watch Videos in Nigeria

With the economic situation of the country, learning how to make money online in Nigeria watching videos isn’t bad.

Presently in Nigeria, there are many ways to make money online.

Some of the most common means of making money online is by rendering skills or selling products and getting paid.

These two means are various forms by which people explore in many creative ways to make money online in Nigeria.

As regards selling of products to make money online, this could be through sourcing for potential buyers online and selling physical products like shoes bags, food, gadgets, etc to them.

While for non-physical products through the same means, it could be selling items like softwares, soft copy of books, website links, etc.

Another means of making money online could be through the rendering of services using skills.

This is most common as freelancing.

Freelancing is basically a way of rendering services as skills to people in need, usually under a short term paid contract or agreement.

With the sophistication of the internet, it has now become much easier for people to make money online rendering services.

Some are from many such services as digital marketing, content writing, graphic design, affiliate marketing, transcribing, video editing using mastered skills.

The aforementioned services are amongst the many trending means by which many people in Nigeria now make money online.

However, it is noteworthy to mention another rewarding way which is fast gaining popularity.

This way of making money online in Nigeria is simply by watching videos.

The videos could be in different forms (video ads or movie reviews) and watched through different online platforms.

However, these watched videos get reactions from people as opinions and data for research.

Also, they can just be for the sake of website engagement.

Some of such websites or platforms are as survey sites, rewards sites, YouTube, etc.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria by Watching Videos

Here are the steps to make money online by watching videos in Nigeria:

  • Register on sites that pay Nigerians to watch videos online.
  • Follow the website guides/instructions.
  • Comply with the listed terms and conditions.
  • Start watching the videos on the website.
  • Upon successfully completing the watching duration of enlisted videos, you’ll be notified of successful task completion on the platform.
  • Afterwards, a reward is given.
  • Submit your payment details.
  • Withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

10 Best Sites That Pay to Watch Videos Online in Nigeria

Sites That Pay to Watch Videos Online in Nigeria

Here are the legit sites to watch videos online and get paid in Nigeria:

1. Swagbucks

Apart from being the highest paying platform for having its viewers watch videos, Swagbucks is also one of the top-rated sites Nigerians can make money online watching videos.

To earn money from Swagbucks, proceed to your web browser and search for the website

Sign-up and start earning money by exploring the website’s many earning opportunities, such as participating in online surveys, watching of video ads, watching trending videos, etc.

2. QuickRewards

Having existed since 2002, QuickRewards has been one of the earliest known tasks for reward platforms.

Just like other known reward sites, users engage in designed tasks such as watching videos, which by effect earn them points and get paid.

With a fast payment duration of about 3 days, users get their money with no minimum withdrawal clause.

This makes it even a more readily touted option from the list of known rewarding websites.

3. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is among the websites that pay for viewing ads in Nigeria.

Upon completing video watching, users earn points which can be converted to cash.

InboxPounds also have additional activities, such as taking part in surveys that can earn users of the platform additional points.

It’s been observed that going through the mail notification of InboxPounds’ deals.

Also, making internet searches through website pages – can boost earned rewards when converted to cash.

4. WeAre8

WeAre8 is a website that adds a twist to the opportunity of its users being able to make money online by watching videos.

It does this with integrating a charity scheme in which part of your earnings make contributions to.

The common video type on WeAre8 are video ads rated with earning points of 10-20p.

For each video, after brief test questions at the completion of such videos.

Once the total points earned by the viewers have reached £1, it can be withdrawn and cashed out into a PayPal account, used in paying EE mobile-bill, as well as paid into preferred charity.

5. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is also a platform based on reviews that gives people the opportunity to make money online by watching videos.

This is done through submitted reviews of tasks such as watched videos, listening to enlisted songs, and even survey participation.

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a splendid avenue with promising opportunities to make money online by watching videos.

Just like some of the aforementioned platforms above, PrizeRebel gives you the opportunity to take part in surveys and earn money from such engagements.

Withdrawals can be made using PayPal as processing of requested funds takes about 24hrs.

Faster compared to the aforementioned platforms.

Earned points can be boosted on PrizeRebel through referrals and following shared tips on their social media pages.

7. Fusion Cash

Through Fusion cash, viewers can make money from the advertising proceeds of the platform.

What’s required of you is to watch their video ads, which is more like a symbiotic relationship where profits from views are shared, this time between you as the viewer and the platform.

With this, the higher the number of videos you watch, the higher your revenue.

Upon joining Fusion Cash by signing up, users have an automatic bonus of $5.

Though compared to other platforms, the downside of Fusion Cash is that the minimum withdrawable amount is $25.

Meanwhile, it can take a while to gather a significant amount of money.

8. GrabPoints

Another website notable for mentioning how to make money online in Nigeria by watching videos is GrabPoints.

GrabPoints lets users choose videos in line with their desired interests and give them points upon completed views.

These points can be cashed out upon aggregation under 48 hours.

This makes GrabPoints one of the fastest payment paying platforms, especially using gift cards and PayPal.

9. KashKick

KashKick is a platform mainly designed to get reviews or feedback from people about created entities such as apps, games, websites and videos.

With these array of options, users can choose whichever they find interesting and give their genuine observation, and where need be recommendations.

Users on KashKick get rewarded with points which they can convert to cash and withdraw.

10. iRazoo

iRazoo is another platform where you as a user can make money online in Nigeria by watching videos.

The mode of operation and reward system of the platform is the same as many other platforms that reward users for watching videos.

You either use their website or through their mobile applications.

Additionally, iRazoo rewards their users for tasks like downloading certain applications, playing online games.

You also get rewarded for carrying enlisted tasks on their social media platforms, etc.

For new users who may not be familiar with iRazoo’s reward system, it takes about 100days for gaining points to be withdrawable through visa gift cards.

Also, new users should know that 6,000 iRazoo points are an equivalent to $10.


Making money online has become relatively easier with the aid of the internet, especially through many platforms.

So, for people looking to make more, the shared insight in this article can give them crucial information about how to make money online in Nigeria watching videos.

It is expected that from successful explorations of the enlisted platforms and many more available on the internet.

You can start making money if you have never explored the possibility of making money online.

And if you already have a source of making money but are interested in making more money through alternative means of livelihood (otherwise known as passive income).

You can try these websites that pay for viewing ads and videos in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading!

We hope this article is helpful.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

We wish you luck on your journey to making money online.

We will look forward to having you back to read more interesting and informative posts.

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  1. Thanks for the information on watching of Videos.

    It was quite informative.

    I think for a Nigerian to earn a reasonable amount of money watching online videos.

    He or she should endeavour to register in multiple website or apps that are offering such programs.

    Registering on a few website or apps limit the amount to be earned considering the fact that the website or apps pays very little and it also takes more time to accumulate much.

    However, one of the drawback about this video watching platforms be it website or apps is that some of them place restrictions on Nigerian membership.

    If you attempt to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network or Server, the Nigerian online worker risks getting banned.

    There is also the issue of paypal.

    Some of the best paying platform pay its members through paypal but Nigerian are restricted from using paypal to receive International payment.

    These brings some kinds of setbacks to many creative online workers in Nigeria.

    Thanks for sharing.

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