WAEC Online Registration 2024 ▷ Guidelines and Requirements

If you are in your final year in secondary school and want to partake in the upcoming WASSCE, and you have been asking, how can I do WAEC registration online? 

When will WAEC 2024 start?

How much is the exam?

When is the exam going to start?

Then you are on the right page because here, we will give you all WAEC guidelines and every information you need to know about WAEC.

This article is specially written to educate the public, school owners, principals, parents, and final year secondary students that want to register for WAEC.

How much is the WAEC 2024 Form/Registration Fee?

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) announced the registration fee and form is Eighteen Thousand Naira (₦18,000).

Note that, in most cases, schools will always add some amount of money to it and may make it look huge.

These additional fees are miscellaneous fees, especially for private schools; they will have to add some money.

WAEC Registration Starting Date (2024)

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced 2nd February 2024 as the official date for the commencement of the WAEC registration 2024.

The WAEC 2024 offline registration starts from 2nd February 2024 to April 2024, while WAEC Online will be from 2nd February 2024 to 20th March 2024.

Registration Closing Date (Deadline) for WAEC 2024

WAEC closing dates for online and offline registration for the 2024 WAEC exam are April 2024 and 20th March 2024, respectively.

Note: The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has warned all schools that there won’t extend the deadline for 2024 WAEC registration.

There won’t be late registration for school candidates in 2024 WAEC, and the registration date won’t be extended as it has done in other years.

WAEC 2024 Examination Starting Date

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has slated the main exam date for school candidates to start on 9th May 2024, through 28th June 2024.

Requirements for WAEC Registration

Here are the eligibility requirements for WAEC registration:

  • Passport photographs
  • WAEC ePin
  • List of the subjects you want to register
  • Student Addresses
  • National Identity Number (NIN)

Registration Pin Portal for WAEC 2024

All WAEC school candidates are to carry out their registration on the school portal, while external WAEC candidates register directly on the official WAEC portal.

School candidates (internal candidate) registration portal is https://www.waeconline.org.ng/register/.

WAEC registration portal (private candidate portal) for external candidates is https://registration.waecdirect.org/.

How to Register for WAEC

Here are the steps to register for WAEC:

  • Visit the WAEC registration portal.
  • Navigate the area where you see “General Information.”
  • Click on “AVAILABLE SUBJECTS” to see all available subjects to be registered for WAEC.
  • Click on “AVAILABLE EXAM TOWNS” to choose where you want to sit for your exam as a candidate or where you want your student to sit for the exam as a registrar.
  • Click on “BIOMETRIC DATA CAPTURE SOFTWARE” available on the WAEC website to download the biometric data capture software.
  • Then click on “REGISTRATION FORM” to download the form for your students or to register for yourself as a candidate.
  • Finally, click on REGISTRATION CODE/PIN to download the pin/code.

WAEC Registration Procedure

1. Login

Every candidate must start their WAEC registration by capturing personal details and enrolling their fingerprint using biometric data capture software.

However, before you can download your biometric software from WAEC, you must have a fingerprint scanner.

If you don’t have a scanner, you can visit a registration center that has such facilities to scan your fingerprint.

While using the software, ensure your Surname, first name, and other names are captured through the software to have an effective registration.

2. Bio Data

In this section, it is required for you to enter your bio data, which includes your Date of Birth, Nationality, State of Origin, Gender, Marital Status, Maiden, and Disability.

One of WAEC’s rules is to ensure your name is not more than 40 characters; this includes the spaces between your Surname, first name, and middle name.

Also, choose NONE for disability information if you are not a disabled person.

3. Picture Capture Using Webcam

This is an important part of WAEC registration; if it is not done, then you are yet to register as a student or yet to register your student as a registrar.

Here, students must take pictures with a webcam with a given WAEC camera specification.

The standard WAEC camera specification is 2.0MP 720p USB 2.0 Color: High-Resolution RGB Support Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified 2.0-megapixel sensor up to 30 frames per second.

You can decide to use Microsoft LifeCam HD 300 webcam in this case because it will give you the best.

The pictures will be printed on your certificate and photocard as a student, so the pictures must be well snapped.

4. Contact Information

In this section, you are expected to supply all your important information, including email, telephone number, residential state, residential city, residential address, postal address, and state.

Adding phone numbers is compulsory for all candidates because this is where candidates will be contacted if there is any problem with the registration or with the exam.

5. Selection of Preferred Examination Town

In this section, you need to select the town and the state you wish to write the exam as a student or the location you want your student to write the exam as a registrar.

There is no need to write the town and state in this section.

The WAEC registration page already has all the accredited centers, so the system will automatically assign the exact center.

It is also important to know that once the examination town is selected and submitted, there cannot be an opportunity to change it again.

6. Subjects Selection

In this section, you will need to select the subjects you want to register for the exam.

Mathematics and English Language will be automatically selected for you by the registration page because they are compulsory for all departments.

Then, you must select other subjects you want to register for in the examination.

And you can only select a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of nine (9) subjects, Mathematics and English Language inclusive.

7. Declaration

In this stage, you must go through the declaration carefully and tick the checkboxes before you plan to submit the form.

Note that you won’t be able to proceed to another section if you don’t do this.

8. Submitting Registration

Then once you are done with the registration, you are required to use an ACCEPT button; then after you will see the preview of the details you are about to submit.

This stage is important because you will correct all your errors.

To correct your mistake here, click the EDIT button for the modification.

Then click the SAVE button to save your application form.

You know you can only change your registration form 3 times.

If you are in error free, you can click the SUBMIT button to submit your registration form.

After submission, there is no chance and opportunity to change your application anymore.

9. Printing of Admission Notice/Photo Card

After the successful registration and submission of your WAEC registration form, the WAEC page will allocate a center for you and generate a center examination number if you are registering yourself as a student.

If you are a registrar, you will enter your school registration number and activate examination numbers for your student.

You should print the admission notice/photo card page when you are done.

This is necessary because this document will be required before you can be allowed into the examination hall.

How to Register for the WAEC GCE?

The WAEC GCE was first introduced in 1951 for external candidates, also known as private candidates, who are not secondary students.

Undergraduate students mostly do this exam, but secondary school students can also do it.

Therefore, candidates of WAEC do not need to be a candidate of a school or pass through a school to register.

The difference between GCE WAEC and WASSCE is that school candidates do real practical work in the laboratory during exams.

But before then, exam bodies would have sent specimens to school to know the area where questions would come out.

While for WAEC GCE, specimens to prepare are not provided for candidates.

Here are the steps to register for WAEC GCE:

1. Make Payment

To register for WAEC, GCE candidates are expected to pay a registration fee at any of the following accredited WAEC bank branches or any accredited agent to get a registration PIN and information VCD from WAEC.

Here are the approved WAEC commercial bank:

  • Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • United Bank for Africa Plc
  • Unity Bank Plc
  • WEMA Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • Heritage Bank Plc
  • Jaiz Bank
  • Polaris Bank Ltd
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
  • Access Bank Plc
  • Ecobank Plc
  • Fidelity Bank Plc
  • First Bank of Nig
  • First City Monument Bank Plc
  • Standard Chartered Bank Plc
  • Sterling Bank Plc

Sometimes, candidates will have to pay an additional Five Hundred Naira (₦500) fee to a bank or accredited agent.

2. Visit Registration Portal

After successful payment in any bank, you will be given a registration PIN that the bank can only generate, then log on to https://registration.waecdirect.org/ for registration.

National Identification Number (NIN)

Every WAEC GCE candidate is expected to use the NIN for the registration exercise. It is compulsory.

Candidates with Special Needs

Candidates with special needs are also to register online, but they must state their impairments, such as hard to hear, speech, low vision, and speech.

Completion of Registration

Every candidate must conclude registration within two weeks of access to the website.

Candidates should ensure their names, photographs, dates of birth, subjects, nationality, and passport are correct.

They are also to print photocard/admission notice as evidence of registration will be a medium of identification during the examination.

How to Buy WAEC GCE Registration PIN Online from Remita

Before anyone can register for WAEC, there is a need to buy an ePin.

There are many methods to buy a GCE PIN, and remita.net is one.

Here are the steps to buy a GCE registration PIN:

  • Visit Remita 
  • Then click on BUY WAEC PIN
  • You will be automatically directed to Here.
  • Tap on the Name of Service/Purpose option to enable you to select the WAEC Registration pin.
  • The amount will already be filled for you.
  • Then Enter the Payer’s name, email, and phone number
  • Enter the email again for confirmation
  • Click on I’m not a robot
  • Click on SUBMIT to proceed
  • Then, enter your card number, expiry date, and CVV in their fields on the next page
  • Finally, select PAY NGN to complete the payment

After a successful payment, the PIN will display on your screen and be sent to your email.

How to Create GCE Registration Profile 2024

Before you can register for WAEC GCE, you must create a user profile using these steps:

  • First, generate your GCE PIN
  • Click on https://registration.waecdirect.org/
  • Tap on Start Registration
  • Enter any name as your username
  • Ensure you click on check availability to know if the username is still available
  • Then a password you can easily remember
  • Re-enter the password again for confirmation
  • Finally, enter your PIN to continue in the next stage

How Much is the WAEC GCE Registration Fee in 2024?

WAEC GCE Registration fee for external and private candidates is Eighteen Thousand Naira (₦18,000.00) and ₦500 charges if you are paying through commercial banks.

If you are paying through the Remita payment platform, you will pay a registration fee of Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira (₦18,500.00) only.

The amount for the WAEC GCE Walk-in registration is Thirty Thousand, Five Hundred Naira (₦30,500).

WAEC GCE Registration Date/Deadline 2024

The WAEC GCE usually comes up a few months after the WAEC exam, in the third quarter of the year.

The registration will start on 23rd August 2024 while the closing date is 17th October 2024, and the PIN generation closes on 15th October 2024.

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