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Plate Number Verification in Nigeria

The essence of FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria is to curb the high rate of fake plate numbers in the country.

Helping to reduce the increased crime rate, such as going on a robbery with a car and the law enforcement agencies not being able to track the car down because of unverified plate numbers.

The FRSC, pronounced as the Federal Road Safety Corps, is popularly known in Nigeria as an agency formed by the Federal Government to ensure safety and security on Nigerian roads.

One duty of the FRSC is to make sure that every vehicle plying on the Nigerian road has a verified plate number, and they achieve this goal using a plate number verification system, which every driver is expected to have.

If you are a car owner in Nigeria, you must have come across the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) or any other law enforcement agencies demanding to find out the genuineness of your car registration plate number.

I know by now you have questions like, is it a legal offense to drive a car without FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria?

What are the procedures for verifying a vehicle’s plate number in Nigeria? Hop in with me!

Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria

A vehicle plate number is often found at the rear of the car and serves as the vehicle’s official legal identification.

This number serves as a way of identifying the car for various purposes.

There can be incidents of robbery, car theft, or even accidents.

Occasionally, the best way to determine the vehicle owner involved in an incident is by looking up the plate’s owner. This helps a great deal.

By the number on the plate, which is usually in a prominent location at the back and front of the car, you will get to know who owns the vehicle involved in such an act.

Vehicles in Nigeria must have a plate verification number as a legal document.

Reasons to Do your FRSC Plate Number Verification in Nigeria

Besides ensuring that your vehicle’s plate number is valid, here are a few other reasons you must get your plate number verified:

1. Ensure Road Safety

Ensuring road safety is among the important reasons you must do your FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria.

Law enforcement agencies will find it challenging to track your vehicle in case of an accident.

It will also be hard to trail a car when there is traffic infringement if you don’t verify your plate number.

2. Avoiding Penalties

There is a fine for having an invalid plate number if law enforcement agencies get hold of your vehicle.

You can reduce unnecessary fines and penalties by verifying your vehicle’s plate number.

3. Law Compliance

Not verifying your vehicle’s plate number in Nigeria is illegal and has a punishment attached to it.

So, it is a legal condition to get your car’s plate number verified in compliance with the law.

4. Sidestepping Impersonation

This is one of the main reasons for FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria.

When you have your plate number verified, you get to know its authenticity.

You also figure out if you are using a fake or stolen plate number for your car.

How to Verify Your Vehicle Plate Number in Nigeria

Here are the ways to do FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria:

1. Mobile SMS

You can do FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria via mobile phone SMS, and it’s quick and straightforward.

Follow the procedures below:

  • Go to your mobile phone SMS icon, click on it once it opens, type in verify plate number. Add the plate number you want to verify.
  • Make sure that the plate number you want to verify is correct.
  • Forward the SMS to 33324 and wait for the plate number information.

2. FRSC Portal

Like other agencies formed by the Federal Government operating in Nigeria have their official portal, FRSC also has a website where you can visit and get your plate number verification immediately.

However, so many vehicle owners in Nigeria are not aware of this.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Type the FRSC official website in the space assigned for plate number verification on your PC or mobile phone with an internet connection.
  • The link will redirect you to the space provided for the plate number you want to verify.
  • Ensure you type in the correct plate number with no mistakes. If not, you won’t get the desired result.
  • After that, click on the submit button and allow it to load. It will display the plate number information of the car you want to check.


Mobile application usage is another simple procedure for plate number verification in Nigeria.

FRSC has a mobile application like other agencies, where you can quickly get things done within minutes.

First, visit the Google play store and type the FRSC application.

Once it pops up, click and download it to your phone if you are using an android phone, or go to the App Store if you are an iPhone user.

Install the app on your phone and type in the plate number you want to verify in the space provided.

Ensure the plate number is correct and with space.

Tap on the verify button, and in seconds, the plate number information will appear on your screen.

This procedure can be done in two minutes with a good internet connection.

Other Ways to Verify Plate Number in Nigeria

There are also different ways you can get a car’s plate number checked when something occurs, and they are pretty simple. Check them below:

Using the influence of a friend or family member who works at the FRSC office.

In this method, you must provide the person with the plate number, and the information will be cross-checked immediately.

Also, when a car gets involved in an accident, and the plate number needs to be verified, all you have to do is report the incident to the police, who will help track the vehicle’s plate number.

With genuine reasons and the police force backup document, you can visit the FRSC office when you need a car’s plate number verification because of an incident that occurred.

They will provide you with all the information about the vehicle.

Don’t forget that hiring a private investigator can be more accessible but costs money.

You can consider that as well.

How long will it take to do the FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria?

The duration of time to do a plate number verification in Nigeria depends on the procedure you choose.

Using the FRSC is better and saves time when compared to other processes like visiting their office, hiring a private investigator, using the service of someone you know that works there, etc.

Is it possible to verify a vehicle’s plate number offline?

It is 100% possible to do FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria offline by visiting their office close to you.

Why is it important to do FRSC plate number verification?

It is essential to do plate number verification to find out if you are using a valid plate number or, in case of an accident or an issue involving another vehicle, it will help you track down the car.


Finally, it is essential and legal to verify your vehicle’s plate number to be sure it is valid and not fake.

FRSC plate number verification in Nigeria can help track a car involved in a hit-and-run accident, traffic violation, robbery, etc.

Also, checking a car’s plate number is pretty simple; you can get that done through the agency app or portal, visiting their office with a genuine reason and police legal backing document, private investigation, or using your influence if you have someone who works there.

We hope you find the article helpful.

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