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5 Legit Apps, Sites and Games to Earn R195 Daily in South Africa

This article is for you if you’ve been searching for legit apps to earn money in South Africa using your smartphone.

Most people use the internet to generate legitimate income from the comfort of their homes while doing virtually nothing.

Many people waste hours each day idly scrolling around social media with their eyes glued to their phones.

Thankfully, you can now use your time productively.

Money is never enough, and it is very advisable to always have a side hustle.

Everybody needs a way of making some extra cash.

So, there are various legit apps to earn money.

These apps pay users to do things like view videos, download, and play games, complete surveys, etc.

You can install some of these apps and leave them running in the background, and you can get paid just for letting them collect data.

Have it in mind that these apps are not a means of making a sustainable income, nor are they a get-rich-quick scheme.

Money Making Apps in South Africa

Money making applications are mobile tools and online platforms that have features for customers and users to earn money by referral and carrying out simple tasks.

Apps to earn money in South Africa have made things quite easy and they are available for both iPhone and Android users.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any excuse for not being able to make extra cash.

If you register on these money-making apps, you will have to do a certain level of work before you earn real money.

Features of Apps That Pay Real Money in South Africa

A good app to earn money app must:

  • Be fully registered with the proper agency.
  • Be mobile friendly.
  • Have a strong security level.
  • Have excellent reviews.
  • Have fair terms and conditions for its users.
  • Have good payment options.
  • Not have hidden charges.

Requirements to Earn Money Online with Apps in South Africa

Here are the requirements and documents that you need to provide before you’ll be able to register and earn money online daily using various apps:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a Valid ID card for verification.
  • You must have a Bank Account, PayPal Account or Crypto Wallet for payment.

5 Legit Apps to Earn Real Money Online in South Africa

Here are the best apps that will pay you real money daily in South Africa.

1. Swagbucks

One of South Africa’s most reliable and well-paid apps is Swagbucks.

Users get paid to view videos and advertisements, play games, download apps, do surveys, etc.

It is an online rewards program that allows you to earn points for carrying out certain activities by using their search engine, viewing videos, completing surveys, and downloading apps.

Users can expect making between $1 and $5.

Therefore, it only adds up over time, but it might not seem like much per day.

Let’s take, for instance, you can look at $365 to $1,825 each year if you spend a short period each day on Swagbucks.

When you have enough points, you can exchange them for gadgets from Samsung and Sony, Sony PlayStation, gift cards from prominent retailers like Amazon and Starbucks, coupons from reliable companies like Fashion Nova, Air Asia, and Jockey, and even cash back!

It’s quite important to know that Swagbucks operate differently from most earning apps available.

Users may cash out their SB points to receive the cash equivalent of their SB earnings.

Swagbucks is available as an app on both the Google Play Store and App Store and can be used worldwide, so it is among the legit apps to earn money in South Africa.

There are other ways to redeem the rewards, including using PayPal and different gift cards.

2. Cash Pirate

Cash Pirate pays users for downloading videos, watching advertisements, and other activities.

It is quite like Swagbucks.

Various companies want their apps to be downloaded and circulated among people.

Therefore, to enable users to earn online, they invested hugely in these platforms.

The money you’ll be earning is a considerable amount of money, though not much for someone that needs a petty cash for feeding and to look good.

By completing these tasks, you gain points that can later be redeemed.

Only when you have accumulated at least 2,500 points may you redeem.

The amount you could make may change depending on several various factors, like with most of these programs.

You can earn approximately $3 if you download around 10 apps a day, which will earn you $1,095 yearly if the app is being used daily.

3. PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is one of the legit apps to earn money online in South Africa.

Because it only accepts members from a few countries across the world.

It is worth signing up if you are opportune to be traveling or living in a nation where PaidViewpoint allows users.

The app operates by offering users surveys they may do for cash.

Each survey has a different payout, but depending on the length and difficulty of the questionnaire, you could get anything from a few cents to a few dollars.

PaidViewpoint conducts all its surveys through its website and mobile app, unlike many other survey sites.

Meanwhile, it is unnecessary to search for questionnaires or worry about spam emails!

All payments will be made electronically via PayPal.

4. Fronto

This app shows ads on the lock screen of your phone once it is installed.

You’ll only need to unlock your phone as usual.

As more ads are shown on your phone’s screen and you continue to unlock it, you will gradually accumulate points.

Then, the points can be exchanged for money.

You’ll make more money if you interact with more ads.

The same idea still holds if you download the advertised app.

However, the estimated monthly earning for Fronto is $20.

5. Quickrewards

Quickrewards and Swagbucks are comparable.

Users get paid to view videos, play games, and other things.

You’re only allowed to take three surveys per day, and as certain surveys pay higher than others, your earnings will depend on the surveys you can claim before your competitors do.

To date, its users have received payouts totaling over $7 million.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount for PayPal withdrawals, so you can take out any amount of money you have earned.

5 High-Paying Online Survey Sites in South Africa

These are the legitimately paid survey sites in South Africa:

1. Opinion Space

Online survey participants receive payment from Opinion Space.

To deliver the proper surveys, it will send you profile questions.

You will receive cash prizes once it is completed through PayPal and several other payment methods, which you can cash out.

2. InboxDollars

Inboxdollar is known as a reliable website that rewards users for completing surveys, using coupons, and carrying out other online tasks.

It has been around for a long time and has awarded millions of cash to users.

Your earnings may vary depending on the surveys you complete (often, the longer ones usually pay more).

However, you can expect making between $0.50 and $20 per survey.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has existed a while.

It is a website where users can get paid to complete internet surveys.

For a single survey, this site offers payouts as low as $0.50 or as high as $3.00.

Depending on which surveys you choose, the time required to complete them ranges from 2 to 30 minutes.

4. Toluna

Toluna is a website that compensates users for reviewing upcoming new goods and services.

Toluna employs a point redeem system that you can trade for money, just like other applications in the category.

The hourly wage is approximately $0.74.

5. iRazoo

Various systems discussed in this article, such as InboxDollars, are extremely like iRazoo.

Users get paid to download apps, play games, respond to surveys, and other tasks.

Users that successfully land the best takes might receive compensation of about $10 per week, which isn’t too bad, given that you would have only invested a few hours of your time.

5 Games that Give Real Money in South Africa

These are the best games to play and win real money online in South Africa.

1. Qriket

Qriket users can make money by spinning a wheel.

Earnings for each spin range from $0.05 to $10.

If you run out of spins, you can get more by watching ads.

2. Mistplay

With the Mistplay app, you can have access to several games that you can play for rewards.

Users receive the games based on the information they enter their profiles.

Every game has a unique point system.

Of course, the amount you earn depends on the time you spend using the app, but at most, you may earn $50 every month.

3. Coin Pop

Coin Pop users are rewarded for playing sponsored games with cash and gift cards.

But it is only accessible on Android.

Although you won’t be making much money, with nearly $0.03 per minute of gameplay, you’ll still enjoy yourself.

For people who already play a lot of mobile games, it might be worthwhile.

4. Luckstatic

Users of this app get the chance to play scratch-off games and win cash and other prizes.

If you accumulate enough tokens, you can instantly redeem them for a payment that will be delivered to the supplied address in a few days.

As the name shows, this app’s earning potential is highly luck dependent.

However, the payouts range from $2 to $1,500, and you may likely win their $10,000 jackpot.

5. Lucky Level

Lucky level offers you the chance to win real money and gift cards by using their lucky wheel and scratching cards.

By using this app, you might win up to $1,000.


Introducing these legit apps to earn money has been helpful to provide people with extra money, though it doesn’t provide a substantial income regularly.

The various legit apps to earn money in South Africa continue to develop daily to make things possible, which is acceptable given that everyone today wants to earn money online because of the comfort and peace of mind it offers.

We hope this article is helpful.

Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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