How to Join Mavin Records Label ▷ Get Signed By Don Jazzy

As an up-and-coming artist, are you in need of a record label for your music promotion? Do you want to join Mavin records label owned by Don Jazzy?

This article is dedicated to giving you the right information on how you can easily join Mavin Records.

You just need the right information, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Obviously, there are many talented music artists roaming the streets and there are several others with a burning desire to be signed by this massive record label.

Funny enough, others are busy doing the right thing at the wrong time (contacting the CEO with no popularity; no fan base).

In fact, patiently go through the article and digest every bit.

Mavin Records Label

The fall out between Don Jazzy and his friend and co-singer, D’Banj led him to part ways with ‘Mo’hits Records’; a record label they co-founded together.

After the fallout, the talented music producer then launched his own record label — Mavin Records in the second quarter of 2012; precisely on the 8th of May.

Given its multi-million dollar backing, Mavin Records label soon becomes a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music industry and even outside the shores of the country.

In not just over two years of its existence, Mavin Records label won the ‘Best record label of the year’ at the 2014 city people Entertainment Awards.

Mavin Records has produced several hit songs and has nurtured several talented artists within its ranks.

Its current artists include Rema, Ayra Starr, Ladipoe, Magixx, Johnny Drille, Boy Spyce, Crayon, and Bayanni.

Mavin Records is also known for nurturing newbie artists into superstars.

Why you may need a record label like Mavin Records

Record labels work directly with artists and producers, coordinating the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion of the recordings and also ensures its sales worldwide.

It may be a Herculean task to be saddled with the responsibility of also marketing and promoting your own music, even after the pains of production.

Thus, a record label like Mavin Records comes in very handy.

Also, having a record label like Mavin Records gives you access to people and places which would have been extremely difficult to get to, and so many other things.

Don Jazzy on How to Join Mavin Records 

Obviously, there are a lot of talented up-and-coming artists who will love to join one of the best record labels in the country, Mavin Records.

Below is a statement by Don Jazzy on how they discover artists at Mavin Records:

“There are different ways we discover artists at Mavin. First, D’Prince has a mad skill to discover artists.

He found Rema from Instagram. He has the talent of sieving through the noise and finds the artists that fit me.

We also found Ayra Starr on Instagram, so young artists… social media is a great tool to promote their songs and career”. Don Jazzy (Daily Post Dec. 12, 2021).

The above statement contains all the rudiments you’ll ever need to be successful on your quest to being signed by the multi-million dollar record label, Mavin Records.

Since different people have different ways of doing things, we’ll be using the above statement by Don Jazzy (the CEO of Mavin Records) to give you the right information on how to join the record label.

Steps to Joining Mavin Records Label 

Here are the right steps to get signed by Don Jazzy:

1. Talent might not just be all you need

Obviously, there are thousands of people out there that have the musical talent and they also want to make it in music just like you!

The cutting edge above others is uniqueness! He clearly stated, “… sieving through the noise and finds the artists that fit me”.

You should be able to stand out from the crowd, and definitely you’ll be recognised.

Other qualities include artistry, creativity, commitment, patience, and so many others.

2. Build your fan base

A label is much more likely to sign an artist with an existing appreciable fan base compared to those with none.

Of course, they want you to add value to their brand.

It is important to note that getting signed by a record label is an investment and nobody will sign an artist that he’s not sure he will earn money from.

In the modern music industry, however, it is easier to release your music and build a music career without the backing of a record label, especially with the aid of the internet.

You can also build your fan base through the use of social media by regularly making freestyle videos of trending music.

3. Market Yourself

Gone are the days when record labels were the only tool necessary for artists to succeed and get established.

Nowadays, you can still make it as an independent artist.

Get yourself out there as much as possible, market your music, and establish yourself in the music industry.

This would go a long way to help build your CV, in case you wish to contact the multi-million dollar record label, thus giving you an edge over others.

4. Make music that matches Mavin Records

You don’t expect to be signed by Don Jazzy when your music sounds like that of Naira Marley.

In that quoted statement, Don Jazzy clearly pointed out, “… and finds the artists that fit me”.

You don’t obviously need to sound like any of them because you’re not them, but your music should fit into the music they produce.

5. Social media is an inevitable tool

A careful study of the members of Mavin Records label shows that most of their artists were discovered through social media.

Rema was discovered on Instagram from a freestyle video of Prince record, ‘Gucci Gang’, which featured Davido and Don Jazzy.

Ayra Starr was also discovered on Instagram, and the list goes on and on.

The good thing about this method is that you don’t need too much of the fame, you just need to give Mavin Records a reason they should come for you.

Obviously, if you want to easily join the Mavin Records label, social media is an indispensable tool.

6. Don’t run to them just yet

Do you know the many people who contact Mavin Records?

Most up-and-coming artists make the mistake of running to Mavin Records, simply because they have the talent, seriously?

How do you expect to be signed amid many others who have the money and also have the talent?

Unsolicited demos really don’t work anymore, the chances of it working are just too slim.

Record labels like Mavin Records do not just sign artists because they have the talent, otherwise, they would have hundreds of artists by now.

In fact, contacting them should be your last resort, when you must have built your fan base and perhaps a little fame.

Those are the only things that can help you stand out from the many others and as well give you a cutting edge over others.

Joining Mavin Records Label with the aid of Social Media

  • Follow Mavin Records staff on their various social handles, especially its CEO (Don Jazzy): Clearly, Facebook shouldn’t be an option here. Your best bet is Instagram/or Twitter.
  • You should be able to make quality freestyle videos of popular and trending musics and don’t forget to tag them.
  • With your already built fan base, your freestyle video might actually trend and you may get recommended to the boss.
  • Be as serious about your freestyle videos as you would if it were to be an audition.
  • Show your artistry and be unique; something that can stand you out from the crowd. You don’t have to be the best. Let them know you can offer something different.

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Getting signed by Mavin Records can be very easy if you digest all these tips and use them well.

Record labels like Mavin Records are extremely picky over who they choose to sign, and often, they go for musicians with a proven track record behind them.

It shouldn’t just end after you’ve got one of your freestyle videos trending, drop more of your freestyle videos.

If you haven’t got the money and fame, you should have more of your videos trending, to prove that you’re worth the investment.

You can be easily signed by Mavin Records when they’re convinced that you are worth the risk, and this is only possible by continuously dropping top notch music and perhaps, freestyle videos.

Last, while you’ll need a lot of hard work, patience, and consistency, you also need a sizeable chunk of good luck.

Good luck!

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