How to Join DMW Record Label ▷ Get Signed By Davido OBO

As an up-and-coming artist, are you looking for that career-breaking move? Do you want to join the DMW record label owned by Davido?

A record label like DMW helps to sell you and your music to the world at large.

Obviously, there are many talented music artists roaming the streets and there are several others with a burning desire to be signed by this massive record label.

You can be the next member of the DMW.

It’s not as hard as it looks.

You just need the right guide.

This article is dedicated to providing you with the right information and every other thing you may need in order to get that dream deal.

DMW Record Label

Davido Music Worldwide, commonly stylized as DMW, is one of the biggest and leading record labels in Nigeria and even in Africa and the world at large.

DMW is owned by the multiple award-winning Afrobeats singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido.

The Afrobeats superstar founded DMW following his exit from HKN Music, a label he co-owned with his brother, Adewale Adeleke.

HKN Music was like a family record label, but with his quest for developing and grooming young talents, he had to establish DMW.

DMW was officially launched on the 18th of April, 2016 and has since become one of the most thriving record labels in the country.

Awards Won by DMW Record Label

Just a few months into its existence in 2016, DMW Record label was nominated for the ‘City People Music Awards’ the same year, but didn’t get to win, unfortunately.

However, in 2017 and 2018, the record label won the award consecutively.

In 2019, the award-winning record label also added another award to its name, winning ‘The Beatz Awards’.

Current Members of DMW Record Label 

DMW Record label is home to several talented artists, both established and young artists.

The members of the ’30 Billion Gang’ as is also called include Davido (the CEO), Dremo, Mayorkun, Yonda, Peruzzi, Idowest, DJ Ecool, Deekay, Deinde, May D, Ayanfe and even more recently, Liya.

The award-winning record label formerly had Ichaba, Lil Frosh, and Lola Rae within its ranks.

DMW has produced several hit songs, albums and more.

Why You May Need DMW Record Label

As an up-and-coming artist, you should know that joining just any record label may spell doom for your career.

You need a record label that is not just after the business part of your music career, but is also even more interested in nurturing you into a superstar, and one of such has to be DMW.

The ‘Davido Music Worldwide’ record label has nurtured several up-and-coming artists into superstars.

Music artists like Mayorkun and Dremo are just a few examples.

Also, having a record label like DMW gives you access to people and places which would be difficult to see or meet as an independent artist.

How Some Artists Made it into DMW

Joining one of the currently leading record labels entails gaining the attention of its boss and CEO.

Most of the artists under DMW gained the attention of the award-winning Afrobeats superstar, Davido.

Mayorkun was discovered by the DMW boss after he released a Keyboard session of Davido’s single, ‘The Money’.

This is what Mayorkun, in an interview, had to say about how he joined DMW:

“On Twitter. I was bored at the office, a bank, one day, just while I was pressing my phone, I impulsively posted a video I had recorded, where I was playing the Keyboard of one of Davido’s songs, ‘The Money’, on Twitter”.

After he posted the video on Twitter, Davido retweeted it and Boom! He got signed! And the trend continues to Dremo and several others.

DMW also has a way of promoting young talents even without signing them.

One of such is Lola Rae, who revealed it in a tweet.

Want to know how to get signed by Davido? Patiently go through this article.

What You Need in order to Be Signed by DMW

To be signed by DMW, the boss has to be convinced that you are worth the try.

Of course, it is an investment.

Do not waste your time sending DMs to tell Davido how musically talented and gifted you are.

Obviously, many others are doing same and if it were to be that simple, they would be in DMW by now, however, you can still try your luck though.

Moreso, as an up-and-coming artist, you should be able to know and do these:

1. Know that talent isn’t all

Obviously, there are many with the talent, but not all have been signed into this prestigious record label.

Getting into one of the best places entails being ahead of others, not with the talent alone, but also complementing it with other attributes.

Don’t be down just yet, be focused and stay determined.

After all, you don’t need to be an already established music artist in order to get signed into DMW.

2. Market yourself and your music

In order to gain the attention of the CEO of YBNL or even other notable record labels, you should be able to get yourself out there as much as possible.

As it is unlikely you’re going to get signed before you’re established, you need to prove that you’re worth the investment.

Of course, the internet is a massive tool to aid this task, use it well and sell yourself and your music to the world. You never can tell, you might be the next!

3. Make music that matches DMW Record Label

The ’30 Billion Gang’ family is known for producing various genres, but some are just more predominant.

By now you should know the music that is predominant among its many artists.

They will always be on the lookout for such talents.

While other forms of music that are not common to the label may also give you an opportunity to be signed by it, you should also know that such chances are slim.

4. Be Unique

Give them a reason to know that you’re different from others and why they should sign you and not others.

Your style of music should be unique.

Other attributes include creativity, artistry, diligence, commitment, etc.

Joining DMW with the aid of Social Media 

This is the easiest way to join the DMW.

It might not guarantee you instant success, but if you follow the process, you’ll make it.

Social media offers you ample opportunity to showcase your talent, build your fan base and gain recognition from several record labels, and not just DMW.

You should be able to do the following with the use of social media:

1. Follow DMW, its CEO and management staff

Clearly, Facebook shouldn’t be an option here. Your best bet is Instagram/or Twitter.

Davido is one of a few celebrities who often likes to engage with his fans.

2. Make quality freestyle videos and tag them

This should be your regular habit; not just a one-time something.

You may likely not get noticed the first time, just keep sending them.

Perhaps they just want to be convinced that you’re worth the try.

If two or more of your freestyles gets viral, then you can be rest assured that you have ‘hit the target’.

The boss might not notice you in person, but you can get recommended to him by any member of his management team who might have seen the video.

Your freestyle videos serves as your audition to very many record labels, be as serious with it as you would, if it were to be an audition.

3. Build your fan base

A record label is much more likely to sign an artist with an existing appreciable fan base compared to those with none.

Of course, they want you to add value to their brand.

You can be easily noticed when you must have built your fan base and perhaps, must have had like two or more of your freestyles trending on social media.

How to Contact DMW Record Label and Get Signed

After carefully following the guide, you can comfortably contact the award-winning record label and you might just get the chance.

As an artiste, here is how to get signed and join Davido DMW Record Label:

  • Select two or three of your best pre-recorded music.
  • Send it to the DMW boss via his verified handle, either on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Hope for the best, but if it doesn’t work, keep doing so.

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It is not a Herculean task to get signed into the DMW record label.

Some up-and-coming artists like you tried, and it worked for them.

Your case cannot just be different.

However, you can contact the DMW Record label either through the boss himself or through his management.

While going through the management may sound simpler, it may not really be.

Going through the management staff entails you must be the best.

Of course, they wouldn’t want to risk giving the boss an unproven artist.

Always remember that consistency and patience are key.

Good luck on your quest to becoming a member of the DMW family.

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