Top 9 Courses Considered Useless to Study in Nigeria (Worst)

Are you planning to attend higher institutions soon? Then you need to read this article on courses considered useless to study today in Nigeria before you apply for them.

You might have heard from people around you that there are, in fact, some useless courses in Nigeria.

This is because these courses have lower employment rates, and lower career opportunity is considered in Nigeria.

Although these courses are not exactly useless in other countries, considering the country’s economic situation, it is advisable not to enroll in them.

Hence, in this write-up, we will list all courses considered useless to study in Nigeria today.

Top 9 Courses Considered Useless to Study Today in Nigeria

Although there are several courses in Nigerian institutions, some have employment rates that are a tad lower than the rest.

These courses have therefore been ranked higher amongst other useless courses in Nigeria.

As an aspiring undergraduate student, there are certain factors you will need to consider before you choose a major to study at the polytechnic or university.

You should also research the course you wish to study at any Nigerian university or polytechnic.

There are, however, certain majors a Nigerian youth should not study, even if the school offers you the major.

Why is this?

This is because these majors have very low employment rates in the country.

In addition, they are useless in promoting the country’s economic situation; so they are deemed useless.

Here is the list of the courses considered useless to study today in Nigeria:

1. Anthropology

Anthropology is a social science major which deals with the detailed study of human and societal behavior.

This course has a very low employment rate in an economically challenged country like Nigeria.

A lot of social science majors, for example, Anthropology, are not relevant in promoting Nigeria’s economic crisis.

Anthropology, which studies the human body system and societal behavior, has a low employment rate in the country.

Therefore, it is certainly one of the worst majors in Nigeria you can ever study if you intend to get employment after graduating from college.

This course is not ideal for getting a good job after school.

2. Sociology

Sociology is likewise a social science major that deals with studying social life, change, and the social reasons and outcomes of human behavior.

This major is another honourable course that has, however, also been tagged as a useless course of study in Nigeria.

The major, which extensively deals with comprehending humans and their social exchanges, is not profitable in countries with wounded economics like Nigeria, unlike other developed countries.

It is definitely a waste of time to study sociology if you do not have the money or connection in Nigeria.

Many sociology graduates always end up underemployed or unemployed after graduating from school.

Unlike other well-developed countries, sociology is neither in request nor profitable in Nigeria.

A lot of sociologists end up being unemployed, as they do not fit into many industries in Nigeria.

Thus, it is one course considered useless to study today in Nigeria.

3. Zoology

Zoology is a course that deals with the study of and science of animals.

Universities in Nigeria trick aspiring students into believing it is a profitable course and then offer it to many students who cannot meet up with their chosen courses.

The major is not sellable in a country like Nigeria, where wildlife is not appreciated.

Most zoologists toil to get better-paying jobs after graduating because they do not fit into many industries in Nigeria.

4. Social Studies

Another of the courses considered useless to study today in Nigeria is Social Studies.

An important major like Social Studies is useless because there’s no place for it in the Nigerian economy.

Almost all graduates of Social Studies end up being high school teachers simply because there are low or no employment opportunities for them.

5. Library Science

Library Science is also another useless course to study in Nigeria today.

Even though over 95% of students did not apply for this course, schools force them to learn it because they are not qualified for their chosen courses.

If you are searching for admission into a Nigerian university, Library Science is one of the many majors you should definitely and avoid.

The few libraries available in Nigeria and the job opportunities present compete with graduates of Library and Information Science.

Graduates of library science are limited to job opportunities because many Nigerians lack reading habits, and there are no functional libraries in Nigeria.

Moreso, technologies are taking the place of most library scientists.

This course is not worth studying.

Thus, if you do not have the connections to secure jobs, you should never enroll in Library Science.

6. Horticulture

Despite the lucrativeness of Agriculture, there are, however, some of its branches that are totally unproductive and should never be studied in Nigeria.

Horticulture, the study of ornamental plants, trees, and vegetables, is unfortunately among the most useless courses to study in Nigeria today.

The Nigerian economy can’t compare to the economy of the developed nations in the world, where ornamental plants are especially appreciated.

So, there are few or no employment opportunities for graduates of this course.

Except you plan to begin your own flower business, which will definitely close a few years later, and will ultimately be a waste of the 4 years of study of the course.

Therefore, horticulture is one course considered useless to study today in Nigerian universities.

7. Botany

Botany is a major that deals with the scientific study of plants.

This course is very good; however, countries like Nigeria do not appreciate it that much.

As Nigeria does not really appreciate agriculture and farmers alike, botany, which is the study of plants, is not also taken seriously.

In addition, the employment rate for many botanists is very low, and they, therefore, struggle to get high-paying jobs.

8. Home Economics

Home Economics is a major that deals with home management.

Their study includes human development and relationships, personal finance and family finance, wellness, food science, and nutrition.

It is a good major with unique talents that can be expanded in study.

Unfortunately, it is among the useless majors in Nigeria when the employment rate of its graduates and the economy is considered.

Home Economics is an incredible career path; however, it does not fit into the current harsh economic situation of Nigeria.

Almost all Home Economists find it hard to get employed.

They mostly end up as high school teachers.

It is not a good course to study in Nigeria, no doubt.

Therefore, spending years studying Home Economics in university might cause wasted effort in Nigeria.

However, if you intend to establish your own business after studying this major, it may be promising.

9. Crop Science

Crop Science is also one course considered useless to study today in Nigeria.

There are little or no job opportunities for this major after graduating, which makes it less profitable compared to others.

Many farmers in Nigeria do not see the need to learn this course except for some reputable companies.

This ultimately means you might not secure a good job without a connection.


There are so many courses considered useless to study today in Nigeria you should never think of.

Almost these courses are not profitable and have low employment rates.

Although these courses are not totally useless, with the economic situation of the country and the high unemployment rate, it is advisable not to enroll in them.

If you do not have the connections or money to secure high-paying jobs, avoid studying any of these listed above courses in Nigeria today.

All the majors listed above are very useful and are definitely profitable in other countries for those planning to study abroad.

They are also not totally useless, and you can still secure a job with them, even in Nigeria.

However, the employment rates for these courses are ridiculously low, as they are not important to Nigeria’s economy.

We advise you to think about this before enrolling in any of these listed courses.

We sincerely hope that you’ve benefited from this blog post.

Good luck!

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