Right Way to Join YBNL Nation ▷ Get Signed By Olamide Baddo

Do you want to join the star-studded YBNL Nation?

As an up-and-coming music artist, do you need a record label that can turn you into a superstar?

Perhaps you want to get signed by Olamide Baddo?

This article will serve you in fine detail how you can easily join one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Patiently go through the article and digest every bit.

YBNL Record Label

There are few recording labels in Nigeria whose primary aim is to develop talents and not to maximise profit; one of such has to be YBNL.

The ‘Yahoo Boy No Laptop’ nation, popularly stylized as YBNL Nation, is an independent record label with about a $40 million net worth currently.

It was established in 2012 by Olamide Adedeji, commonly known as ‘Baddo’, and the record label also has him at the helm of affairs.

In 2020, Nigerian rapper and YBNL head, Olamide signed a venture deal with American music distribution and record label, ‘ Empire Distribution’, ensuring that its music is well marketed worldwide.

The multi-million dollar record label has nurtured several young talents into superstars.

Current Members of the YBNL Record Label

Music artists that are still members of the record label include Fireboy DML, ASAKE, Jayboi and someday, you that is reading this article might be the next!

YBNL formerly had Adekunle Gold and many others within its ranks.

Though I’m not disputing the fact that YBNL has helped in picking several young talents from the streets and turning them into superstars.

YBNL would have thousands of up-and-coming artists within its ranks, if it were that easy.

Let’s delve further into the actual business.

How to Easily Join YBNL Record Label

To be signed by the YBNL Nation, the boss has to be convinced that you are worth the try.

Of course, it is an investment.

Do not waste your time sending DMs to tell Olamide how musically talented and gifted you are.

The chances of it working when you haven’t built your CV yet, is just too slim.

Obviously, many others are also doing same and if it were to be that simple, they would be in YBNL Nation by now, however, you can still try your luck though.

Better still, the YBNL Nation gives room for up-and-coming artists to become superstars.

You just need to convince the boss (Olamide) that you’re worth the risk.

Record labels like YBNL are picky over who they choose to give a deal and often sign musicians who have a proven track record behind them.

To have the cutting edge over others, you should be able to add value to the label.

How others made it into the YBNL Nation

Olamide on Twitter had this to say about how he signed Jayboi, People should watch out for Jayboi, met him in Abeokuta IBD hotel. He served me drinks and started freestyling for hours.

He didn’t want to leave. I just had to put him on.

Would you be that lucky to serve the ‘Baddo’ drinks? LoL.

For Asake, he released a freestyle titled, ‘Lady’ which went viral on social media, gaining the attention of the YBNL boss.

A careful study of the above, including the story of other artists who have made it into the YBNL Nation, aided in providing this guide on how to join the ‘Yahoo Boy No Laptop’ nation.

Why you may need a record label like YBNL

Not only because the YBNL Record label is one of the best and biggest record labels in Nigeria, it is also a harbour for nurturing up-and-coming artists into superstars.

A critical look at the YBNL Nation currently shows a community of music artists majority of whom were not that established in the music industry before they joined.

It is highly likely that as a young and talented artist, if surrounded by the right information, it may be easier for you to get a deal with YBNL compared to other record labels.

As a young talent that you are, you need a record label that is not just after the business part of your career, but is also interested in making you realize your full potential.

YBNL not only nurtures young artists into superstars, it also gives them access to people and places that they wouldn’t be privileged to see and meet as independent music artists.

With its partnership with Empire Distribution, the record label markets you and music around the world.

How to join YBNL Record Label

1. Talent isn’t all

Obviously, there are many with the talent, but not all have been signed into this prestigious record label.

Getting into one of the best places entails being ahead of others, not with the talent alone, but also complementing it with other attributes.

Don’t be down just yet, be focused and stay determined.

Joining the YBNL Nation entails gaining the attention of its boss and CEO.

You don’t need fame or money to do so.

Be patient enough to start the process.

2. Market yourself and your music

In order to gain the attention of the CEO of YBNL or even other notable record labels, you should be able to get yourself out there as much as possible.

As it is unlikely you’re going to get signed before you’re established, you need to prove that you’re worth the investment.

Of course, the internet is a massive tool to aid this task, use it and sell yourself and your music to the world.

You never can tell, you might be the next!

3. Make music that matches the YBNL record label

The ‘Yahoo Boy No Laptop’ nation is a group of talented young artists with somewhat similarities.

By now you should know the genre of music that is predominant among its many artists; they will always be on the lookout for such talents.

While other forms of music that are not common to the YBNL Nation may also give you an opportunity to be signed by it, you should also know that such chances are slim.

4. Make use of the social media

Social media offers you ample opportunity to showcase your talent, build your fan base and gain recognition from several record labels.

You should be able to do the following with the use of social media:

  • Follow YBNL Nation and its CEO: Clearly, Facebook shouldn’t be an option here. Your best bet is Instagram/or Twitter. That’s where the ‘big boys chill’.
  • Build your fan base: A record label is much more likely to sign an artist with an existing appreciable fan base compared to those with none. Of course, they want you to add value to their brand.
  • Make freestyle videos and tag him (Olamide): This should be your regular habit; not just a one time something.

You may likely not get noticed the first time, just keep sending them. Perhaps they just want to be convinced that you’re worth the try.

If two or more of your freestyles gets viral, then you can be rest assured that you have ‘hit the target’.

Your freestyle videos serves as your audition to very many record labels, be as serious with it as you would, if it were to be an audition. A case study is Asake.

In one of his posts on social media, he recounted how he DM Olamide, on how good he was and other stuffs.

Did that work? Of course not.

It was only after his trending freestyle titled ‘Lady’ that he could gain the attention of the rap star.

Sending DMs work when you must have built your fan base and you are well known in the social media space and beyond.

That notwithstanding, you can still try your luck.


Getting signed by one of the biggest record labels in the country currently requires hard work and dedication.

If, however, you’re convinced that you should give a shot at contacting the record label, this is how to go about it:

  • Select two or more of your best pre-recorded music (audio possibly). You can get it done in a good studio, if you don’t have one.
  • Send the file above to
  • Your file will be reviewed by a team of experts, and if you make the cut, it will be forwarded to the CEO for further scrutiny.

With luck by your side, you might be the next superstar in the YBNL Nation.

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Record labels identify talents typically by the work they create.

Aside from your talent, you should also be creative.

While many people may take the same step as you, you should be able to be differentiated from the crowd.

Be unique in your own style of music.

In the modern music industry, it is easier to release your music and build a music career without the backing of a record label.

Don’t wait to get that career-breaking move before you show the world who you are.

Last, I wish you good luck as you begin your journey to stardom.

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