Get Quality SIWES Report Samples Now!

The SIWES/Industrial Training Report should be prepared for almost every period of your employment.

This report is needed for your school grades and serves as a foundation and training for professional development and future career, as almost every career will require report writing at some point.

Therefore, it’s a necessity to get and have quality I.T/SIWES report samples.

SIWES Report Purpose 

The aim of the report is to state in record your personal performance and summarize your whole experience on the work.

It can be your trial work for the graduation project.

It will also be used to test if the required skills and experience have been gained.

SIWES Report Samples Available For Sale

Report samples currently available for sale are for training’s undergo in a:

  • Medical Laboratory
  • Bakery (Bread Production)
  • Water Production Factory
  • Dialysis Centre
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • NAFDAC (HPLC Laboratory)
  • Catfish Farm
  • Poultry Farm
  • Botanical/Horticultural Garden
  • Food Analysis Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Store (Store keeping)
  • Poly Bag Production Industry
  • School Administration Department
  • Micro-finance Bank


These SIWES Report Samples are responsive on all devices.

In order to allow you get your own report sample(s) cheaper and fast regardless of where you stay in Nigeria, it has been made available as a digital product in Microsoft Word format for you to easily download, edit and print out in hard copies.

This means immediately you make payment, you will be granted instant access to download the report sample which can be accessed through any phone, iPad or computer and a copy will also be sent to your email.

But not only that…

When you successfully order for your copy of any of the available “Industrial Training Reports” or get a new one written for you today,

You will be getting one amazing bonus delivered to you.

Bonus: The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria

What you stand to learn from this SPECIAL eBook:

Rules to abide by before, during and after your report writing.

Rules to abide by before, during and after your oral defense/presentation.

Format for your SIWES defense/presentation.

How to answer questions correctly during your defense/presentation.

Mistakes to avoid before and during your defense/presentation.

On a normal day, “The Key Secrets To A Successful SIWES In Nigeria” eBook is sold for N2,000.

But, if you act fast today and pay for any report sample(s), you’ll be getting this special eBook for FREE without paying any extra charge.

So, What’s This Going To Cost You?

Available SIWES/I.T Report Samples sells for just…

Here’s How To Conveniently Get Your Own Report Copy 

Bank Deposit, Online/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc.

STEP 1:  Make a deposit/transfer of N5,000 into the bank account below:

  • 0430103606
  • GTBank

STEP 2After payment, send a text or whatsapp message containing your payment details to 07034990583.

The details to be sent are:

  • Report Type e.g. Lab Report
  • Account (Depositor) Name
  • Email Address
  • Proof of Payment

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll be sent a download link to the report soft copy of your choice within 10 minutes.

The report samples are in Microsoft Word (doc.) formats.

When you get your own copy(s), you can easily be able to edit it, print out in hard copies and submit as yours.

How much will I pay for two different report types?

If you’re making payment for let’s say, two (2) different report copies e.g. Bakery and Hospital Report, the price will be N8,000 instead of N10,000  (i.e. N5,000 x 2).

But if it is payment for just one report type e.g. Bakery report only, it cost just N5,000.

Can I get a new report(s) written for me?

Yes, you can get your report(s) written for just N7,000 only. The report writing will commence once payment is made and confirmed.

And the report will be delivered to you in Microsoft Word (doc.) format in 3 – 4 days.

Can you help me finish up my report writing?

Yes, your report can be completed immediately for you, if you’re busy or perhaps encountered difficulty during the report writing.

The price depends on the chapters (write-ups) to be completed.

Can you help me go through my report?

Yes, you can easily get your written report(s) reviewed for free. It’ll be checked for possible mistakes and you’ll be told and shown the necessary corrections to be made.

What type of device can I use to access this package?

You can access this package with any smartphone (Android, Windows or IOS).

You can also access it with any computer. It does not matter your phone type… as long as the phone can access Facebook and WhatsApp, it will be able to access this package. Simple!

Is there any application needed to open the report(s) on my device?

Almost all devices (Android, Windows or IOS) can open Microsoft Word Documents and PDF’s automatically (inbuilt function).

But in case your own phone or tablet doesn’t open Microsoft Word Documents or PDF’s automatically, I’ll recommend you to download and install WPS OFFICE from Google Play Store which you’ll then use in opening, editing and saving the report.

Should I edit the report with my phone or a laptop?

I’ll advise you not to use phone in editing the report, because some phones do hang, the report could get scattered or texts could mistakenly get deleted.

Instead make use of a laptop, or desktop in editing and formatting the report.

If you don’t have a system, you can get from your friends to use or visit the nearest cybercafé around you.

If I order now for my report copy, how do I get it?

When you pay through Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer or any other means, after your payment is successful, send a text or whatsapp message containing your payment details to 07034990583.

The details to be sent are:

  • Report Type
  • Your Account (Depositor) Name
  • Email Address
  • Proof of Payment

Once your payment is verified, you will be sent the access link to the report plus bonus.

Also, copies will be sent to your email so that you can keep having access even if you lose your device.

How am I sure I’ll get my report(s) after payment?

I know some people are not used to buying things online… Some people believe everything online is a scam.

But for this package, I can guarantee you 100% that you have nothing to worry about.

Once your payment is being verified, your package will be sent across to you.

And you’ll get a copy delivered to your email address so that you can keep accessing it even if you lose your phone.

Will I be able to contact you after purchasing my copy?

The simple answer is YES!

You can always reach me through text/whatsapp message on 07034990583.

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