How to Pass NECO 2024 Excellently [Get Very Good Result]

Pass NECO ExaminationWill you be registering for NECO and writing the examination this year? Do you wish to prepare well and pass NECO examination by scoring A’s in all your subjects?

If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.

Lot of students believe NECO is very difficult, and it is almost impossible to score an A!

Well, passing NECO is not really difficult, the problem is that many candidates use the wrong method to prepare for the examination.

In this article, you’ll learn and get helpful answers today on:

  • How to pass English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in NECO
  • NECO most repeated topics and questions
  • How to prepare and pass NECO successfully in one sitting
  • Syllabus, preparation app, secrets, tricks and tips for NECO success
  • How to read and pass NECO without stress
  • Ways to pass NECO using past questions
  • How to prepare and pass NECO in one week, two weeks, one month, two months
  • NECO area of concentration
  • Mistakes students make in NECO
  • NECO exam format, guideline and likely questions
  • How to make 9 A’s in NECO
  • NECO lesson and online practice test

So, I will really advise you to take your time to read carefully till the end.

Trust me, after reading this post, and using the information it provides effectively, you will score nothing less than a “C” in your NECO subjects.

Getting started…

What is NECO?

National Examinations Council was created with a vision to prepare and administer standard, credible nationally and internationally acceptable examinations and to become a major player in the global assessment industry.

National Examinations Council mandate is to conduct: National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE), Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Internal and External.

Why Do Most Students Fail NECO Examination?

Most students fail NECO examination and get poor grades for these reasons:

  • Answering questions the wrong way.
  • Bad education system
  • Bad reading habit
  • Dependence on examination malpractice (expo)
  • Lack of early preparation
  • Lack of reading instructions carefully
  • Laziness
  • Not attending classes and tutorials
  • Social media distraction
  • Studying without past questions and syllabus

So, if you really want to pass NECO, you must overcome these causes of failure.

Moving further, it is also important to know more about NECO examination, especially if you haven’t written the exam before.

Here we go!

NECO Registration Requirements

  • You must be in the senior secondary school in a private or public school.
  • Know the subjects you want to register.
  • Have the registration fees.
  • Get a personal email address and know the password.
  • Know your date of birth.
  • Have a personal phone number.
  • Know the correct spelling of your name (Surname, First name, and Middle name).
  • Know your local government and state of origin.
  • Know your residential address.
  • Be ready for the examination.

Materials Needed to Pass NECO Examination

1. NECO Past Questions and Answers

Over the last few years, NECO has been repeating all her previously ask examination questions.

Studying NECO past questions and answers is not only important, it is a must for every candidate writing the exam.

2. A Stopwatch

In order to master time management, you need to have a stopwatch to use when practicing with past questions.

Time management is important in NECO examination and if you do not learn how to manage your time, it is possible to fail the examination even when the questions are easy.

3. NECO Syllabus

A syllabus is a document that contains all the topics from which questions can be asked in a particular examination.

Currently, many students don’t know the usefulness of NECO syllabus but I must tell you the truth, making use of the syllabus when reading for your examination will help you a lot.

4. Notebook

You also need a notebook or big jotter to write all the important things you have learned while studying.

When you write in your notebook, you can easily go back to it later to see what you have learned so far.

Steps to Passing NECO Examination in One Sitting

1. Believe in Yourself [Be Confident]

One important key to success is self-confidence.

As you prepare for NECO, you must develop a positive mindset towards your exam.

Don’t say, “NECO is very hard and I will fail” and don’t be discouraged and deceived by anyone telling you cannot pass NECO in one sitting on your own.

Have the mentality, “If others passed NECO in the past, then I will be like them.

If anyone has ever told you that NECO is hard or difficult that you won’t make it, please reject it.

Always try to be positive, no matter what.

See yourself on the good side.

Even if this year’s NECO is not your first time, it doesn’t mean that you cannot pass NECO this time around.

If you sit for this year’s NECO examination with a refined mindset, nothing will make you fail.

You have to understand that there is power in spoken words and creativity starts in the mind.

2. Start Reading for NECO Now

Early practice is excellent for you.

The best time to prepare for NECO is immediately you enter SS2, and the next best time to prepare is now!

Never wait until NECO registration ends before you prepare.

It is only lazy students that are not ready to pass that wait until a day before the exam before they will start having sleepless night pretending to be studying.

How to Read for NECO

  • Ask questions if you are finding any topic difficult. Look for any teacher or someone that knows it to make the question clear to you.
  • Avoid procrastination, do not postpone your reading to next time, read according to your timetable.
  • Develop a good reading habit; this is the only way you can familiarize yourself with how NECO set their questions.
  • Do not assume you know any topic. Some topics usually look as if you already know it. Reread it until you understand it very well.
  • Use different textbooks, and preferably recommended textbooks.
  • Jot down key points in your jotter.
  • Reading out of points is the major reason many intelligent students fail NECO. Always calm down and understand the major points of each topic before moving over to another topic.
  • Don’t get discouraged when certain subjects or topics are annoying. Keep on practicing until you master everything. Never give up and never say never.
  • Have a study timetable. You should give more time to subjects you have problems with. In order words, focus more on your weak point BUT do not totally neglect your strong points!

3. Target Good Grades and Read Hard to Actualize It

If you have decided to pass NECO this year, the next thing you should do is to set targets for yourself and walk towards its actualization.

Write the number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, and Fs you want to get in your examination this year.

If you want no F and E, then you should start planning well for it now.

Create a study timetable and master plan to achieve your goals.

4. Study Consistently

“CONSISTENCY is KEY” if you want to pass the NECO examination this year without expo!

Be consistent in your study habits, don’t read and stop the next day.

The more frequently you study, the more you cover and the more you get to revise each topic.

When you keep on studying every day, you will keep learning every day.

The only thing that kills consistency is procrastination.

Stop procrastinating. Keep on reading until you achieve your aim.

Attending regular classes is also important.

Take those questions you can’t solve on your own to your teachers in your lesson center and ask them to help you out.

5. Prepare with the Best Textbooks

Some textbooks many candidates study for NECO are not comprehensive enough and they end up cramming unnecessary things that will never come out in the exam!

If you are ready to pass the NECO exam this year, you need to make use of the best and effective textbooks in your reading.

The best textbooks are the ones that all the topics are explained very well in such a way that anyone who read the textbook will understand it effectively.

To pass excellently, you can use the recommended JAMB and WAEC textbooks in reading for NECO too.

6. Read with NECO Syllabus

Making use of the syllabus will guide you through your reading process.

The syllabus contains the list of topics, sub-topics and what NECO examiners expect you to know.

Find the Syllabus for NECO and use it wisely.

In case you can’t find it, use the WAEC syllabus. They contain the same topics.

If you can cover everything using the right study techniques, you will definitely pass NECO easily this year.

7. Get and Study More of NECO Past Questions and Answers

As a student who wishes to pass NECO in one sitting and get straight A’s, you need past questions.

NECO past questions and answers are sold in good bookshops around.

The school where you registered could offer to give you past questions.

If you have been looking for NECO repeated questions in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Government, Biology, Accounting, Commerce, CRS, IRS, Economics, Geography, Agricultural science and other subjects, then your answer lies in NECO past questions!

Get your NECO past questions today (hard copy or soft copy) and start using them to prepare for the upcoming examination.

Do not just read past questions; answer past questions.

Ensure to understand and solve each problem.

If you find any question difficult while attempting past questions, then consult your book for broad knowledge about the topic.

Also, put yourself in examination mode while studying past question.

Set the time you want to finish solving all the questions.

This will help to improve your speed and accuracy in the exam hall.

8. Join Legit NECO Online Groups

Joining educational NECO WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups will help you get the latest information about the examination, and you will ask your fellow candidates questions.

Also, avoid any group were things related to expo/runz are been discussed or posted because it can make you fail, you can be scammed and will face a lot of consequences.

9. Find Reading Partners if You Can

Reading alone can be boring, especially when you find it difficult to understand a particular topic.

For the sake of passing NECO this year, you can create a reading group with your serious friends or better still find a reading partner.

If reading in groups doesn’t work out for you, then read alone and do what works best for you.

10. Attend Good NECO Tutorial/Lessons

Your secondary school may not teach you enough to pass NECO.

Also, some teachers won’t complete the syllabus for the examination.

That is why you need to consider attending an excellent lesson/tutorial centre to be brushed up by the tutors/teachers and also get to ask more questions on topics you didn’t understand clearly in school.

Whenever you are reading at home and you do not understand, jot it down once you get to the tutorial center the next day show your teacher to put you through.

11. Always Attend Classes

In order to avoid F9 and get straight A’s in your upcoming examination, attend classes regularly.

You will do you well in NECO.

Do not feel too big to learn from teachers, no matter how small or dull they may be.

12. Always Revise Your Notebooks

Because you have read doesn’t mean you are now perfect.

An excellent student will always revise his or her books.

As a student who wants to smash his or her results once and for all, it is important you revise your books.

Always go through what you have read repeatedly.

13. Test Yourself

Test yourself once in a while, answer full one year past questions on your own without checking the answers and then mark to see your score.

One way to test yourself and check how prepared you are for the exam is to meet your fellow students and let them set questions from the textbooks or past questions for you to solve.

Also, always practice and solve various examples and exercises.

For example, when you see lots of examples in Mathematics and Physics textbooks, try your hands and brain on them and ensure to finally get the correct answers because most times NECO copy these examples and set questions from them.

Practice as many examples in your books as possible once you understand the topic.

Move over to exercises and solve some problems.

If you can get the exercises correct, that means you have understood the topic.

14. Always Arrive Early to Exam Centre/Venue

As a candidate writing exam, it’s always advisable to arrive at your examination center at least 30 minutes or even one hour before the exam time because rushing to the exam hall may cause poor performance and reduce your score.

Another dangerous aspect of it is that it may cause missing out or unawareness.

But if you make yourself available at your exam venue as early as possible, then you will not miss out on getting any information.

15. Be Prayerful

“Prayer is the Key”, in case you don’t believe.

No matter what religion you are in, if you really want to pass the NECO examination this year, just pray for God’s help in your exam and your prayers will be answered.

Find time to pray every day for your exam, divine protection, safety, long-healthy life, prosperity and help from God.

In case you don’t know, the examiner can fail all candidates in a centre if there is any trace of examination malpractice.

So, pray not to have a general result problem with your centre and other unforeseen circumstances, too.

Difference Between NECO and WAEC

NECO is a national examination while WAEC is international.

NECO is only for Nigerian students while WAEC is for only five West African countries, namely: Nigeria, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Is NECO tougher than WAEC?

NECO examination is actually easy, but based on research findings in Nigeria, it was found that the exam is more difficult than that of WAEC and NABTEB, and that might have been one reason for the recent mass failure.

Can I Get NECO Expo Questions and Answers?

This is another question NECO candidates ask.

For one reason or the other, most people like to cheat and cut corners.

Yes, you can get NECO expo questions and answers.

People do NECO expo.

They get answers sent to them on the exam day.

However, this is not reliable or advisable.

Study for NECO as if you don’t have any alternative.

The more you study, the less difficult the exam will be for you and the less expo you will need.

How to Get NECO Past Questions?

  • You can get NECO past questions online.
  • They are also sold in good bookshops around you.
  • The school where you registered could offer to give you past questions.
  • Check if there is a NECO questions app for your school on Google Playstore.

When will NECO Release Results?

NECO takes up to three months or more to release results.

Results are getting released even faster these days because of many candidates using awaiting results for admission.

NECO Awaiting result simply means registering for JAMB and Post UTME when you have not written NECO or when you are yet to get the NECO results.

Awaiting results is allowed, but you need to upload them to the JAMB portal immediately after they are released.

Can I Pass NECO without Expo or Runs?

Like I always say, it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead.

So long as the examination is concerned, it is either you succeed or you fail.

To succeed or fail is all about your choice, plans, and actions.

Many people might have told you the opposite.

But trust me, you can pass NECO without malpractice.

Hot Topics to Read for NECO

As usual, there are certain topics NECO enjoys asking questions about.

They repeat past questions.

NECO love asking mathematics questions under indices, logarithm, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, surds, geometry and trigonometry, change of subject formula, sets and probability.

For NECO English – comprehension passages, summary, synonyms, antonyms and idioms usually carry the biggest portion.

Why NECO Seize Results?

So many candidates will say, “I have not seen my NECO result yet.”

This happens especially when your result has been withheld.

Malpractice is one thing that can make NECO withhold your result this year.

You need to be careful in your plans to engage in malpractice.

Can I Gain Admission with NECO in 2024?

Yes, your admission can be sure this year with your excellent NECO result.


Using the tips given in this article, preparing for and passing NECO this year will be easy for you.

How you prepare, and what you read for NECO, are important factors that will determine your performance.

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to pass the NECO examination?

Please share with friends and don’t fail to comment expressing your mind concerning this article.

I wish you success in your examination.

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